21 DECEMBER 1850

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Foreign affairs do not present the massive aspect which they

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have generally worn of late. Negative incidents and small move- ments are the characteristic. The Emperor of Austria is disbanding his armies—faster even than Prussia ; and is...

"The "great day" at Smithfield has disappointed the grazing in-

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terest, and has occasioned some grave faces in other quarters. `..` Beasts " and sheep proved not a very readily convertible " pe- etinia " on the great Christmas market-day....


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LONG continued as the Anti-Papal agitation has been, the interest of the weekly reports is transferred from the movement at large to details and particular incidents. Wearied...

The elections at Limerick, completed, and in South Nottingham, still

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pending, excite an interest proportionate to the general poli- tical flatness of the season. The result of the Limerick election is rather remarkable. The Tenant League put...

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i4r Cwt.

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Tins Queen and Prince Albert went on Thursday to Kew, and were pre- sent at the confirmation. tif the Princess Mary of Cambridge, in Kew Church, by the Archbishop of Canterbury....


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At a Court of Common Council on Thursday, the Lora Mayor an- nounced his receipt of a letter containing the admiring sentiments of 1713 persons in the parish of Glossop,...

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The election at Limerick went more decidedly against the Tenan t League candidate than even. the firseadverso symptoms 'presaged: In our Postscript last week, we stated that MT....

i farnsu fri0 Colonint.

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FRAWCE. —In the absence of more important news; he Paris papers have more minutely than usual chronicled the proceedings of the clubs during the late week. A notice given by M....

tke Vrattuurt

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With characteristic inertia, the counties continue to roll forward in slow addition to the concourse of national protesters against the Roman interference. Norfolk,...

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- 1 ..) 1 71 1 1 1 : 411 7: 1 4T g il )' ?V9 1- ,.) .1- ; It gives us, sine.,gre,ggat#,A4Aatipn4o,J-leam - Autt rthalgovernortsbip4 Helena has been

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;effeard i te, i the-,appeptanoe, OA* -Ailnea- Emerson nent, late ;Colonial Suoretsry a g i Ocylon,-,-)3siffistoZifitios `Letter. • • -Itis -paid; that thenSnoiety bflAhilSouls...

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Our indefatigable - Correspondents are respectfully invited, to give their pone

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a liolyday at Christmas: we - haoe already more Letters on 'hond 'than* will be possible C insert in our - neYt number.

An Oxfordshire paper has a narrative of the "escape" of

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a younglady from the convent at Banbury. The young lady ‘9216 known in the eon.- vent as Sister Antonia; her worldly name" is unknown, but she is un- derstood to be very highly...


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The columns of the dallyjournals are lightly burdened with newolliin morning. Of foreign events there is an absolute dearth, and of home only the most sneagresu,pply. The Queen...

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t4riitt- lflI 311n51r.

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The first part of Henry the Fourth, as it has been produeed at the Prin- cess's Theatre, with the useful prelude of a performance et Windsor Can- the, is one of those instances...

Drury Lane, according to announcement, late open on boxing-day, with

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the orthodox attraction of a Harlequinade; and a similar veneration for an- cient usage will be shown at the Princess's. On the other hand, the Hay- market, the Lyceum, and the...

Mr. Hullah's performance of The Messiah, at St. Martin's Hall

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on Wednesday, was a restoration of the composer's original text ; replacing several -pieces usually omitted, giving some airs to the voices for which they were intended, and,...

As a theatrical event of the week, we may mention

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the " Westminster Play." In the prologue, the death of the Queen Dowager is lamented, having been practically mourned last year by the stoppage of the usual histrionic...


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STOLE E.XCELA NOE. FRIDAY AFTERNOON. At the -commencement of the week the English Stock Market was heavy, and the price of Consols for Account declined to 961. It has been...

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December 1850., . Sin—Without any desire to. disturb the unauiruity with which, the Pro- testant feeling of the nation is now animated in its indignant defiance of an attempted...


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Aim of articles fer sale; ein. ; .1,n any speci e,s of hirea , m,screceiv,atl *- trine of political economy. Now, without pretendhg t4 aeqtmmtance with the works of all evee of...

3: et rr s to qt attar. ,

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BARON PARKE'S STRENGTH AND WEAKNESS. - London, 15th December 1850. San—Allow me to express the satisfaction I feel at seeing that you regard with apprehension the rumoured...

