16 DECEMBER 1848

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The West Yorkshire election still supplies the main staple of

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home news. In the course of the contest, a more positive form of opinion on one point has been evolved, and the contest turns in part on the Voluntary principle, of which Sir...

Suspense, the wavering of victory between contending powers, characterizes the

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condition of other great Continental movements. In the Austrian empire affairs do not proceed with perfect smoothness. Hungary is still contumacious. Her revolutionary...


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LOUIS NAPOLEON is elected President of the French Republic, by an overwhelming majority. Louis Napoleon ! the mere "nephew of my uncle "—the open-handed lounger—the habitué of...

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Ste ilirobincez. Mr. Denison resumed his canvass of the West

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Riding on Friday last, with attendance at a meeting held in Sheffield; and be appeared on Saturday at meetings in Pomfret and Doncaster. At the former place, he was w armly...

'Obi QL curt

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me Duke and Dutchess of Nemonrs arrived at Osborne on Saturday lest, and remained as visiters till Friday. Prince Victor of Hohenlohe-Langenbourg paid a visit to the Queen and...


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The City Commissioners of Sewers held a Court in the Guildhall on Tuesday; Mr. Deputy Peacock presiding. On the motion to confirm the report upon the New Gas Bill, about to be...

Lord Clarendon, called forth by a whining address on the

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cm- position of juries in Ireland, has delivered another of his admi- rable lectures to the Irish ; who seem utterly incapable of using the institutions that they possess. His...

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1Ve omitted to state, last week, that Lord Clarendon arrived at Dublin Castle, from England, on Tuesday the 5th instant. A deputation waited upon the Lord-Lieutenant, on the 1...


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A Government school of design was formally opened at Paisley on the 4th instant. Provost Murray read a discourse on general art; and Mr. Stewart, the Head Master of the...

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fforeign anb Zolonfal.

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FRANCS. -The votes to decide the election of President of the Republic were taken on Sunday and Monday, the 10th and 11th instant. The re- turns will not be officially computed...

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Tuesday's Gazette contained a notification from the Speaker of the House of Commons, that at the end of fourteen days he would issue his warrant to make out the new writ for...

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POSTSCRIPT. SATIIRDAY: Mr. Denison is Member for the West Riding.

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At the final close of the poll, yesterday, the numbers were, according to Mr. Denison's Committee.1— for Denison, 14,785; Eardley, 11,768; majority, 3,017: according to Sir...

2,568,215 631,784 122,208 29,317

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The supposititious list of intended Ministers is somewhat varied by Perri letters. It is now said that General Rulhieres will be Minister of War; and there is a doubt whether...

The King of Prussia lately received a deputation from Brooke.

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sent to thank him for the granting of a constitution: his reply throws , Bet on, the firmer policy of his later government— Little of a cheering or friendly character had lately...

The death of Lord Dunsany, on Monday last, at his

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residence at Cleve- don in Somersetshire, occasions a vacancy among the Representative Peers of Ireland. Edward Wadding Plunket, fourteenth Baron Dunsany, was born in 1775. He...

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The stage has received an interesting recruit, in the person

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of Miss Ma - tilda Hays. Having well sustained an hereditary reputation in the world of letters, she has made her dabOt, under the, lead of Miss Cushman, in the place vacated by...

Although the better portion of the American public seems to

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have acted very well in supporting Mr. Macready against the mob, who actually pelted him at the Philadelphia Theatre, the manner in which the affair is dis- cussed in the United...


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The only event of the present week has been the revival at the Hay- market of The Two Gentlemen of Verona; one of those works which can hardly be said to belong to the regular...

The inquiry before the Norwich Magistrates into the facts of

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the Stanfield Hall assassinations terminated on Friday, with a public sitting of the Bench, at which all the depositions taken in private were read over to Mr. Rash. Some new...

Robert Houdin, the founder of the present French style legerdemain,

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has returned to the St. James's Theatre, and performs his miracles three evenings in the week; the other three being reserved to the Ethiopian Serenaders.

