18 JUNE 1831

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MEETING OF PAP LTAMENT. NOT the least agitating part of an opera is the interval that elapses between the tuning of the fiddles and that inspiriting tap-tap which gives the...

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was a very confident rumour on Tuesday, that Prince had

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accepted of the proffered crown of Belgium, non the question of boundary. The report had some effect on the Funds, but does not seem to have had much effect on any thing beside....

The head quarters of the Polish troops is still at

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Praga. On the 1st instant DIEBITSCH had not advanced beyond Ostrolenka ; this was five days after the battle. It does not speak highly for the victory which he so confidently...

The accounts received yesterday from Paris represent the state of

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that capital as far from tranquil. "Grave disorders," says the Moniteur, "have been committed in the Fauxbourg St. Denis r and the correspondent of the Times, under the date of...

The rumour, so anxiously kept up for three or four

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weeks by the Opposition press, that the House of Lords are able and will- ing to oppose the passing of the Reform Bill, still continues to cir- culate. Let them oppose it ever...

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COMMON Couissira—At the meeting of the Common Council, an Thursday,

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on the motion of Mr. Oldham, 500/. was unanimously voted in aid of the starving inhabitants of Mayo. On the same occasion, on the motion of Mr. Charles Pearson, the petition of...

Don MIGUEL has at length stated to his subjects the

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humi- liating fact, that the 'French Government have, failing his com- pliance with its demands, proceeded to make reprisals. He notices the capture of one vessel. Eight or ten...

TIIE KING AND HIS Coy ar.—On Monday evening, their Majesties,

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who had arrived from Windsor about ten o'clock, gave a grand ball at St. James's Palace. The preparations for the ball were in every respect similar to those that had been made...

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DECLARATIONS AGAINST REFOIt31.—A declaration against the Re- form Bill has

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been signed in the county of Stafford by 373 individuals. The list contains the natnes of eight Peers—Talbot, Dartmouth, Mac- clesfield, Wilton, Bradford, Dudley, Beresford,...

DEAN Folsom—We noticed in our second edition last week, a

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rising among the foresters, with a view to throw open by force the oak planta- tions which were enclosed by Government twenty years ago, and in which the rioters conceived they...

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O'CONNELL PROSECUTION.—The following is a copy of the Attorney- General's

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letter announcing the abandonment of the Goverinnent prose- cution. " Ennis, 3rd June 1831. The Attorncy.General presents Lis compliments to Mr. O'Connelh and informs him that...

Sr. Jolla LONG.—The case of Mr. St. John Long against

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Chuhlus, a bookseller in Holywell Street, WM tried on Wednesday, in the Court of Common Pleas. Chubbs since time ago published a libel, as it is called, on the consumptive...

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Dundee on the 28th anfl 29th of March. Three of

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the prisoners pleaded guilty ; and the other four were, after a long trial, convicted. Three of them were sentenced to six months' imprisonment each in the gaol of Dundee, two...

THE Annness.—It is said that the Duke of Norfolk and

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Lord Mu!. grave are to move and second the address in the House of Lords ; and Mr. C. A. Pelham member for Lincolnshire, with Sir J. B. Johnstone, member for Yorkshire, in the...

and two young men, named Cogger and Issnalf, returning from

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Graves- end, on passing Erith Reach, ran foul of a Russian ship : the sail of the kat got entangled with the vessel, and she immediately filled and sank. Comer and Issnall...

CHOLERA Moeats.—The College of Physicians met on Saturday evening, by

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the express order of Government, to take into consideration the best means of preventing the introduction of cholera into this country. They have published a report, in which...

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THEATRICAL GOSSIF.—Drury Lane closed on Tuesday, with the benee fit

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of Mr. A. LEE, the late manager ; when the Legion of Honour, the Illustrious Stranger, Turning the Tables, and Masaniello were performed to a moderately filled house. The...

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STATE ow Tuts PRBRA013.-The Times of this morning gives a

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table, the object of which is to show that the more ancient houses among the Peers are generally favourable to the measure of Reform, while those that rank as its opponents are...


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CAMBRIDGE. Jutss 17.-At the Congregation on Saturday last, the following degrees were con- ferred. Bachelors is Dirtnity-Rev. C. Porter, Caius College ; Rev. W. II. Walker,...

Our readers may rest aired that a regular Opposition has

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been formed in the House of Lords. Its object is, of course, to defeat the Reform Bill. Two modes of proceeding have been discussed by the party,opposition to the Ministry on...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY NiGHT.-On Saturday last, Consols for the Account closed at 823, the Market fiat. The fall in the French Funds had led to a fall of prices in the Home...


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Arrived. At Gravesend, June 14, Falloden, Mould, from Mauritius; 15th, Se- sostris, Yates, from Singapore. Off Margate, June 16th, Trurnph, Green, from Bombay ; 17tIt, Abberton,...

TO RBADSRP OP Tea SeacrAvons-We learn that disappointment is frequently

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experienced by readers, who trust to obtain their paper by casual applications to the newsmen ; and more especially so In the country. The supply of the Newsmen, beyond the...


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SPECTATOR OFFICE!, SATURDAY, Two O'CLOCK. By an extraordinary express from Paris, we have just learned that there were serious disturbances in that capital on the 15th and...

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On the 12th inst. at Brightbehnstone, the Lady of the Hon. Ates [ter ON HER- S ERT; Of a'soti. At Calder House, on the 5th inst. the Hon. Airs. RAMSAY, of /3arnton, of a...

