21 APRIL 1860

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Italy continues to be the chief field upon which we

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can observe the progress of European politics, and thus far the progress con- tinues to be eminently satisfactory. The Parliament of Northern Italy has adjourned after a short...


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THEE House of Commons resumed its labours on Monday, and the House of Lords on Tuesday, but neither showed any aptitude fig work until Thursday, if we except the struggles of...

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In Paris itself, all discussion turns principally upon the events

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of Italy and Spain, and upon foreign relations generally. The Court is preparing for the visit of the Emperor and Empress to Nice, the Princess Clotilda in their company. The...

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF TILE WEEK. Hoots or Loans. Tuesday, April 16. Divorce Courts Bill read a second time—. Oxford lJniversity Bill read a second time. Thursday. April 19. The...

Switzerland is more tranquillized, although the cession of Savoy has

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been completed, and the vote has to be taken to- morrow the 22d instant, with a tolerable certainty as to the result. This is avowed in a diplomatic paper put forward by the...

Addresses crop up in every part of Spain reassuring Queen

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Isabella of the loyalty of her subjects. General Ortega has been shot to encourage the rest ; but the Count of Montemolin whose arrest would, have been so embarrassing, has not...

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Tirs Qum: - remained at Windsor Castle until Thursday, when her Majesty returned to Buckingham Palace, privately, having on that day put on mourning for the Prince of Hohenlohe...

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A deputation from the Manchester Chamber of Commerce had an in- terview with Mr. Cobden at the Board of Trade on Tuesday, anent the French treaty. The deputation strongly urged...

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A meeting was held at Edinburgh, on Saturday, to petition in favour of the Reform Bills. The Lord Provost presided ; Mr. Duncan M`Laren and the Lord Advocate were the chief...


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The Essex Conservatives dined together at Maldon at the close of last week, and made what is called a demonstration. The principal speakers were Mr. Du Cane and Mr. Peaeocke....

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The Lord-Lieutenant left Dublin Castle for London, on Thursday week. Shortly afterwards, a Privy Council was held, when the Lord Chancellor and General Sir George Brown, G.C.B.,...

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c f r alit f.—The Moniteur has published a decree reducing the standard of height for recruits. A telegram has been published purporting to be the summary of M. Thouvend's...

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The National Rifle Association has sent the following communication to the newspapers :— " The Council of the National Rifle Association, having resolved that the chief prize...

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In the House of Commons last night, Mr. EDWIN JAMES asked the Se- cretary of State for Foreign Affairs whether, in the event of the Reform Bill being read a second time during...

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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRLDAT AFTERNOON. Business in all departments of the Stock Exchange continues very dull and languid, a momentary activity being only apparent now and then there...

The Bombay mail arrived yesterday, with advices to the 27th

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March. The Lieutenant-Governor of Bengal reports that he has every reason to believe that the excitement in the Indigo districts is passing off, and that he has no apprehension...


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On Easter Sunday, at St. George's Place, Canterbury, the Wife of the Rev. H. P. Wright, Chaplain to the Forces, of a daughter. On the 10th of April, at No. 1, Grafton Street,...

Our Paris correspondent forwards some curious reports touching the military

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proceedings of the Papal Court. " Paris, Thursday evening. "I hear on positive authority that General de Lamoriciare is expected tonight or tomorrow morning in Paris; he comes...

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Ti order to understand the full import of the act done by Presi- dent Buchanan in his remonstrance to the House of Representa- tives, we must recall the mode in which the need...


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THE PRINCE OF W A T.ES IN GERMANY. THE journey of the Prince of Wales to Coburg appears to create considerable sensation in Germany,—at least, if we may judge from the many...

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THE Baron de Bode, who has become so painfully familiar to the British reader, survives in the person of his heirs, still claiming justice from the British nation. The claim has...

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Ix spite dell the efforts of Mr. Radfield, and the secret instigators of the police all over England, Tom Sayers and Jack Heenan, the Champion of England and the challenger from...


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SOME flippant public man once spoke of the "unconvicted class of the community." There seemed a kind of absurdity in its impli- cation that the " convicted " could be at all a...

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SOME differences of view have arisen, as our readers know, be- tween the Post Office authorities and the journalists. As jour- nalists, we may seem biassed in our own favour,...


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THE inquiry before the Coroner and. Jury of South Northumber- land, into the cause and extent of the frightful calamity which consigned to a chokino. death no fewer than...

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Womnsr Ann WATCEIVOEK. —Mrs. Grundy would doubtless turn up her

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nose at intelligent and educated Englishwomen directing their attention to a mechanical trade, forgetting that shirtmaking also is a mechanical trade, and that the needle and...

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THE FB.EEMAN FRANCHISE. 18th April, 1860. Sin—I have lately been informed that, when the first Reform Act dis- franchised freemen by birth, it omitted to disqualify those who...


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Bombay Presidency, 20th March, 1860. There is a probability that it may be decided that the future recruiting for the Native army in India, should be solely on the conditions...


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Belfast, 16th April, 1860. Bin—As you have published? (in your numbers of 24th ultimo and 7th instant) an attack on Darwin's" Origin of Species," I trust you will not refuse to...

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ARREST OF THE FIVE MEMBERS. * - AMONG the very best illustrators of that remarkable epoch of English history, in which the struggle between the King and Parliament was either in...

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ABY SOB:EITEL * The Lsfe of Ary Schefer, by Mrs. Grote,

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strikes us as being just such a biography of that true-hearted man as he himself would have wished the world to have of him. Written by one who knew him intimately, and...

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THE SCOTTISH PITAVAL.* NINE stories, most of them drawn from

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the records and traditions of Scottish criminal jurisprudence of the early part of this century form the contents of Mr. Leighton's capital little volume—a volume which has a...


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Owen Meredith has ventured upon a strange experiment in his new volume, Lucite, which is not like its predecessors a collection of de- tached poems, but a novel in verse,...

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The thorough renovation of Astlers, which has recently taken place, may be mentioned as one of the most remarkable phenomena of the theatrical world. Mr. W. Cooke's lease having...


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The leading Calcutta journal says it is well known in India that, for the last eighteen months, Colonel Herbert Edwardes has been engaged upon a biography of the late Sir Henry...


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The adventurous sins of an age more romantic than this are at present offered as pleasing objects to the patrons of nearly all the theatres in the Boulevard. That interesting...


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The celebrated contralto, Madame Borghi-Mamo, made her first appearance in this country at Her Majesty's Theatre on Thursday week, in the character of Leonora in La Favorite....

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The third New Philharmonic Concert took place at St. James's

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Hall on Monday, under the direction of the entrepreneur, Dr. Wylde. The chief performance of the evening was Spohr's celebrated Symphony "Die Weike der Tone," (or 'The Power of...


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Bankrupts.-Wn.LIAN JACKSON, Brewers Street, Somers Town, surgeon- MAa new Sarum, Oreat Queen Street, Westminster, shipowner-Joan ROBERT Moniners, Crispin Street,...


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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) 3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced New 3 per Cents Annuities 1880 Annuities 1883 Bank Stock, 9 per Cent India Stock, 101...

The two sisters Marchiaio, the one a soprano, the other

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a contralto, who have lately gained great reputation in Italy, have arrived in Paris, and are about to appear at the Italian Opera in the parts of Semiramide and Arsace. "The...