20 JULY 1850

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Traarrlinirs denotes the disposition to hurry the close of the .session. Members, though not silent, talk less, are less obstinate -to reply, rather incline to hush up disputed...

Out of doors, without any event of political urgency, there

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have been several kinds of activity. The most prominent public observance was the Duke of Cambridge ' s funeral ; conducted ao- cording to the new fashion in a comparatively...

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In Foreign affairs, the new arrangement on Schleswig-Holstein is first

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in rank. We do not understand the loud boasting about this matter as a " settlement " of the dispute. It is a mystifi- cation. A protocol has been signed by representatives of...

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEEK. Boum or Loans. Monday, July 15. County Courts Extension Bill, reported— Factories Bill, considered in Committee ; Amendments by the Earl of...

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THE Queen held Privy Councils on Saturday and Monday, in Bucking- ham Palace. On Saturday, Mr. Henry Tufnell was sworn of her Majes- ty's Privy Council, and took his seat at the...

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The proposed meeting in the Metropolis to forward the scheme of a national memorial of Sir Robert Peel was held on Monday, in the Egyp- tian Hall of the Mansionhouse. The Lord...

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XUELUUL Two of the Parliamentary seats made vacant by the judicial changes were again filled on Wednesday. Sir John Troinilly was rechosen by Davenport, in his new character of...

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FRANCE.—Much to the astonishment of the French press, though with little care, as it seems, by the French people, the new law of the press has been carried through the Assembly,...


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The Queen has been pleased to grant unto Sir Thomas Wilde, Knight,. Chancellor of Great Britain,the dignity of a Baron of the United King- dom, by the title of Baron Truro, of...


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The Lord-Lieutenant has left Ireland, for a visit of some weeks to England. The Lord Chancellor and the Commander of the Forces have been sworn in as Lords Justices to act in...

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the third Baronet of the name. The election was unanimous

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and un- Sir Robert Peel, was filled up yesterday, by the election of his eldest son, The Parliamentary seat for Tamworth, vacated by the death of the late contested, and without...

The actual sittings of the Rouse of Commons have now

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extended over a period of twenty-four weeks, being within two of the entire sittings of last session. There is no chance, however, of the release taking place on the 1st of...


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The principal matter under discussion in Parliament last night was the Queen's message recommending to the Commons the consideration of a pro- vision for the young Duke of...


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Monday, July 22. Mercantile Marine (No. 2) Bill: Committee (at twelre o'clock.) Supply Committee. Twenty-eight Bills. Tuesday, July 23. Irish Poor-law amend—Colonel Dunne....

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The death of Mrs. Glover, a few days spina& given

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a melancholy in- terest to the benefit which she took at Drury rano Theatre yesterday week. Professionally speaking, she has died at the summit of glory. The chief actors from...

A drama called The Emigre's Daughter, remarkable for the well-used

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materials of its plot, has been produced at the Adelphi. A lady, during the French reign of terror, is threatened with the death of her husband and father unless she will accede...

In the Arches Court, today, on the part of the

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Bishop of Exeter, Dr. Addams presented his answer of obedience to the monition of the Court in the Gorham case; but he wished to accompany his answer with the Bishop's protest...


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The question that naturally arises after witnessing such a performance as that by the lady of colour, most inappropriately termed the " black Malibran," who came out and failed...

Last night's Gazette notifies the separation of the bishopric of

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Quebec into two sees of Quebec and Montreal • the appointment of the present Bishop of Quebec to hold the diminis hed see ; and that of Dr. Francis Fulford to he the first...


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erica ESCRANOR, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The fluctuations of the English Funds have been of the same character as those noticed last week, and nearly within the same limits. The...

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REGRET for the sudden death of Peel is sharpened by the reflec- tion, that the public has thus lost some of that time which might have been employed in doing justice to his...


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TILE CONFIDENCE OF THE PEOPLE. Rxriat has again given up the ghost in Ireland. The Association has just perfo rmed a second and posthumous death, under the aus- pices of M r....


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FEW acts of Sir Robert Peel's career have occasioned more specu- lative curiosity than his posthumously published wish, that none of his family should accept a title as the...

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[TEE series of papers on the Poor-law branch of the Condition-of- Ireland question, with which our journal has been honoured by one who possesses peculiar means of accurate...


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I TEE conduct of Mr. Baron Alderson on the trial of Pate has been I thought, by many who admire the talents of that eminent Judge, to have been in several particulars contrary...

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Tam Leading Yournal, tremendous censor morum, has discovered the curious fact that the Commissioners of Sewers appointed as their engineer a gentleman who presented high...

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IRE SUNDAY POST QUESTION. 18th July 1860. you permit me to refer you to your number of the 20th October 1849, p. 994, in which you recommend "an absolute suspension of Post-...

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JURISPRUDENCE OF THE MOGUL EMPIRE: THE PANDECTS OF AIIRUNGZEBE. * THE Government of British India have not neglected to counte- nanoe the study of the indigenous or other...

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DR. B1781INAN'S CHOLERA AND ITS CURE. * Tin object of this

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volume is to furnish a medical and historical account of cholera; to exhibit those collateral circumstances of its late visitation in this countdy, which, in Dr. Bushnan's...

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TEraz tales belong to an exceptional and almost obsolete school of fiction, in which writing was a great source of effect. The subjects were extreme, and frequently unnatural....

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SOUTH'S LIFE AND CORRESPONDENCE. * Tars fifth volume carries on the

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life of Southey from forty-six to fifty-five. Rather more than its immediate predecessor it is defi- cient in biographical incidents, and contains correspondence that might have...

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On the 9th July, the Lady of the Hon. and Rev. Francis Clements, Vicar of Nor- ton, of a daughter. On the 11th, at Pull Court, Worcestershire, the Wife of W. Dowdeswell, Esq,,...


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OFFICE or ORD:CAMS, July 15.—Royal Regt. of Artillery—First Lieut. H. P. New- ton to be See. Capt. vice When, retired on half-pay ; See. Lieut. J. A. P. Adams to be First Lieut....


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Boons. A diminished number of arrivals continues to mark the closing season. Dr Bushnan's volume on Cholera, and "Hearts in Mortmain," are already disposed of. Mr. Burke, the...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Saturd. Moaday. 'Watery. ratan 2%urs. 3 per Cent Consols 981 ex d 964 97 sr 961 Ditto for Account 981 961 91 98 97 97 Spec Cents...


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Tuesday, July 16. Plarramunnos DISSOLTEIL - Booth and Marland, New Earth, Oldham, spindle- makers-Bowdery and Co. Oxford Street, booksellers ; as far as regards W. Bow-...