14 MAY 1836

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THE mischief which the Peers threatened, they have perpetrated. On Monday, the " life was knocked out " of the second part of THE mischief which the Peers threatened, they have...

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The gallant British Legion, under General EVANS, aided by a

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corps of Spaniards, have achieved a splendid victory over the Carlist forces, on the heights of St. Sebastian. For four months the insurgents had been incessantly occupied in...


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LINES OF SAN SEBASTIAN ON THE 5TH OF MAY. Killed-5 captains, 5 lieuten m15.5 sergeants. 116 rank and file ; tota1.131. Wounded-2 brigadier-generals. 3 colonels. 2 lieutenant...

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The appointment of SILVA CARVALHO to his old post at

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the head of the Portuguese Exchequer, appears to have revived the credit of the Government almost instantly. He had not been a day in office before he issued a notice of his...

Ortnttrd :n111 Prorretringd in Parlinntritt.

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1. RF:FORM OF THE IRISH CORPORATIONS. The House of Peers, on Monday, went into Committee on the Irish Municipal Bill ; the Earl of Shaftesbury in the chair. The preamble of...

The Ministry of MENDIZABEL is now completed, and consists of

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the following members. M. MENDIZABEL Count Asmonovaa General Komi General CHACON MARTIN DE LOB HEROS....... ...... Interior. GOMEZ BECERRA Justice. It is believed that...

The Deputies of France have been occupied in discussing the

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question of renewing the lease of the Paris gambling-houses now held by a M. RENAZET, but which will expire in October next. The rent paid by this person is 280,000/. annually ;...

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Clic Court.

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THE King gave a grand entertainment on Saturday, at Windsor Castle, to the Knights of the Thistle and St. Patrick. On Wednesday, their Majesties arrived in town from Windsor....

fib¢ Wrap/MB.

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Mr. Henry Bulwer has addressed a letter to the deputation who waited upon him with the resolution of censure passed at a meeting of his constituents at the Circus, Marylebone,...

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At a late hour on Sunday night, a fire was

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discovered on the premises belonging to Messrs. Maudslay and Field, the engineers, in the Westminster Road, nearly opposite the Orphan Asylum. The flames were not extinguished...

The Protestant Association had its first anniversary meeting on Wednesday.

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at Exeter Hall ; the Earl of Winchilsea in the chair. His Lordship delivered a vehement speech, in which lie mixed up party polities with religious fury after his usual fashion...


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Mr. O'Connell's election for Kilkenny is secured. O'Connell has addressed the constituency of that place, in a brief letter,— promising to support Lord Melbourne's Government "...

The Times, on Monday, devoted its first leading article to

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the sub- ject of the proposed adjournment of Parliament from the 20th to the 30th instant, and the various speculations afloat as to the probable mo- tive for so lengthened a...

In the Court of King's Bench, on Saturday, Sir John

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Campbell showed cause against a rule for a mandamus issued for the purpose of compelling the Lords of the Treasury to return to its place in the Treasury minute-book, the minute...

ebe Column.

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A meeting was held on Friday, in the Sessions.house, Liverpool, for the purpose of addressing the King and the House of Commons on the subject of the Irish :Municipal Bill. The...

The will of the late Mr. Wood of Gloucester, it

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is said, has been proved, and the personality sworn to be under 9XX1,000/. ; but this, of course, is independent of the value of the real estate. A Coroner's inquest was held...

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Columns after columns of the daily papers this week have

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been de- voted to an affair of the " shop." Our readers are aware that Mr. Spring Rice stated in the House of Commons, that persons acting for the Times, the Herald, the...

THE GREAT SOLAR ECLIPSE. — The 'Vicar Of the populous parish of

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Hackney has postponed the commencement of the afternoon service on to-morrow from three to four o'clock ; and this example has been followed by most of the Dissenting...

The Times this morning supplies the following statements of the

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stocks of cotton, coffee, sugar, tallow, and ruin, on band at the close of the year 1825, and at the present time, in order to prove that the recent rise in prices arid the...

