29 JUNE 1839

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THE week opened with another exhibition of party-spirit, on a question which ought to be sacred from the contentions of fhction, and not " vexed" by any material difference of...

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The actual commencement of hostilities between the Turks and Egyptians

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is announced. The Turkish troops, commanded by Manz nicht', took possession of seventeen Syrian villages at the commencement of the present month—the exact date of the opera-...

A battle was fought, on the 7th of May, near

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Puebla in Mexico, between the Federalists, who are called rebels, and the Govern- ment troops under SANTA ANNA, in which the former were defeated. Their General MExiA, being...

The Dutch troops are quietly taking possession of the territory

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which Belgium has been forced to cede. On the 21st instant, they entered Venloo, without any demonstration on the part of the inhabitants.

The Governor of Demerara and I3erbice has put an end

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to the session of his Parliament, with a rebuke to the members for their factious conduct. A good understanding between the Governor and the Assembly in a British colony will...

By the Great Western steamer, which arrived at Bristol on

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Wed- nesday evening, after a passage of less than thirteen days, New York papers have been received to the 14th instant. The political news is unimportant. Business, especially...

Debates an Vrombings in' iparliament.

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NATIONAL EDUCATION. The House of Commons resolved itself into a Committee of Supply, on Monday, Mr. BERNAL in the chair ; and then Lord Join.: RUSSELL rose to move a...

The French intelligence indicates the continuance of an uneasy state

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of affairs in Paris. Arrests of' suspected persons are nume- rous ; that to which most importance is attached being BERNARD'S, a printer. The following account of his capture is...

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be Court.

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TIIE Queen takes frequent rides on horseback ; generally attended by the Baroness Lehzen, Lord Uxbridge, Colonel Weinyss, and Mr. Charles Murray. On Tuesday evening, her Majesty...

Elizabeth Norris, tried last Friday and convicted of uttering base

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coin, when she was sentenced to a year's hard labour in the House of Correc- tion, made her escape from Newgate on Tuesday morning. It appears that she availed herself of the...

The Court of Queen's Bench, on Saturday, decided that the

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Church. wardens of St. Margaret's, Leicester, were bound to supply the Select Vestry with esthnates of the sums wanted, and an account of the in- tended appropriation, before...

In consequence of some most extraordinary rumours which havc . prevailed

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in Ashton and the neighbouring towns for the last two or three days, respecting the conduct of the Reverend Mr. Stephens, the populace have suddenly hurled to the ground the...

be itittropolis.

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The annual election of Sheriffs for the City of London and County of Middlesex took place on Monday, at the Guildhall. Mr. W. Evans, a distiller, and Mr. J. Wheelton, engaged in...

A meeting was held on Monday, at the Freemasons Tavern,

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to peti- tion Parliament for a repeal of the Poor-law. Earl Stanhope was in the chair ; supported by Lord Teynham, Mr. Thomas Duncombe, Mr. John Fielden, General Johnson, and...

Ebe Thallium

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Mr. Sergeant Atcherley is announced as a Tory candidate for York at the next election. Mr. Craven Berkeley has grievously offended some of his constituents by opposing time...

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Lord Morpeth's grand Gjeun6 a la fourchette, given on Saturday

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at the villa of the Duke of Devonshire, at Chiswick, to upwards of seven hundred persons, many of them of the highest rank, and including all parties in the state, was the most...


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Mr, Oswald's reply to the requisition inviting him to come forward is a candidate for Glasgow was published on 20th instant, in the form of an address to the electors. Mr....

The Morning Post gives the following bit of Court scandal-

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" At the last Ascot Races, we have reason to believe that the Dutchess of Montrose and Lady Sarah Ingestre received an intimation that hr Majesty was impressed with the idea...


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The Lady Flora Hastings lingers in a sad state of sickness, and her recovery is very doubtful. The Marquis and Marchioness of Hastings, who are staying at the Burlington Hotel,...

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We rallied an evening contemporary last week on the embarrassments

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arising to him in connexion with the Ballot from certain delicate re- lations, to which we at the same time ventured a few passing allusions. The extraordinary and engaging...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. The trial of the prisoners engaged in the last insurrection in Paris commenced, in the Court of Peers, on Thursday. M. ARAGO was left speaking on behalf of the...

