1 OCTOBER 1836

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From intelligence received yesterday, of as late dates as the

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23d and 25th September, from Lisbon and Oporto, it appears that the Portuguese people care very little about their revolution. The Constitution had been proclaimed in Oporto,...


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THE country has no respite from political agitation. The scene of party warfare is merely transferred from the capital to the pro- vinces. Public dinners, and meetings of...

The new order of things in Spain has been strengthened

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by a seasonable victory over the Carlists. On the 21st of last month, General Ankix, at the head of the Queen's troops, attacked GOMEZ, the Carlist chieftain, at Villarobledo in...

The policy and prospects of Louis PHILIP'S new Ministry con-

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tinue to supply the French journalists with ample matter for discussion. The general impression seems to be that it cannot stand. Internal dissensions, it is said, will hasten...

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The Revising Barristers for the City of London, Messrs.'Craig and

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Milne, have given notice that their Courts will be opened on the 15th instant ; the revision of the lists of Freemen to be the first pro- ceeded with. The Provisional Committee...

The Emperor of RUSSIA has been in personal danger. His

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collar-bone was broken—by the upsetting of his chariot, as it is officially stated, between Penza and Tambof, in Czembor, on the 7th of last month. But it is rumoured that an...

The Belgians have been celebrating the anniversary of their Three

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Days of September in mirth and loyalty. LEOPOLD has played the game of royalty better than his father-in-law, with all his cunning.

Cbv Court.

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THE King, accompanied by the Dutchess of Gloucester, rode to Bag- shot on Monday, and returned to Windsor to dinner. The Queen and the Dutchess of Gloucester went, on Tuesday,...

In the United States of America, a good deal of

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interest is ex- cited as to the probable termination of the contest in Texas, and the consequences of its incorporation with the Union, should the Mexicans be eventually...

C be Slater:aft.

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A Common Hall was held on Thursday, for the election of a Lord Mayor for the ensuing year. Alderman Kelly and Alderman Cowan were unanimously returned by the Livery to the Court...

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Some alarm has been felt lest a portion of the

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provisions damaged in the great fire at London Bridge, and said to have been near some barrels of arsenic also stored in one of the warehouses, should be purchased and sold in...

Second Lieutenant Robert Bellairs, of the Royal Marines, was sen-

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tenced on Thursday, by a Court-martial held at Woolwich, to be dis- missed his Majesty's service, for abusive language to his superior, Lieutenant Wood. On Thursday evening,...

At the Mansionhouse, on Wednesday, Mr. Oliver, a shopkeeper in

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Fenchurch Street, was charged by Mr. Bligh, a shipowner of Lime- house, with molesting him and demanding money to which he had no claim whatever. The circumstances of this case...

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The Honourable John Fox Strangways: was elected Member for Caine,

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on Wednesday, in the room of the late Lord Kerry. There was no other candidate. It is said that Mr. W. B. Baring has not the slightest chance of being reelected for...

ebt Cousttrp.

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At Winchester, on Monday, there was a meeting of the Hampshire Liberals, including Messrs. Shaw Lefevre, J. W. Scott, Hector, Et- wall. Henry Marsh, Sir Henry Tichbourne, and...

Lord Deere in Hertfordshire, and Mr. Fazakerley in Devonshire, have

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called meetings in their respective parishes for the purpose of agreeing upon a commutation of tithes under the new Act. The members of the Congregational Union for the 1Vest...

At Southern, on Monday, the South Warwickshire Tories celebrated the

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return of Mr. Shirley, by a public dinner. There was nothin g worth notice in the speeches. The favourite toast seems to have been "Lord Lyndhurst and the House of Peers." The...

The members of the Reform Association of Shepton Mallet had

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a public dinner on Monday, when many new members were announced. The Wareham Reformers dined together on Tuesday. On Monday, Mr. Williams, M.P. for Coventry, addressed his con-...

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The matchless Malibran, whose serious illness, in the midst of

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the Festival at Manchester, was mentioned in the Spectator of the 17th September, died at Manchester, in the Mosley Arms Inn, on the night of Friday the 23d. She had been...

directed to some official person in the Ilavannah, together with

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six others. Four, bearing the same direction, had gone by the mail to London. This being ascertained, an express was sent off to London, to the General Post-office, warning them...

A meeting of shipowners was held at Sunderland on the

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2:3rd ultimo, to consider a communication received from the Secretary of the Coal-trade, to the effect that the coalowners of the district intended to raise the price of coals...

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Mr. Lynch has been received by his constituents in Galway

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With processions, bonfires, and illuminations. At Clifden u public dinner was got up to do him honour. At a meeting of the National Association, on the 22d ultimo, a let- ter...


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The Liberals of Waterford gave Mr. Villiers Stuart, Lord. Lieutenant of the county, a splendid dinner on the 22d ultimo. Sir Richard Keane was in the chair; Mr. Winston Barron,...

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iiii5rr amusing. The Duke of Sussex is about to honour

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the city of Bath with his presence at a grand Masonic festival. The Duke of Wellington is also about to pay us a visit. —Bath Herald. The Earl of Durham is to wear the...

