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The Congress of the Despots, which was to have met

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first at Schwedt, then at Friedland, and then at Glatz, has at length assembled at a town in Bohemia which bears the euphonious ap- pellation of Munchen-Gratz. Mystery still...

The Swiss Diet have acted in the case of the

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malecontents in Neufchatel with rigour and despatch—they occupied the refrac- tory Canton with die troops of the Confederation. The Prussian Ambassador has thought proper to...


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THE cloud which last week hung over the prospects of Donna MARIA has been partly dissipated by the intelligence received on Thursday from Lisbon. On the 5th instant, Marsha...

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Cbe Court.

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ON Saturday, the Queen of Portugal and the Dutchess of Braganza, with their suite, departed from Windsor. They received numerous valuable presents from both their Majesties,...

The young pretender, HENRY the Fifth, will attain his majority

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of thirteen in the course of a few days. His faithful Parisian subjects are on their way to pay a visit to the Royal Exiles at Prague on the blissful occasion. A French journal,...

Mr. JEREMIE, the new Procureur-General of the Mauritius, ap- pears

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to have been carrying matters with rather a high hand in that colony. The subjoined extracts, however, from which alone we derive any knowledge of the transactions to which they...

A plot to assassinate the Emperor of RUSSIA. has been

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dis- covered at St. Petersburg, in which several Poles are said to be implicated. A report has also been circulated that letters from General LAFA.YETTE were found in possession...

The Turkish Sultan seems to wear the Russian fetters with

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con- siderable comfort. He has despatched an envoy to St. Peters- burg to return his especial thanks to the Czar for his late chari- table interference in his favour. He...

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eV Sian:113111W.

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Last night, a meeting was held at the Guildhall Coffeehouse, for devising the best means of aiding the Corporation Commissioners in their inquiries into the state of the London...

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r' At the Westminster adjourned Sessions, on Saturday, three men

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were charged, by Shackell a sergeant, and Pearce a private, in the A division of Police, with assaulting them on the 12th of August last, in the execution of their duty. The...

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ebr enuntro.

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The annual meeting of the Birmingham Political Union was held on Monday last, at Mr. Beardsworth's Repository ; Mr. G. F. Muntz in the chair. A statement of the accounts of the...

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These races commenced on Monday last. The company was nume- rous and fashionable, though the town could not be said to be as well filled as usual. Among those present at the...

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The Marquis of Lansdowne, Lord Duneannon, and Lord John Rus- sell, are at present in Ireland. Sir James Graham, the Duke of Rich- mond, and Mr. Stanley, intend soon to visit...

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• Mr. Samuel Robinson, of Clara, King's County, has promulgated

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the following plan for employing the Irish poor. Unfortunately, it in- volves another large advance of public money ! upon what, we fear, would be rather indifferent security....


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Three or four weeks ago, a proposal was started by some public- spirited citizens of Glasgow to give a dinner to Mr. Oswald. As the two Members, though differing occasionally in...


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St. James's Palace is about undergoing, by command of his Majesty, an extensive and thorough repair, internally and externally. The de- cayed and insecure portions of crick and...

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Accounts from India mention, that a meeting had been convened

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in Bombay for the 14th of May, on the subject of a steam-navigation from England to India. The main object of the meeting, however, related to the communications between Bombay...

The following statement of the number of suicides which have

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oc- curred in Westminster for each year from 1812 to 1831 inclusive, has been drawn up from official documents by Mr. Higgs, the Deputy Co- roner. The total number of suicides...


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Bathwick, 16th September 1833. MR. EDITOR—In your last Spectator, you notice, with appropriate remarks, the uprooting by the late storms of the...

Captain Chads, who was deputed by tbe Admiralty to proceed

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to Boulogne, and investigate the circumstances attending the loss of the Amphitrite and her passengers, has made the following report ; ad- dressed to Captain Elliot, the...

The following letter and memorandum, which are extracted from the

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Glasgow Chronicle, contain information relative to the trade Ivith China, transmitted from the India Board on the 12th instant, by Mr. Charles Grant, in answer to queries...

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There is a good deal of speculation about the object

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of TALLEY- RAND'S Visit TO Windsor, on the special invitation of the King, and after he had taken leave. It is stated at the Embassy, however, that the affair is merely one of...

ENGLISH OPERA COMPANY. — The season closed to-night, with the following address,

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spoken by Mr. Serle. " Ladies and Gentlerneu-4 am deputed by the Proprietor to offer you. on this, the last night of his season, ids sincere thanks for the patronage with which...