The managers are rather slow this year in publishing the

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names of their Christmas entertainments. At the Adelphi, and we believe at the Hay- market also, there is to be a version of Mr. Dickens's forthcoming Haunted Han. The Lyceum...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. A momentary damp was cast upon the English Stock Market on Monday, when the election of Louis Napoleon to the Presidency of the French...

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The performance of Elijah at Exeter Hall, to aid the fund for establish- ing Musical Scholarships at Leipsic in memory of Mendelssohn, took place last night. Public expectation...


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THE REIGN OF LITTLENESS. FRANCE, in default of a great man to rule her destiniesakes up with the shadow of a great notion. National sentiment wanting, the nation is swayed by...


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The mind of many among our readers appears to dwell with fond expec- tation on macaroni as an acquisition to the cuisine of the English people; and we begin to see daylight in...

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" IT is scarcely possible,", says Captain Maeonochie, speaking of criminal law reformers, " to find an example of so much 'unanimity with so slow an advance towards reduction to...

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'REPORT OF THE COMMONS' COMMITTEE ON THE GROWTH OF COTTON IN INDIA—SESSION 1848. THE public has had to wait for the appearance of this report; but it must be acknowledged that...


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WITH all deference to the pensive public—does it not sometimes play the fool ? At an election now ? Candidates are not always very wise, subordinate electionmongers are not...

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Two very strange decisions were given by Juries in the Court of Queen's Bench, on Monday. In the case of Freeman versus Battely, arising out of a litigated sale under a...


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Paz-is, December 14. Well, I suppose it is of no use counting the votes. The majority is overwhelm- ing—greater than any one, even the most sanguine, could expect. I told you...

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Taavats, The Island of Sardinia ; including Pictures of the Manners and Customs of the Sardinians, and Notes on the Antiquities and Modern Objects of interest In the Island; to...


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A rash man is sometimes requisite to further the designs of Providence. Alexander of Macedon cuts a figure in old prophecies, and, half-madman as he was all his life, and more...

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THEODORE Roos. may be placed at the head of that class of "wits," almost peculiar to England, who applied their talents to political purposes, and contributed more perhaps than...

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A PREFACE informs us that " the greater part of this narrative was written thirty years ago, while the author was serving in Jamaica. The unfinished manuscript was then thrown...

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Tars volaine does not embrace the whole of Mrs. Sigourney's works, bat consists tif selections from previously published volumes, fugitive pieces, and a few new - verses. The...


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BOOBS. Lie and Letters of Thomas Campbell. Edited by William Beattie, M.D., one of his Executors. In three volumes. .4P and Times of Alfred the Great. By Reverend J. A. Giles,...

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The Bible Psalms, according to the Authorized Version; set forth to appro- priate Tunes or Chants, Ancient and Modern, and Divided and Arranged after a_plain and easy Method,...

We gave some account of this serial publication on the

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completion Of 48 the first volume, which consisted of Le None di Figaro. The second vu:ifi lume contains Norma; • and the third, which has just appeared, contains /Vas Barbiere...

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COMMERCIAL GAZETTE. Tuesday, December 14. COMMERCIAL GAZETTE. Tuesday, December 14.

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PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Carr and Musson, Fen Court, ship-agents-Chiesman and Nelson, Leeds, auctioneers -Budd and Grose, Devonport, drapers-Netherton Coal Company, Netherton,...


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On the 7th December, at Babworth, the Lady Frances Bridgeman Simpson, of a son. On the 7th, at Wolverton Park, Bucks, the Wife of J. E. M'Connell, Esq., Locomo- the Engineer,...


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Wait-optics, Dec. 15.-91h Light Drags.-Cornet H. A. Sarel to be Lieut. by pur- chase, vice Wedderbum, promoted ; W. W. Arbuthnot, Gent. to be Cornet, by purchase, vice Sarel....

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BRITISH FUND 8. (Closing Prices.) &turd. Hendee. reads,. View. Thum. Friday. FOREIGN FUNDS. (Last Official Quotation during the Week ending Friday Evening.) Austrian 6 p. Ct....