23 MARCH 1850

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MR. HUTT'S motion in the House of Commons, to abandon the Slave-trade treaties which stand in the way of recalling the African blockade squadron, was decided, not on its Own...

A great nation, universally unsettled, and handed over to little

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men—that is the condition of France in her tribulation ; a con- dition never more forcibly illustrated than by the conduct of the Government in the new Ministerial crisis. The...

The dispute in the Church about the induction of Mr.

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Gorham threatens to occasion unpleasant if not serious consequences. When it was alluded to in Parliament, this week, Lord John Russell said that the decision has caused "...

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A Sepoy regiment has mutinied, in the untoward region of Tim-

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ritair. - The cause of the mutiny is said to be some deprivation of extra batter, which fell heavily on the soldiers, from the dearth. of _provisions. There is something here...

Germany is moving with signoof hew d --antryet v

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urgent, but vast in nragnitarde. MN* ge hereof* Fe Parliament at Erfurt, testifies anger at the withdrawal of Hanover, by the intentionally offensive withdrawal of her own...

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEEK. Moms or Loans. Monday, March 18. Appellate Jurisdiction of the Peers and the Judicial Committee of Council; Statement by Lord Brougham—Sunday...

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'Of alttruinlig.

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- The. Lord' Mayor gave a splendid banquet at the •Mansionlrouse, on Thursday, to the Chief Magistrates of the cities, towns, and boroughs - of .the 'United Kingdom, to stir up...

CO Card.

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'.Tan Queen held a Court and Privy Council at Buckingham Palace yes- terday afternoon. ' At the Court, • Viscount Ebringten had an audience, and on behalf of his father, Earl-...

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Ile Dublin- Traders Protective Society has broken ground -in a %let movement to rouse public opinion against the proposed abolition ef the 'Viceregal Doint. Alderman Kinahan...

t Truuturts.

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.tffirewebnry entertained its gallant townsman Majoellerbert*Edwardes, at. a public dinner, on'Wednesday. The Mayor presided; the' Earl of 'Toads and the County Members were...

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On Tuesday morning, Lord John Russell assembled about 160 Liberal Members of the House of Commons, at his official residence in Downing Street, to explain to them, before...

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FEANCE.—The accounts received from Paris on Saturday last, respecting the change of Ministry, were not exact M. Ferdinand Barrot alone has retired. M. Rouher has neither retired...

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WAZ.OFTICE, March 22.—Royal Regt. of Horse Guards—First Lieut. Arthur de Vern Viscount Malden, from the Rifle Brigade, to be Comet, by purchase, vice the Hon. P. Sid, who...

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The greater part of last night was consumed by the House of Commons in Committee on the Australian Colonies Government Bill ; but although the proceedings possessed great'...

In the French Assembly, on Thursday, M. Rather, Minister of

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Justice,i brought forward, as "urgent," projects to restrict newspapers. by reiistao.,, blishing the stamp and requiring a larger deposit of caution-mosey. : After excited...

The Standard is informed-that the-American expedition to search for Sir

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John Franklin will consist of at least. two schooners, under Commander S... P. Griffin, of the United States Navy; an officer only twenty-two years old; but of great talent and...


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Monday, March 25. Dutchies of Cornwall and Lancaster: Select Committee—Mr. Trelawny. Ordnance Estimates. Chief Justices' Salaries Bill. Brick Duties .Bill. Other Bills to...

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44ratrti futh Rusin.

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The fourth season of the - Royal Italian Opera, Covent Garden; began on Saturday, with an overflowing-house, graced . by the unusual compli- ment of the Queen's presence,...


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[PROM A FROSTWORTBY CORREAFONDRET4 _Avis; 18th The English public seem to be more uneasy at the. result of ' lions than they have grounds for being. According to the colour...


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STOCK EXCHANGIE; FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The English Stet* - Market had recovered- the depression , occasioned last week, and was firm - on Monday and Tuesday. In connexion , with a...

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The Spartans taught their children sobriety by exhibiting intoxication in

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the Helots ; and generally we may get a clear notion of what a thing is by a careful study of its opposite. Is there any one sufficiently a novice in theatrical matters not to...


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TILE AFRICAN SQUADRON A CABINET QUESTION. Than JOHN RUSSELL insists upon being tried as a statesman by his African policy ; so that we have a measure for him suggested by...

From 'Weber to Verdi there is a descent in the

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musical scale. This descent we felt when we went to Her Majesty's Theatre on Tuesday, to witness the performance of Nino, (or rather Nabueo,) the weakest of the Italian...

The second Philharmonic concert, on Monday, was not so good

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as the first. No exception, indeed, could be taken to the symphonies,— Haydn's marked Le tter Q, and Mendelssohn's in A. This last, which was written many years ago for the...

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'COMPROMISE is a great parent of unsettlement and disorder; be- cause it only suspends a conflict, and where the causes that in- dithed the conflict are suffered to remain, the...

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Alma MEas.rrr is under sentence of death because appearances are: against her. That is literally the case : in the mania_ for relying. on circumstantial evidence, a jury have...


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Ceneennenr with• greater freedom of - opinion, it is satisfactory to observe a closer reason and stricter justice in measuring the rights of the more - helpless sex. " Dat...


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THE farmers of Hertfordshire have entered into a combination to „ beat down the prices of tradesmen for handicraft work done on, farms—carpentry, harness-making, cartwrights'...

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WOMAN" IN 'FRANCE DITIffIre - THS' LA FM' Idxso laved:ism. hail a higher aim in this work than , to collect:. a series.. of..goBsipy, or aeanaalou.e,, stories . or .to display,...


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Mr. Hatt's motion, for an address tothe Queen, that negotiations be forth, with entered into for the purpose of relieving this country - from all treaty engagements with foreign...

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the " soldier " and the " service " are concerned, the title of this volume is not quite accurate. M. Hacklander was not a military man, but a newspaper correspondent ; and he...

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SOUTHEY'S LIFE AND CORRESPONDENCE. * THE third volume of Southey's memoirs

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begins with the year 1806, when the poet had reached his thirty-second year, and ends with 1812. The period of life is one in which there are perhaps fewer changes save...

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' R.LYNOND REVILLORD. * 'Trim " - nominee ", belongs to the novel

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of adventure, which itself - belonged' to another age. In times less effeminat ely civilized than ours,*there‘was . greater robustness both of vice and virtue ; the honest man...

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..elnti. - 2'vinitarian Biography : or Sketches - of the Lives and Writings of Iffitingnished - Anti-Trinitarians ; exhibiting a View of the State of the Unitarian_ Doctrine and...

■ BUM&

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On the9th March, at Monellan House, county of-Donegal, the Left Mary HeWitt, of a daughter. On the 12th, at - the Rectory, Comptonitiertin; Somersetshire;-the oicifeof-the'Rev....

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Taus. 951 951 :3 61 86 65 as FOREIGN FUNDS. (Last Official Quotation during the Week ending FridarEvening.) Austrian 6 p. et — Massachusetts (Sterling)...5 p. et Belgian...


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Tuesday, March 19. PARTNERSHIPS DtssoLvm.—Brothers and Ferris, Exeter, haberdashers—Mitchell and Heaton, Liverpool. printers—Walker and Co. Radcliffe Bridge, Manchester....