In the House of Lords, the Bills of Exchange Bill

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was read a third time, and passed ; with an amendment moved by the Marquis of LASS- DOWER, which provides that advances at the higher rate of interest may be made on "goods,...

By mistake, Mr. Ellice senior was put down in our

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table of Divisions last week, as having voted for the Ballot. In the separate article on the Ballot Division, he was rightly classed among the absentees.

The Augsburg Gazette publishes apocryphal intelligence received from Alexandria relative

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to the progress of the war in India. According to one letter- " The India mail has brought intelligence of Runject Sing's army having gained possession of several important...


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On the 'Nth inst., at Worlingham Hall, Suffolk, Viscountess ACHESON, Of a daughter. On the 2511, inst., in Andley Mrs. RAT1.1.1E, of a son. On the 23d inst., at King's Newton...

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Sonic disappointment was felt in the City this morning, when

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it was found that the usual monthly average accounts of the Liabilities and Assets of the Bank of England had not been published in the Gazette of last night. We believe this is...


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CHEAP POSTAGE, AT HOME AND ABROAD. THE " financial statement," so long due from the Chancellor of the Exchequer, will not be very satisfitctory when it comes. It is known that...

A very numerous meeting of Members of the House of

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Lords took place yesterday at Apsley house, at which it was determined unani- mously by the Peers present, that they would vote in favour of the omission of the first clause of...

Last night's Gazette announces the appointment of Mr. Arthur Aston,

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Secretary to the Embassy at Paris, to be Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary at Madrid. Mr. Henry Bulwer, Secretary of Embassy at St. Petersburg, succeeds Mr. Aston...

The Carlow Election inquiry is not yet concluded. The parties

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are e ven on the poll, and the Bruen objections are exhausted. If Mr. Gis- borne can strike off another vote, he:will be seated : if not, the election will be declared void. An...


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Arrived—At Gravesend, June 2411,, Vixen, Palmer, from the Cape ; and 2551,, Belle Areoll, from China. At Deal, 26th, Inglis, Routh, from China ; 2711,, Mesta, Rylo, from Ceylon...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY Arran:row. The week commenced very gloomily, and there appeared on Monday every probability of a continuance of the state of' panic to which we referred...

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BEING." Lonn Howicg possesses some qualities, as a public man, which must always conunand respect. He is for better informed than most of his class ; and he gives effect to...

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WE could never enter heartily into the spirit of that celebrated doctrine Nvhich ascribes a peculiar pleasantness to "being cheated ;" but as there can be no doubt that, it'...

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THE " First Annual Report of the Registrar-General of Births, Marriages, and Deaths in England," is not a mere dry summary of figures arranged under the three specified heads,...

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The number of the Quarterly &ricer. just published, has an

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elaborate article on the Household and the Ministry considered as a matter of constitutional history " — and, we add, of covert personal attack, and ex- clusive anecdote. In...


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Tins volume might have a claim to exemption from criticism, were criticism any thing else than an exposition of the qualities of things spontaneously set before the critic to...


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TRAVELS, A Journal written during an Excursion in Asia Minor. By Charles Fellows. 1838. Murray. RELIGIOUS CEREMONIAL, Four Lectures ou the Offices and Ceremonies of Holy...


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" Love seldom haunts the breast where learning lies, And Venus sets ere Mercury can rise." CHAUCER, he POPE'S Version. IT iS announced in the Irish papers, that "The Junior...

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WROF.VER hus attended the service of the Romish Church with one of its Prayer-books, will doubtless have perceived in many of the passages a strong dramatic spirit, although the...

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THE year opened with expectations that have been disappointed. The politician expected rare debates upon Lord DURHAM and Canada—never were debates so flat ; the faithful looked...


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THE only "romance of real life" that civilization has left us is war. There is a charm about the soldier's adventures that interests their hearers now just as strongly as in the...

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the entire scope and bearings of a great question, to

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which minute details, how- THE Committee for erecting a Monument to NELSON have again chosen Mr. RAILTON'S column, to which was awarded the first prize in the pre. ever...

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WE have been especially gratified by the sight of a colossal statue of Mr. TENNANT, the founder of the great chemical works at St. Rollox, which has been modelled by Mr. PATRIC...


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THE Underwriters' of Lloyd's commissioned Mr. WYON to strike a medal for the purpose of rewarding the services of officers and others in saving lives and property from...