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THE two Houses of Parliament met on Thursday, after the recess. The benches of the House of Commons were much fuller than they usually are on such an occasion ; those on the...

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FAST DAY. — For an address to his Majesty that a day

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be set apart for fasting and prayer. Officiating minister and inhabitants of Raithby ; inhabitants eE Swinton. Hrsrnoo Wtnnws. — For the abolition of the practice, in India, of...

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It was the intention of Mr. O'CONNELL to leave Dublin

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on Monday, for the purpose of attending his duties in Parliament ; but the Attorney-General having joined issue on the demurrer pleaded to a number of the counts in the...

The tone of the French, the Government now as well

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as the people, becomes more warlike. We hope their acts will not keep pace with their words. " We do not fear war," said M. MAUGUIN, one of the most popular deputies of the...

The question of Polish independence will soon be solved. If

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the revolt be one in which the mass of the people take an honest interest, the first encounter, whatever be its issues, will but in- flame its spirit. If only a few of the more...

The Belgian Congress are still employed in choosing a King

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; and when their labours may end, or whether they ever will, until the people or some powerful neighbour step in to settle them, we do not pretend to guess. The Duke of NEMOURS...

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THE KING.—The fete of Friday, last week, was one of

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the most splendid and numerously attended that ever took place at Brighton. The tickets of invitation amounted to 750; and the guests at the Pa- vilion and officers of the...

CITY Cirssumns„six.—The result of the poll was formally declared on

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Monday for Sir James Shaw 3447, for 1110Waithinan 2007—majority 1440. On the announcement in Common Hall, by the Recorder, Sir James Shaw, after thanking the Livery and his...

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REFORM MEETINGS.—On Wednesday, a meeting of merchants, bankers, and other

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cemmercial gentlemen, took place at the City of London Tavern; Alderman Sir Richard Carr Glynn in the Chair. Among the gentlemen present, were Sir W. Curtis, Sir John Lubbock,...

BRISTOL ANTI■REFORBI MEETING.—We alluded to this meeting in our second

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edition last week. It was held in the large room of the White Lion, on Friday. Mr. Alderman Daniel presided. The pro- fessed object of the meeting was to consider the propriety...

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BRISTOL COLLEGE. —We are happy to learn that this institution has

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triumphed over its early difficulties. The clergy, who were at first hostile, are now well inclined. At present there are about thirty-six students, and the number is increasing...

THE 1VcaT urn.—The week has been one of snow, frost,

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and wind The snow was especially heavy on Wednesday, as many of our town readers must have been feelingly aware. What it has been in the country, may be imagined from the...

ROBBERY AT HOLKIIAM.-•.-Lilly, the man charged with robbing Mrs Coke's

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mansion of a large quail ti ty of plate, was re-examined on Wed- nesday; when a part of the property was identified. Lilly is to be again brought up as 'soon as Mr. Coke arrives...

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FRENZY or LOVE.—A gentleman of respectable appearance took an inside

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place in one of the Brighton coaches on Friday week. When the coach stopped to change horses at Cuckfield, he suddenly ran off, leaving his hat behind him, and threw himself...

• HOAX ON LORD KOLLE.—A few days since, notices were

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sent to Lord Rolle that Mr. Swing was in his neighbourhood ; that on a given night there would be farm-houses pulled down, ricks of corn burnt, and thrashing-machines destroyed...

THE LONDON THEATRES have this week exhibited their winter glory

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in full blow. The principal novelties, inviting criticism, are of a musical kind ; and they will be found duly treated of, a few pages fur- ther on. Mr. KEAN reappeared at...

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Loan Rivas.—The death of Lord Rivers is now supposed not

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to have been accidental. It is stated that his Lordship suffered severe losses at a gaming-house on. the night before he quitted home. The late Lord Rivers, to prevent the...