Friday, June 17.

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FAMTNERSIIITS DISSOLVED; HAaR/S jun. and TOPHAM, Ilaueor, spirit-merchants-PLATT and Tonn, Shef- field, printers-EccLEs and DAels, Chancery Lane, surgeons-Tar Loft and SMITH,...


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Tuesday, June 14. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Bows and MACAULAV, Leicester, surgeons-J. and A. M'ConsticE, Leeds, linen-merchants-W:1mi:: and Co. Davies Street, Berkeley Square,...

THE ARMY. WAR-0meg, Jane 14.-10th Regt. of Ligilt Dragoons :

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Corr et H. F. Bonham -to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Pyrite, who retires ; G. .A. F. Qminiin,• Geed. to be Cornet, by purchase, vice Bonham-lst or Grenadier Regt. of Foot Guards...


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On the 5th inst. J. T. E. West, B.A. of Christ's College, was ordained Deacon by the Bishop of Norwich. The Rev. G. Norse, M.A. was last week appointed one of the minor canons...

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AT a public meeting in Cumberland, Sir JAMES GRAHAM utters . some disrespectful sentiment concerning the political conduct of Sir JAMES SCARLETT (as who has not ?): the Knight...


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PUBLIC FUNDS. Satyr. Mon. Tues. 81i 811 2 11 8213 213 89i 981 200 Isz 13-16 1 813 1 8 11 20 9 1 6 21lia ll 98f, )81- 199 1)11 12 981 1 1881 82 16 13-16 2 Al 99 200...


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POLAND. THE public mind of this country is slowly, but not less surely, approaching that degree of sympathy for the poor brave Poles, which would encourage our Government to...

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THERE is a description of persons mentioned in the Bible, who, after scattering firebrands and death, seek to excuse themselves by exclaiming, "Are we not in sport ?" There is...


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THE KING'S SPEECH OF IMO. "My Lords and Gentlemen—It is with great satisfaction that I meet you in Par- liament, and that I am enabled, In the present conjuncture, to recur to...

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ON Saturday, June 11th, the second day affer the rule against the Sp.7ctator, at the instance of the Duke of BEAUFORT, was made absolute, the Court refused to make absolute the...


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This disease has made its appearance at Riga, where it has proved beyond example fatal. Out of 707 cases, there are reported 417 deaths. The deaths have commonly occurred within...

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NOTHING is more remarkable in the Parliamentary document just published respecting the Irish Church, and the promotions that have taken place in it since 1812, than the great...


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THE following advertisement appeared in the Times of Thursday. "To L —a. Can the party who has lately been written to be ex- pected to justify or excuse L—'s conduct ? It is...


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THE question whether public rewards are properly assigned to lite- rature, which was started by the Englishman's Magazine in con- sequence of the discontinuance of the pensions...

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AFRICAN TRAVELLERS.—Letters from Alexandria, of the beginning of May, mention

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the death of Captain Woodfall, a gentleman who had been sent out by the African Society to explore the interior of Africa. Captain Woodfall was to have penetrated into Africa...


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THE Universities have not, of late years, been the distingOshed patrons of music. Those who orig inally planned and regulated the Cathedral service of our National Church,...

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DR. BIBER has published a very valuable work on the Life of PESTAL!)ZZI, and the System pursued by thin. The materials of information respecting PESTALOZZCS plans lay very wide...

The abridgment of LOCKE . S Essay on the Human Understanding, in

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Vairy's Epitome, appears to be executed with sufficient care and precision. We do not much feel the :acme. There is a he- sion, or it may come under the head of teems% which we...

The second volume of the History of Chemistry, by Dr.

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Tnont- sort, which forms a portion of ihe National Library, is a still more important and valuable contribution to scientitic history than the first. It contains the modern...


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i Dr. Biber's Memoir of Pcstalozzi 1 2131 "'" P HY' • • • 1 and his Plan of Education .... I • c Derwent Couway's Pyrenees TitAv a 1.5 , (Constable's Miscellany, No....

Constable's Miscellany, in its Sixty-seventh Number, contains ' the second

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volume of DERAVENT CONWAY'S (Iivoms's) Tour, and embraces the whole of the Work relating to the South of France and the Pyrenees. It is a most agreeable little work, and far...

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variety of fashionable life that has not been presented to

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us, and that too by very able hands. We have in our memory every sort of character as exhibited in the upper ranks of this country,—the ex- quisite, the lofty, the pompous, the...

The lovers of British Poetry have an opportunity of securing

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an excellent and ample library of the best parts of our best authors— in two volumes. Dr. Anuses Selection of British Poets, from Jostsoer to BEATTIE, has been some time before...

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Haverhill is written by a man of talent, and will

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repay the trouble of perusal. It is spirited and enthusiastic in its vein, and abounds in curious views of life, picked up, we should think, in a very rambling course of...

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England and Wales, from Drawings by J. M. W. TURNER, Esq. lt.A. lire believe it was LUTIZERBOURO who first discovered that England abounded in scenes of wild and picturesque...

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TO THE EDITOR OF TILE SPECTATOR. 7th June, 1831. should not have again obtruded my speculations on your readers, if I were not very desirous that the really important point in...


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June 16, 1831. In the absence of His Royal Highness, who was dining with his Majesty, the Chair was taken at the beginning of the meeting by the Treasurer, J. W. LUBBOCK, Esq.;...