Sir Robert Peel passed through Blois on the 24th ultimo,

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on his way to visit Prince Talleyrand at Wimpy. Count Pozzo di Borgo stopped two or three days at Neufchatel, in Switzerland, on his route from Italy. Ashburnhani House is in a...

The Earl of Mansfield has munificently presented a grant of

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land for the erection of the new church at Sauclue.—Stirling Journal. Lord Dundas, who is well-known as a most liberal and public spirited sullbleman, has intimated his...


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Arrived — At Gravesend, Sept. 28th, Vansittart. Marquis. from China ; Hindostaa Redman, from Bengal; and Valley field, Swinton, from Ceylon ; 290, Palmyra. Loader, from ditto;...


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Lord Brougham is expected to dine with a party of Edinburgh Libe- rals in the course of the recess. Lord William Bentinek will shortly visit his constituents at Glas- gow; when...

The House of Commons is now filled with workmen, who

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are making repairs and improvements in that edifice, under the superintendence of Dr. Reid. The roof is to be lowered ; and a chimney, one hundred and twenty feet high, is...

The Lord-Lieutenant has refused to dine with the Lord Mayor

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and Corporation of Dublin upon the day of his Lordship's inauguration. The following is given by the Dublin Freeman as the answer sent to the invitation—" I refused an...

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A second edition of the Constitutimal, our new Liberal Morning

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Paper, mentions a report, received express from their Paris corms- rindent, that an attempt had been make to ki" Locis Plume at Compick, re.


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SATURDAY NIGHT. TEMPESTUOUS weather had kept back the Foreign Mails, and the Morning Papers went to press without them. Since then, however, there have been three Foreign...

The True San this evening has a clever and practical

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article on Lord Elam's address to the electors of East Cornwall. After showing that the 2C30 Tory requisitionists are not a majority of the whole constitu- ency, it admits that...

Sir John Campbell has lea Spring Gardens for Tu idee

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and EtPri- bc-gh.


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TIIE three little Winter Theatres opened their doors on Thursday, and each was instantly filled to overflowing. The rush at the Adelphi, TIIE three little Winter Theatres opened...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The Money Market has considerably improved in tone, and the price of Consols is full 1 per cent, above that of last Saturday. The rate of...

The Olympic presents a most rich and elegant appearance. It

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he.s been entirely redecorated, in the style of the St. James's Theatre, but with greater variety of colour about it, and a more perfect consistency of' ornament. The fronts of...

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Opinionsi of tbt 13trde.

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LORD BROUGHAM'S REAPPEARANCE IN POLITICS. Tare SUN—From the Postscript of Taies Magazine, we learn that the Reformers of Edinburgh have it in contemplation to celebrate Lord...

On the same night, a zoological melodrama, with the formidable

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title of The Hindoo Robber, or the Leopards of the Jumna, was pro- duced at Covent Garden. The canine actors who played the four- footed heroes of the story, though at first...

At the English Opera, The Gaberlunzie Man, a musical afterpiece,

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by LEMAN REDE, founded on one of the many anecdotes of JAMES the Fifth, and serving, like Cramond Brig, to introduce several Scottish airs and romantic adventures, and to show...

If we v judge from the commencement of its second

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season, the St. James's Theatre will not lose any of the character gained during its first, by the elegance and spirit of its entertainments. No altera- tion of any moment...

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THE STATE AND PROSPECTS OF PARTIES. IT is difficult to take a correct view of the state and prospects of parties without frequently glancing heels. The true beginning of what...

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[The following article was in type last week for publication

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in the gpeetritor, hut has been unavoidably postponed. It now apples without the alteration of a single letter. Flattered as we are by the Examiner's very particular thin to...

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THE Worcester Festival, ever since it has been under the direction of Mr. CLARKE, the Organist of the Cathedral, has been emi- nently distinguished for the excellence and good...


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iT is with bitter sorrow of heart that we record the death of Madame MALIBRAN. We have heard singers, in years gone by, of whose powers we cherish a vivid and grateful...

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Travellers coming from Hungary speak of the dreadful ravages of

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the cholera in that kingdom. In Upper Hungary, it is said, there are as many victims as in 1631; but it is said to be still worse below the Theis, where almost the entire...

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TRAVELS. Tile Old World and tha Now; or a Journal of Reflections and Observations, made on a Tour in Eurow. By the Rev. Orville Dewey, late of New Bedford, U.S. In 2 yids FaV...


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ALTHOUGH a perusal of Mr. DEWEY'S visit to Europe will not induce a recall of the opinion we passed upon it from a few occa- sional dips, yet the book has turned out different...

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THE object of this work is to advocate a Theism, by proving a succession of creations in the history of our globe, and by show- ing that design was as clear in the formation of...

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MR. WOOD was originally a Calvinistic minister, and for eight years preached the " comfortable doctrine of predestination," after the straightest sect. Towards the close of this...

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Tue. new National Gallery is rapidly advancing to its completion. The grand central portico is finished, and presents an imposing ap- pearance from Whitehall. We are glad to...