Mvsraanzs O THE PALACE.—George the Fourth is reported to have

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bad, in his latter days, as great a turn for amassing, as he had in those of early life for. squandering. What has become of ihe portfolio of bank- notes, said to have been...

NEW STRINGED INSTRUMENT.—A new instrument of the violin class has

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been lately invented by a French amateur, which he proposes to name the Contralto, because it will occupy the same place among the stringed instruments at present used in an...

Box Mots ov Tins Deist: OF WEJ.i.SNOTON.—IC appears frons the

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fol- lowing anecdote, that the Duke can he witty in his element. " When the British were storming Badajoz, his Grace rode up, whilst them halls were falling around, and,...

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inquiry was closed on Monday. The Solicitor-General replied on that day, but offered no new views, relying upon the case he had already made. At the conclusion of the argument,...

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THE NEW CIVIL LIST. MORNING POST—The Civil List proposed by the late Ministers. amounted to 970,000/. ; that proposed by the present Ministers amounts to 510,000/. But how is...


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On Wednesday, the 2nd instant, the following Gentlemen ivere elected Fellows of Brasennose College, on the original fonnclation—T. J. Ormerod, B.A. of Brasen- nose ; T. T....


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The Company's Ship Farquharson, Cruickshank, for Bengal and China, toss despatched on Tuesday; and the Duke of Sussex, Whitehead, for Bombay andl China, on Thursday. The Childe...


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OrtnixaTtoxs.—The following gentlemen of Cambridge University were ordaine& by the Lord Bishop of Lichtield and Coventry, at Eccleshall, on the 2:1rd ult. Deacons—H. J. Lloyd,...


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BIRTHS. On the let inst. the Lady of RA Le it BERNAL, Esq. M.P. Park Crescent, of a S07... At Alford, Lincolnshire, on the the 30th ult. the Lady of the Rev. FEF.IX LAO an NT,...

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WHAT CAN BE DONE TO RELIEVE THE NATION? WE shall show. In the first place, let an income and property tax be immediately imposed. Of the justice and propriety of such a tax,...


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A STRIKING difference between well-meaning Tories—" Tories," as the Times calls them, " through prejudice or fanaticism, but, according to their lights or blindness, honest...

" Verax" (of Birmingham) must authenticate his statement 'regarding Bewdley.

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- To" M. F." (of Bristol)—" No."


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• &roes EXCIIANOE, FarnAV EVEN1No.—Our anticipations of last week are not yet realized. On the contrary, prices have rather given way, Consols bein g now • Intl ) , 804 4, Which...

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THE Standard has accused us of the grave.offence of misleading the Leading Journal. In the Postscript to our second edition, last Saturday night, we gave a slight, and, as the...

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REFLECTIONS ON THE FATAL HISTORY OF THE SCOTCH GIANTESS, WHO POISONED HERSELF ON suNDAY LAST. WHAT a tragical history is this of the Scotch Giantess and her husband ! It is...


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SIR HENRY MILFORD, in a paper he read to the College of Phy- sicians, and their distinguished visiters, on Wednesday night, inci- dentally discussed a very delichte point of a...


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FOUR sailors were brought up at Guildhall, before Alderman FAREBROTHER, on Wednesday, for having entered an eating-house and consumed provisions to the amount of a guinea. When...


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THE first fact which strikes the reader in running his eye over the lists of political offices of various kinds in England, is the enor- mous sums that it costs to support them...

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THE Tottenham Rooms, formerly the resort of royalty and fashion, after a succession of various occupants, have passed into the hands of Mr. MACFARRANE ; who has taken...


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Fra Diavolo was born at Paris, about a twelvemonth since ; the joint offspring of Messrs. SCRIBE and AUBER. Its birth-place was the Op6ra Comique ; and it speedily grew into...


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ONCE more, Apollo be praised ! we have an English Opera to criticise. Many weary months, nay years, have we waited in the hope that BISHOP would return to his vocation, and...

