7 JANUARY 1860

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A.LTICOUGII New Year's Day was not marked in Paris by mani- festations so striking as that, of 1859, it really witnessed events as momentous for the future of Italy and of...

We have already mentioned the threat of Austria to remain

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absent from the Congress. The statesmen in Vienna appear to be still quite incapable of appreciating the position to which they stand committed, as if they imagined that their...

The operations of the Spaniards in Morocco continue to be

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more interesting to the garrison of Gibraltar and the Moritos than to any one else. The occupants of the Rock ought to be thankful to that twist in Spanish policy which gave...

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An incident in Paris, which can scarcely be called of

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a minor class, has excited very great interest in England ; we allude to the case of M. 011ivier. This gentleman had begun the defence of a person charged with a political...


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A Pro-Papal meeting was held in the Hanover Square Rooms on Tuesday. It was convened by the "Catholic Aid Association." Mr. Richard Keeley occupied the chair; the speakers were...

The Volunteer movement has readied a paint of success where

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it becomes absolutely necessary to look to the vita/ point of orga- nization. The Duke of Newcastle has taken Pm with this branch of, the Aneatibh; torbit-: ton of battalios...

The Queen presented the Victoria Cross to several officers and

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men in the Quadrangle of Windsor Castle on Wednesday. Her Majesty was at- • tended by the Duke of Cambridge and a brilliant staff; and a body of troops was under arms. After the...

It is scarcely necessary to notice the meeting of Roman

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Catho- lics at the Hanover Square Rooms, except for the purpose of orrecting any misapprehension that the meeting might create abroad. It should be observed that the persons...

The great meeting in New York will no doubt have

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a con- siderable effect throughout the Union. It is the intervention of national feeling to repress the two extreme parties which have threatened to rend the Republic in twain....

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forrigt tulnnial.

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PIIIM—The Emperor and Empress returned to Paris from Fon- tainebleau on Saturday. On Sunday they received the " homage " of the Imperial family, the officers of State and the...


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It is announced, without any circumlocution, that a Government cir- cular has reached Cork authorizing the formation of a Volunteer corps, to be composed of the civil servants...


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Mr. William Vernon Harcourt, the rejected of Kirkcaldy, met his supporters there on Wednesday, and delivered a speech on current politics. He expressed the greatest mistrust of...

At a meeting held to forma rifle corps at Worksop,

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Lard Robert Clih- ton in the chair, the Duke of Newcastle took a prominent part in the proceedings and made an excellent speech. His advice on the question of organization...

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Admiral Bowles has resigned his appointment at Portsmouth. The cause of this step is the indiscretion of the Admiral in publishing, without the consent of the Lords of the...

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The /Ifonitear of yesterday announced that Mr. William Grey, Secre-

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tary to the English Embassy, has been appointed Chargé d'Affaires du- ring the temporary absence of Lord Cowley from Paris.

There was a gloat reform meeting at Birmingham last night,

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the Mayor ia the chair. Mr. Seholefield and Mr. Bright made extensive speeches ; the latter advocating, in his address, the policy of compromise indicated by him at the London...

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POSTSCRIPT SATURDAY AFTERNOON. "Paris, Thursday Evening. "Paris, Thursday Evening. "The unremitting struggle between Bears and Bulls has again ended unsatisfactory for the...

The Giornali di Boma has published an "injurious article against

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the Emperor" touching the Gueronniere pamphlet, describing it an anony- mous _pamphlet, full of hypocrisy, and vomiting calumnies on the "Re- man Government." M. Grandguillot,...


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In the year 1851, Colt's revolver was first popularly known in this country ; and since that period several of our best gun-makers have turned their attention to the improvement...


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STOCK. EXCHANGh, FRIDAY AFTRRNOON. The English Market opened on Monday last at the closing quotations of the previous Saturday, showing great firmness throughout the day. Large...

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THE LATE ESCAPE OF THE POPE. ACCORDING to a report which ought to be true,-would that all good reports were so !-the better genius of the Papacy has pre- vailed. Something like...


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I. The following is an Abstract of the gross Produce of the Revenue of the United Kingdom, in the undermentioned periods, ended December 31, 1869, compared with the...

