23 NOVEMBER 1833

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There is a solitary piece of news from Constantinople, but

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that is important if true : the combined English and French have entered the Dardanelles, in spite of the recent tr Russia and Turkey, by which such entry was foil). a preper...

The French Liberals have altered their tone respecting the in-

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terference of their Government in the affairs of Spain. A short time ago, they were eager for the despatch of an army to support the Queen and suppress the Carlists. But they...


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THE war in Portugal is carried on with little spirit: there is a strong disinclination to fight, on both sides. The Miguelite army remains within the walls of Santarem; and...

Mr. VILLIERS formally presented his credentials to the Queen Regent

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at Madrid on the 6th instant. Until then, Lord WILLIAM nARVEY had figured as the official representative of our Govern- ment, under the title of Charge d'Affaires. At Madrid,...

Kin° . LEOPOLD'S concerns proceed smoothly. The addresses in reply to

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his speech were passed unanimously by both Chambers; and it is said that the session is likely to be one of little speechi- fying and much business. Count DIEDRICHSTEIN, the...

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Having completed our budget of foreign intelligence, we turn to

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the far more interesting and important affairs of the Sister Isle; Having completed our budget of foreign intelligence, we turn to the far more interesting and important affairs...

In the week's review, there is yet another topic, truly

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Irish in its character, being partly droll and partly serious, which has ex- cited considerable attention for some days. Mr. HILL, the Mem- ber for Hull, paid a visit to his...

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efir Court.

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TILE King held a Court on Monday afternoon, at the Palace at Brighton ; which was attended by - Earl Grey, the Marquis of Lans- downe, the Earl of Ripon, Viscounts Melbourne and...

aTjc atetrupaTil.

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The Merchant Tailors Company have refused to submit to the au- thority of the Corporation Commission, on the ground of its alleged illegality. In this proceeding they are...


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FRONI THE LONDON GAZETTE. [Substituted for the notification which appeared in the Gazette of the 1st instant.] WIIITERALT„ 29th October 1833.—The King has been graciously...

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The Recorder on Monday made his report to the King

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at Brighton of the prisoners capitally convicted at the Old Bailey Sessions ; all of whom his Majesty respited during pleasure. In the Court of King's Bench, on Monday, Sir...

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Mr. Bell, clerk to Mr. Stirling the Coroner, yesterday week

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in- trusted a had with a check for 351., drawn by Mr. S tirline. e ll his bankers, Messrs. 'Terries, Farquhar, and Co. The bee e es tea e s, , e k- . ca: hod in sovereigns, and...

The Lord Mayor stated to one of the Parish-officers of

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Bishopsgate, at the Mansionhouse, on Monday, that he had seen Lord Melbourne respecting the project of sending out unprotected children to the Cape i of Good Hope ; and found...


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The members of the University of Oxford arc beginning to look about for a successor to Lord Grenville in the Chancellorship of that University. Various persons bare been named,...

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. At the Chelmsford Petty Sessions, Mr. Jesper, miller at

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Stebbing, was summoned by Mr. Overall, Overseer of that parish, to show cause why he had not paid 2J. 16s. &i., due from him for the labour-rate. The Overseer "produced the...

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Another melancholy accident has taken place in Mr. Curwen's col-

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liery, at Workington, attended also with loss of life. For some time past, the workings of Lady Pit have been extending towards an old pit, into which there was an irruption of...


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The Board of Ordnance have directed the Engineer department of -Ireland to be carried on by provinces, which will do away with the l i =head - quarter establishments in Dublin....

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Dundee continues to support its high rank among the constitu- encies of Scotland. The electors met their admirable represeLtative, Sir Henry Parnell, on Friday last week, at a...

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Lord Grey has given the vacant stall at Canterbury to

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Dr. Hunt, who had refitted a Deanery, on political grounds, from the Tory Admi- nistration; and the Deanery of Lichfield to the HonourahleDr.Howard, Lord Carlisle's brother. It...

The Demerara Gazette of the 16th October contains the particulars

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of the Slavery act ; and the proclamation of the King ordering it into force. The Governor, Sir J. C. Smyth, had received a circular from Mr Stanley, dated Downing Street,...

One of the first results of the municipal reform in

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the Corporation of Edinburgh, has been, that the Lord Provost's salary is fixed at 500/. for expenses : if they exceed that amount, he is to pay the excess him- self. The...

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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Bishopsgade atreci, November 18th. Sin—As your columns, as well as many of your readers, advocate the imposal of an Income or Property-tax a...

apininttd of the pre#1.

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THE IRISH TITHE GRIEVANCE. Tangs—Tithe is not merely a thing bated by the people ; it has been formally denounced by the King and House of Commons, as an institution xvlach...


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WAR-OFFICE, Nov. 22.-5th Regt. of Foot—gent. Cadet F. Pyner. from the Royal Military College, to be Ensign, without purchase, vice Beamish, appointed to the 19th Foot. 9th...