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NATURAL MS- 1 Howitt's Book of the Seasons, 0th I vol. Tony, I the Calendar of Nature ... . .... POETRY Buiwer's Siamese Twins ; a ...... fled Tale of the Times 1 Vol. nen om...

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We regret to find, and equally regret to state, that

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Mr. But.- WER'S satirical poem of the Siamese Twins is a complete failure. As a poem, it contains passages which alone might be admired, but which are so lugged in with other...

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We have been greatly pleased with the Bengal Annual. In

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exterior it is a tall, yellow, Hindoo-looking volume ; meagre in body, clothed in bilious green, and of a jaundiced complexion ; altogether giving one the idea of a literary...

We have received a splendid little book, bound in crimson

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silk, entitled the Royal Register. It was some time before we could exactly make out what this calendar meant to chronicle : we at length made it out to be a regular Royal...


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BRITISH INSTITUTION. THE unfavourable impression which we received from our first cur- sory glance (on Saturday last) at the pictures now exhibiting at this Gallery, has been,...

The Foreign Quarterly Review has just made its appearance, with

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its customary store of learning and industry. The present number contains several articles of considerable value ; indeed, there is not one which we are not very glad to have....

Mothers and Daughters is, without even the exception of Max-

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well, the best novel of the season, as far as the season has gone, and will always remain an admirable specimen of the fashionable school. It is a faithful, exact, and withal...

The Quarterly Review of Agriculture has also this week made

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its appearance above the soil. It contains a great deal of useful information. We always receive this work with pleasure, if it were only, which it is far from being, for Mr....

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Overture to the Opera of " Luke," produced at Copenhagen.

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Composed and arranged for the Pianoforte, by FREDERICK KUH- LAU, Director of the 'Opera to the King of Denmark. Danish music has rarely found its way into this country, and this...

"Lord of all being ;" a Song. The words by

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MONTGOMERY ; the Music by S. MATTHEWS, Mus. Bac. Cantab. There is much to admire in this song : its poetry is brought out with considerable vigour, and its general structure-is...


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TO VISCOUNT HOWICK, UNDER-SECRETARY OF STATE FOR MY Lonn—Men's minds are so deeply excited by the great question of Reform, that one cannot, at this moment, hope for much...

Select Airs from MOZART'S Opera " Idomeneo," arranged for the

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Pianoforte, No. I. This number comprises the first march (in D), the chorus " Nettuno s' onori," and the duet " Su conca d' oro." It is scarcely necessary for US to do more...


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" LIBRARY OF THE FINE ART S."—The first number of a magazine under this title has just appeared ; and is calculated to supply what has long been a desideratum, a periodical...

U S I C.

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A Collection of the most esteemed Psalm Tunes, ancient and modern ; selected-and harmonized for Four Voices, With a separate Accompaniment for the Organ, interspersed with a few...

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February 3rd, 1831, GEORGE RENNIE, Esq. V.P., in the Chair. A paper was read " On the Lunar Theory," communicated by the Rev. Dio- nysius Lardner. D.D., F.R.S. The presents...


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Tuesday, February 1. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. WARD and SUTTON Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, chymists—T. and W. JEN. NINGS, Pleasant Row, Spitalfields,...


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Wednesday, 2nd February, 1831. Present, Professor SEDGWICK, President, in the Chair. Robert Trotter Esq. was elected a Fellow of this Society. The Paper entitled "Supp lementary...


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WAR. OPPIC E, FEB. Regt. of Life Guards: Lieut. T. Medwin, from the half-pay of the 24th Light Dragoons,to be Lieut. vice G.W. Fox Lord Kinnaird, who exchanges ; Corporal T....

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. . . PUBLIC FUNDS. Sat or. Mon. Tues. Trebles. • Thurs. Friday. 014 14 i 811 4 811 1 814 81 80111 SOD 803 804 4 ii 804 Ha 81 81481 8011 soi dl 801 804 4 4 804 4...