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.- fp. 'ifs • .• od " i 'lo iiii. - i:11 —

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1..t • .36-piokiT ,---1 I l'Ad ',i13•! y,!, ••• 1 'rtiraos ei suornmi as LCO aEW ,RIII II inims-rounni J a - ni *di "to no ilYgtarala.stothsia lisinang osttofon ChrisAums,h...

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On very high legal onaority we have it now publicly declared that in carrying out the recent hull from Rome a distinct breach of the law has been committed. At the Surrey...

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liv the present ripe state of the University question, it is especially important that its less obvious bearings should be fully brought out. A common aspect of a subject may be...


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THE leafing Journal follows up the subject upon which we touched last week, that of judicial appointments, and treats it in a large and satisfactory manner. ap pointments,...

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Tiee Peace Party is systematically setting itself to . A , ecountenance the practice of duelling : a consistent and reasonib - le enterprise ; but to be worthy of the object,...


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ItSTICE is denied to the sufferers by, the Carshalton expulsion, withtbe cruelest obduracy of.officialiam.,11The final replies of the Premier and Secretary of State , have...

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Ion si

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ot "cill9M ne11o0 ; noissitelq a as 1360464 . 1 , , gnitionot Isiothoqua iillfagrarir II i 4 i Up ot "cill9M • ashised aad , , gnitionot Isiothoqua iillfagrarir II i 4 i Up il...

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i Ir ‘ o • :craltis ,noit • • . II ffri ;A% ,-:. • 1..11 f ; °IV I 11.• : I ISIA an . • 1 f 11 I A 1 I 11 . #ft.,rtrifigVa•714 .. , pear in ! ea es . s at e 1. -...

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r has been engaged for sonic years in the preparation of a work on the topography, history ' capabilities, and present condition and government of Ceylon. The religions of the...

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- , ,,CLABIC:':WaTTS'S MIMICS OF THE 'ILEA : RT. * Tuts volume consists of

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a ielection from Mr. Witts's published poems, 'with 'feiii' new pieces, and Seine contributions by Mrs. Watts. It may therefore be considered as containing, in the au- thor's...

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MACGREC.OR ' S EASTERN . MELODIES.. • This pretty publication will be interesting to the amateurs of na melody. It contains curious specimens of the music ' of tj sct differen t...

4 . 10 (.1 ''tECELVED. Ili Jell? 30 - 4 .sttio fko o ki,•:E. *1111 t6p l e 442 , ,Aciesiel ° - - releton'

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and Peofessor Cotes ; including rJliT ef l etheiatilint Men, tio • Wirist ptiblialiedfronithe Originals sd.1 1 u i nThei Li b i tr yi of trinitY • Collsgo, Cambridge; together...

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KR. GRUNDY'S ivm-rER EntorxxoN. (SECOND Norms.) CATTERMOLE'S numerous contributions to this gallery are the best productions of his hand exhibited within the year. The spirit...


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WAR-oreres, Dec. 20.-2d Re g t. of Dra g . Guards-Lieut.- C. E. Walker Ito be Capt. by.purchase, vice Dallas, who vetires; Cornet J. O'Hara to -he Lieut. by pur- chase, vice...


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On the 8th December, at Florence, Mrs. Barin g , of a son. . On the 13th, at Oak Hill, Aecnn g ton, Lady Gerrie, of a dau g hter. On the 13th, at Piston Park, Dulverton..the...


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- Tuesday, .December 17. PARTNERSHIPS DissoLven.-Parkin and Hildyard, Scarborou g h, linen-drapers-- Reeves and Holmes, Bath, marble-masons-Taylor and Co. Crompton, Lancashire,...

Results -of t■eR ,,,,* : -10Bileref* bf"intiftt i rt - ' _ , Ife :t:

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for the weaK tili A ,, . o ' , , 'Mgr% X ..111W.-.12416i; Wets* •ii4t , ' WerLUe 4 96VPiti . 4,f04 8 ,1 yeaN0-411atm9,r.. ,1941.11 ,4r4(1141:4411; ftbillO ; busiT91nu8 ,eld" ,...

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01 fitAnffloa 'id oft all isrly.fliaicirprolg,e. [fool( =Veit `Z3117 a!11._■11174,11

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4'3611 911,1 Thork s ._i&ii o5 •f,,akrtv . - ic, • , Njli a Peal" *P4.4ffd: 4 .• Di fOrSiodZIR 'IDU1 ' tlilatC fft VMS , 5.10141" 181 991 .1 1;3:4 t■ tntt , Tolit 11: 1 991...