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MACAITIAY will be attended to his grave by something more than a national regret. Not only wherever the English lan- guage guage is spoken, " but wherever it s understood, his...

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EMINENT persons, who have had more or less remote connexion with affairs in the Eastern seas, have been discussing in the Times our future policy in China, the best mode of...


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IT is most unfortunate that the Horse Guards, just as it has in various ways won a golden opinion or two, should recklessly fly in the face of common sense—not to say common...


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TIIE new rifle and the improved infantry drill, that is to be, pro- mise to give additional marching and fighting value to the whole of the British Army. In future, our soldiers...

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ENGLISH officers are exhorting our Government to adopt the or- ganization and exercise of the Freneh army ; alarmists are full of fear at the increase of the French a navy. Both...

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THE TRADE OF 1850 AND 1860.

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Tile reports on all branches of trade possess a peculiar interest this year. There is a certain uniformity about them all, traceable only to the extensive operation of common...

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[FROM A CORRESPONDENT.] I. A CONSIDERATION of the estimated annual expense of crime in England and Wales produces an impression in the mind of most persons, upon the ,subject...


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[ritom A CORRESPONDENT.] [The following is the substance of a letter written by a Captain of Militia to his Colonel, and afterwards handed to us for publication. It will be seen...

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It is supposed that the London press of these days

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acquire information of all remarkable events in a very brief time. Lord Macaulay was one of the greatest men of this age. He died on Wednesday the 28th December, at Kensington,...

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LORD ELGIN'S MISSION TO CHINA A_ND JAPAN. • [man NOTICE.j Ma. Onremaair's new book possesses a twofold interest, as a aphie personal narrative and as an authentic account of...

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" JULIAN HOME " is a companion volume to Eric. It aims "at giving a faithful picture of certain aspects of an undergraduate's career," as the earlier storT , aspired to "...

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Frascr's Magazine begins the year with a well-furnished number, in which there arc two articles of unusual interest. These are, the second part of Mr. Peacock's "Memoirs of...


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TUE first article in the National is not so one-sided as its title, "Mr. Kingsley's Literary Errors and Excesses," may seem to imply. Along with the faults it denounces it takes...

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Mr. Bentley announces some more forthcoming works in addition to his former list. Among them are "Researches and Discoveries in the Le- vant," by C. J. Newton ; "Lives of the...


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It has come to our knowledge that some who have not yet had the pleasure of reading Mr. Russell's new work, My DIARY IN INDIA, er- roneously suppose that it is, for the most...

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ti4r Stairts.

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The managers are reposing on their pantomimes ; the Only novelty of the past week—if novelty it can be called—being the revival of .The Criclet on the Hearth at the Princess's.


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A concert took place at St. James's Hall on Monday, announced in the name of Mr. Brindley Richards, but really given by that spirited entrepreneur Mr. Willert Beale, in...


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Messrs. Hayward, Leggett, and Co., have at their rooms in Cornhill an interesting exhibition of sketches from the works of Turner. The draw- ings have been made in water-colour...


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La Tireuse des Cartes, a long-expected drama by M. Victor Sejour, has been recently produced at the Porte Saint Martin, where, with a solemnity not common at that popular...


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WATTS'S FRESCO IN LINCOLN'S INN. One of the finest additions ever made to the great artistic monuments Of the British metropolis is the fresco-painting of Mr. Watts in the Hall...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) I per Cent Console Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced New 3 per Cents Annuities 1880 Annuities 1885 Bank Stock, 9 per Cent India Stock, luf...

We have before us the January part of the Art

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Journal, No. 61, and we are much impressed by the activity and completeness which is still displayed in this popular work. The new part contains as usual three engravings, —one...

FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, JANUARY 8. Bankrupts. - Joeseri Tiusr, St. Andrew's

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Road, Southwark, victualler-Gamma Barrana, Hateham, Surrey, starch-manufacturer-Gamma 13 old.r, Cardiff, ship- broker-Davm ItfeitAffre, Tredegar, Monmouthshire, draper. Scotch...


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On the 25th of December, at Bentham Hall, Gateshead-on-Tyne, Durham, the 'Wife of Edmond Cmwshay, Esq. of a son. On the 25th, at Brussels, the Countess de Lalaing, of a...