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By the packet-ship which has just arrived from Lisbon, we

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learn that Don PEDRO, or rather his Ministers, have come to an almost open quarrel with the Dukes of PALMCLLA and TERCEIRA and Admiral NAPIER. The latter has given vent to his...

The Courier of this evening contains the following lett( r

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from Mr. HILL., M. P. "TO THE EDITOR OF TILE COURIER. " London, 44, Chancery Lane. Nov. 23, 1833. " Sir—I have read in the • public papers the letters addressed to toe M...

New York papers to the 2d instant have been received.

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The only intelligence of interest which they contain relates to a quarrel which has broken out between the General Government and the State of Alabama. The inhabitants of...

. EAST INDIA SHIPPING. Arrived — At (41:Ivo:entl, Nov...20t1L.Cantilla, Wilson. from New

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14ontl1 Imet, Ro g er:. f lien"al;; and Clarinda, Steele, from Mnorit his. At Deal. on e .01iv6131anelt. haltirietz. from the Cape. At Cowes.21 st. Prince Re g ent, Aitken ; and...

A letter has been received by a member of our

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Government contain- ing an assurance that the Portuguese Prime Minister, M. Jose da Silva Carvalho, has proposed to Don Pedro to •declare the Queen Donna Melia incapable of...

Mr. F. O'Connor, M.P., has written to Mr. Hill, M.P.

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for Hull, - to proclaim the traitor Member of Ireland, if there exist such a one among the Repealers. He states the person reported to have given the secret. advice to Ministers...


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SATURDAY cm% The Mbiirid Gazette of the 19.th instant contains an ofO‘cial decree, avhich declares that the Queen Regent, being justly diFe'atisfied with the conduct of Don...

Poor old Lord GRENVILLE lingers in a hopeless state ;

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his dissolution may be hourly expected. As usual, however, when any thing is to.be got by a man's death, the scramblers for pelf have not had the decency to wait till the breath...

German Papers to the 17th instant arrived , this•morning. Their contents

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are unimportant. An article from Dresden, dated November the 8th, states that some Commissioners had arrived there to mature a plan for uniting the Rhine with the Danube and the...


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Samew FaCIIANDE, FRIDAY A.ETi.NNOOH. Till to-day, the market has been in a state of inactivity, and the bieizte:1 transacted onimportant. The fluctuation in Consols, and...

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THE Report of the Committee on Manufactures and Commerce furnished the theme of' many an exulting paean on the inereasina- prosperity—the " sound and healthy " condition of...


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PROGRESS AND PROSPECTS OF CORPORATION REFORM. THE purpose for which the Corporation inquiry was instituted, is in a fair way to be accomplished. By the exertions of the "...

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DURING the last fortnight, a very large amount of gold and silver has been shipped to the Continent. One vessel alone conveyed to Calais 40,000 ounces of gold and 277,000 ounces...


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IN calling attention last week to the comparative cost of the British, French, and Prussian armies, we mentioned that our statement of the number and cost of the latter was...

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We took a vapour-bath at the Adelphi the other night

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; and having-contrived to insinuate ourselves into the throng that crams We took a vapour-bath at the Adelphi the other night ; and having-contrived to insinuate ourselves into...

" Necessity is the mother of Invention ;" and her

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offspring are often very lively and vigorous. JAMES RUSSELL having had the ports shut against his bark, has been compelled to run ashore and pay off his crew. The Strand-ed...

The revival of Antony and Cleopatra at Drury Lane, has,

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we understand, proved a failure ; as indeed it must - needs have been, with no competent actor in the play. but MacaEanv, and even he not in all respects an Antony. It was cruel...


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THE new burletta of Beulah Spa, at the Olympic, when duly curtailed, which we suppose it is by this time, will be attractive, if it were only for VESTRIS'S clever personation of...

CHARLES MATHEWS has met with a phaeton adventure, more perilous

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and romantic than any he has recounted among his " Mail- coach Adventures," or other reminiscences. It was very near having a tragical termination, however ; and MATHEWS himself...

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As Madrigals arc again beginning to take their place in the schemes of concerts, both metropolitan and provincial, we ought not to leave unnoticed the proceedings of the...


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THERE is considerable difficulty, it woad seem, iti distinguishing be- tween a nuisance and a convenience. We hear of the omnibus nui- sance, the hackney-coach nuisance, and now...


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FINANCE, • • A Practieal Summary of the Stamp-duties; alphabetically arranged. Containing the Duties payable under all the Stamp Acts at present in force; with the Regu-...


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OF late years, the Finance Minister of the United Kingdom has never been a person to set the Thames on fire, or even to damage . the Stock Exchange. As affairs go, this is...

. Gropius, of Berlin, having given a view of the

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column in the Place Vendome, in the Children's . Jen:rael, which he publishes in that capital, has been recommended to he more circumspect, and not to meddle with political...

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THESE are both admirable works, and worthy of the noble service they are written to illustrate. To delineate life at sea in his Ma- jesty's service, is the end of each; and...