Sir John Jeffcott has been appointed Judge of the New

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Colony of South Australia. Lord Palmerston has informed Messrs. Bell and Co. of Fenehurch Street, by a letter which has been published, that, in the opinion of his Majesty's...


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SMCK Exro 'sar, FltIn.IP A FTF RX0 , 1,7. The English Stock Market has evinced considerable firmness since our last : the fluctuations have been unimportant, and the business...


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Arrived—At Gravesend. May 12tb, Lady Nugent, Fawcett, from China. At Deal 13th. Royal Admiral, Fotheringliam, from ditto. Off Plymouth, Duke of Sussex Horseman; Edinburgh....

Lord Melbourne has been seriously unwell, but is now recovering.

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We are glad to learn that there are letters in town from Lord Brougham, which state that his Lordship has been able, in consequence of the recent fine weather, to take exercise...

Some additional information has been received through the Paris newspapers

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from the seat of war in Spain. After carrying the in- trenchments of the Carlists, General EVANS advanced to Ernani, where the enemy had constructed some works of great...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. The Dublin EleetionCommittee came to a resolution to-day, in the usual form, by which Mr. O'Cosivest. was unseated, while Messrs. WEST and HAMILTON were...

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At the Lyceum, last week, there was a new drama

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by SEItLE, named The Witch's Son. It had a happy admixture of the serious and the comic ; though it was injured by the undue preponderance of a pathetic catastrophe. The reality...

(MOST PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL.) Carlton Club, 12th May 1836.

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MY DeAn * * • *—Come home ; make ha,.e ; sulk no longer ; Fortune has favoured us; unless you make great haste, we shall be in before you reach London. What has happened, you...

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" SPIRITUAL persons," who profit by present or revel in the anti- cipation of prospective pluralism, have little to fear from the zeal of Parliament for the purification of the...


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DISMISSAL OR RESIGNATION OF MINISTERS. SEVERAL correspondents, as well as some country newspapers, suppose that we have declared in favour of the acceptance by the Commons of...

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Tula concert on Monday night was not only the best of the season, but one of the best of the Philharmonic Concerts of any season. The state of enjoyment and excitement generated...


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IT is some time since we had occasion to animadvert on the con- duct of the Metropolitan Police Justices. We need not suppose that those worshipful gentlemen have been more than...

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The banns of marriage between the Prince of Capua and

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Miss Penelope Smyth were published in St. George's Church, Hanover Square, on Sunday last. This was the first time of asking. The Paris papers of Tuesday are filled with...


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THIS concert, on Friday, filled the Hanover Square Rooms with a fashionable crowd. Mrs. ANDERSON played part of a Concerto of Hummel. and BEETHOVEN'S descriptive Fantasia, which...


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BENEFIT concerts, morning ones especially, are for the most part given by fashionable teachers, whose object is to gratify the by no means pure or elevated taste of the...

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his conduct gave some colour to DRYDEN'S lampoon— just at

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the height of the fiend. Of his eloquence no really an- Him in the anguish of his soul he serv'd, The frauds he learnt in his fanatic years, Much of this restless versatility...

Edited by G. Miu g rove Cooke, Esq. Author of " Memoirs

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of Lord Bultughroke." five. By George St. George F C. Irestley.

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APPARENTLY well-versed in the early history and topography of the Low Countries, Mr. GEORGE ST. GEORGE devoted a consider- able part of last summer to a pedestrian saunter...

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THE scene of this romance is laid in India, during the time of Aurungzcbe, at a period when the Portuguese power was de- clining and that of the Mahrattas on the rise. The...


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Is a very agreeable novel, of the old school : those who are less hackneyed in the arts of novel-writers than professional critics, will perhaps consider it interesting, and...

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'f o this class of subjects Wissie's genius confines his

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powers, and to it, therefore, he should limit their exercise. Ile represents historic scenes as if they were mere dry Nets or anecdotes, lowering the dig- nity to they are...


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GOSSIP OF THE Woitl.1) OF ART. TIIERE is something so revolting in the wilful destruction of a work of art, even of the humblest kind, that nothing but a malicious pur- pose on...