19 AUGUST 1848

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Amin the furor of forwarding bills in time for the prorogation, the conduct of Ministers has been debated in Parliament with unusual perseverance and diversity of subject....

In the reports from Ireland, the fag-end of the rebellion

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mingles with the stale subject of quibbling trials for treasonable sedition in Dublin and the gloomiest anticipations of the crops. The leaders of the rebellion are picked up...

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The signs of augury for the settlement of Italy are

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not to be sought in Italy itself. The Italian spirit is not quelled,—witness the unsubdued bearing of Charles Albert addressing the people who have not yet deserted him ; the...

Something revolutionary is going on in England ; but what

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it is does not yet appear. Physical Force Chartists and Irish Con- federates are making an unusual stir in the Manchester district, the Metropolis, and some other places : at...

Debates anb Wrottellings tn VatItantent.

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STATE OF IRELAND. In the House of Lords, on Monday, the LORD CHANCELLOR having moved that the Unlawful Oaths Acts (Ireland) Bill be considered in Committee, the Earl of...

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Sbe ffiletrop nits.

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The public were surprised on Thursday morning with the news that on the preceding day the Police force had an important concerked movement, and had arrested some twenty of the...

Cbe (Court.

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THE Queen and Prince Albert came from Osborne to town on Tuesday; and her Majesty held a Court at Buckingham Palace. M. de Beaumont, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister...

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The Magistrates and Police of Manchester have for some time past been vigilantly watching the proceedings of the Confederates there; and it has been known that the Club...

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Meagher, O'Donaghne, and Layne, have been captured; under circum- stances inducing the belief that they no longer found refuge among the peasantry, A party of police overtook...

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_foreign anti eolonial.

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Iretaxce.—General Cavaignac continues vigilant and active in his rule. On Friday last, the disarmament of the first company of the second batta- lion of the second legion of the...

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The Landgrave of Hesse Homberg has abdicated in favour of

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the next collateral heir, the Grand Duke of Hesse Darmstadt. The hereditary Prince of that little country died at Bonn last winter, and the Landgrave's brother is the next heir;...

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On the 10th August, at Ockham Park, Surrey, the Lady of Captain Robert Raniell , R.N., of a son. On the 10th, at the Vicarage, Tamworth, the Wife of the Rev. Edward Harslet', of...

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The Emperor of Austria did arrive at Vienna on the

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12th; and was re- ceived with "the grateful love and unshakeable loyalty of his people." On landing, rows of beautiful damsels strewed his path with flowers. The Diet addressed...

Paris is again in arms. On Thursday there was anxiety

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and apprehen- sion of commotion: yesterday morning the feeling of fear had subsided; but the intelligence of yesterday evening states, that in the course of the day the...

The United States steam-ship, which left New York on the

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5th instant, arrived at Cowes yesterday evening, on her way to Havre. It was tele- graphed at New York on the 5th, from Pensacola, that a revolutionary outbreak had occurred in...

It is reported in Paris, that General Cavaignao has sent

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a courier to Vienna, to notify to the Austrian Government that all invasion of the Tus- can, Roman, or Piedmontese territory, would be regarded by France as * castes The Journal...


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SATURDAY. In the House of Commons, last night, on the motion for going into Com- mittee of Supply, Mr. CHRISTY drew attention to the grant of Vancouver's Island to the...

Twelve of the prisoners arrested under the Habeas Corpus Suspension

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Act, among them some American sympathizers, were on Friday morning taken from Kilmainham Gaol under escort to the Shearoater steamer, and sent off for cus- tody in Fort George,...

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The directors of the Royal Italian Opera are showing an activity in their management when the season is on the eve of its close, which they certainly have not exhibited during...


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The decree against the press, just passed almost with unanimity by the National Assembly of France, is one of the most monstrous outrages on the idea of freedom of discussion...

A spectacle of rare occurrence in these degenerate times, and

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of highly gratify- ing character, was presented to the inhabitants of Thetford on Saturday last. The keeper of the Borough Gaol suspended a white flag from the topmost window of...

An explosion occurred on Thursday, in the Murton New Waining

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Colliery, near Seafiam Harbour, in the county of Durham, by which fourteen lives were lost. It was caused by a sudden jet of gas from a fissure opened in a part of the mine...


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STOCK EXCHANOE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The Stock Market has fluctuated with the weather, rising and falling as cloud or sunshine prevailed. Some rather large speculative bargains...

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The regular season or " subscription " of Her Majesty's

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Theatre closed about a fortnight since; but an after season of " extra " nights has been going on brilliantly, with a round of Jenny Lind's most favourite charac- ters. The...


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GOVERNMENT OF IRELAND. INSURRECTION being over in Ireland for the season, it seems probable that it will be followed up by a famine ; for as the Irish, very generally . , have...

In one important particular the theatrical prospect of the coming

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season is widely different from that of last year. Then, the passion for "legiti- macy" at the minor theatres seemed to be reaching its height. The care and completeness with...

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No doubt, Ireland and trial by jury, as they both are at present, are mutually unsuited. Whether naistaught by oppression, or incapacitated by nature, the Irish are so far from...


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THE sale at Stowe is too remarkable an incident not to have been improved in the lay homilies of journalism. The Times contrasted it with the time, not long distant, when the...

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BIOGRAPHY, Life, Letters, and Literary Remains of John Keats. Edited by Richard 3lonckton Mllnea. In two volumes POLITICAL STATISTICS, Panstarlsm and Germanism. By Count...


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IT may be only a wonderful coincidence, but the public will not fail to put these facts together. The North-western Railway Company recently engaged a su- pervisor of...


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. SIB—“ L'homme propose, mais Dieu dispose," was never more applicable than at present with respect to our West Indian Colonies. All endeavours on...

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SOME few years ago, the author of "Revelations of Russia" drew at- tention to the growing feelings of nationality among the Sclavonio peoples, and predicted the disturbance if...

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IT does not appear very clearly from the titlepage whether this novel is written. by the editor of "The Grandfather" or by the late Miss Picker- ing, or whether both are one....

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BOOKS, Lijk Letters, and Literary Remains of John Keats. Edited by Richard Monckton Milnes. In two volumes. Panslavism and Germanism. By Count Valerian Krasinski, Author of...

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WAR-moose, Aug. 15.-2d Drags. Guards-Cornet T. B. Tomlin to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Ridley, who retires ; J. Clements, Gent. to be Cornet, by purchase, vice Tomlin. 3d...


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Tuesday, August 15. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Driver and Watts, Liverpool, wine-merchants-Starkey and Hey, Batley, rag-mer- chants-Rostron and Co. Manchester, packers-Bennett...

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BRITISH F17NDS. (Cloelng Prices.) per Cent Consols Ditto for Account Bper Cents Si per Cents Long Annuities Bank Stock, 9 per Cent India Stock, 101 Exchequer Bills, Id. and...