Some disclosures havebeen made respecting the late smuggling trans-

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actions. It appears that the smuggler was a certain Count a cousin of General Sebastiani, the French Minister; and that all the packets of contraband goods were addressed to M....

Our Ministers do not consider the news from Portugal, brought

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by the Echo, as very favourable. The Miguelites, although defeated in their second reconnoissance of the 9th, remain at no great distance from Lisbon, in considerable force, and...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY EVENINO. The alarm occasioned by the assembly of the Congress of Sovereigns has sub- sided. During the week, some extensive speculations for the rise...

Letters from Paris, dated Thursday, state that bets are freely

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laid that LOUIS PHILIP will not be on the throne of France for twelve- months. M. TITTERS, the Minister of Public Works, has lately gained much ground in the Ministry; and it...

We have been favoured with the perusal of the official

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report of the battle of the 5th instant, at Lisbon ; from which it appears, that the Miguelites were totally defeated in every point, and that in the charge of the 6th Infantry...

The inhabitants of Leicester take a deep interest in the

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inquiries which the Commissioners are making into the abuses of their notorious Corporation. It is easy to perceive what the result of those inquiries is likely to be, from the...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. The Echo steam-boat arrived yesterday at Falmouth, bringing ac- counts to the 12th instant from Lisbon. The only operation of the Miguelites since the...


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Arrived—At Gravesend, Sept. 19, Triumph, Green, from Bombay. At Deal, 19th. Mary, Jameson. from New South Wales. At Liverpool, 13th, Superior, Brown, from. Bombay. 14th,...

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MUNICIPAL CONSTITUTIONS. LORD BROUGHAM'S proposed Bill for conferring Municipal Consti- tutions on thirty of the New Boroughs created by the Reform Act, excites deep interest,...

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THE following is a list of the points on which the Corporation Commissioners are now collecting information from the various municipal officers and others throughout the...


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WE have often had occasion to notice the singular deficiency of common sense and common humanity which characterizes many of the decisions of the Metropolitan Magistrates. So...


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WHEN Mr. BLAMIRE'S bill for staying tithe prosecutions was under discussion, Lord BROUGHAM, in advocating its postpone- ment till next session, delivered himself as follows. "...

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"OUT of sight, out of mind," is a proverb the truth of which is manifested by our daily experience. However distinguished a man may have been in his day, it is astonishing to...


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A CASE of peculiar hardship, which was exposed at the Thames - Police-office on Thursday, illustrates the cruelty and immoral ten- dency of the law which refuses to recognize...

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THE Norwich Festival is the finest exhibition of its kind that Eng- land can boast : and it would puzzle us to tell how this happens. Placed in a corner of the kingdom—dirty,...


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Sotte of the shopkeepers in Regent Street have been proceeded against by the Commissioners of 'Woods and Forests, under an architectural "act of uniformity," for having the...


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THE seizure by the Excise of the stock of Mr. Hewer, the patentee of the" Prepared British Leaf," with the subsequent ap- plication to the Lord Mayor for an information against...

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Tnx sight of the hoard that now encloses the Egyptian front of the old office of the Courier and the Ionic portico of the burnt Lyceum, prepa- ratory to their removal to make...

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makes the tower look more heavy. bind the curtain, as

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it may happen—have run up to a ridiculous amount. They The new wing to the river front of Somerset House is now nearly should now, under an altered state of things, be prepared...

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WE have read these three volumes of letters details, and anec- dotes of the late chief of the great sect of Methodists, until we are fairly captivated by him—his amiability, his...


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Porrav, Pinder in English;Verse. By the Rev. Henry Francis Cary, A.M. Mons. BIOGRAPHY, '''44 71 1 An Account of the Religious and Literary Life of Adam Clarke. LL.D. F.A.S. By...


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THE acquirements and capacity requisite to form the translator of a classic, may account for his rare appearance. He must possess a complete mastery of two languages ; he must...


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HAS reached a second edition ; at which we are more pleased than surprised. It is a charming volume, whose title is not half ex- pressive of its contents. The Book of the...

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THE Forty-fifth number of VALPY'S Family Classical Library contains the seven remaining Tragedies (out of the original se- venty) of iEscHyLus. The translation is POTTER'S; to...


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MRS. BRAY, formerly Mrs. C. STOTHARD, is known to the world for her antiquarian taste, her admiration of FROISSA.RT and chivalry, and her acquaintance with the manners and...