25 DECEMBER 1936

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T HE Members of Parliament of various parties who visited Madrid in the earlier part of this month have issued an important and convincing report, in which they dwell in...

Relations with Italy The decision of this country and France

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to convert their legations at Addis Ababa into consulates-general is part of the inevitable recognition of a situation which the two countries bear consideiable responsibility...

American Peacemakers The Pan-American Conference at Buenos Ayres has put

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considerable solid achievement to its credit. The conference has gripped realities more firmly than most of its predecessors and postponed, pending further reflection,...

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The Four-Year Plan Reports from Berlin have recently described with

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increasing - emphasis the economic difficulties which attend the Four-Year Plan with whose execution General Goering is charged. The plan, which is to make Germany...

* * A World Outlook The idea of a World

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Foundation to promote the con- ception of the world as a unit, peopled by men and women as citizens of the world as well as citizens of one country is entirely sound. There. is...

Parliament and the B.B.C.

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In last Thursday's debate on the B.B.C. in the House of Commons, the most serious critieisms • were those of conditions of employment and of staff administration. The...

The Chang-Chiang Manoeuvres On Monday Mr. T. V. Soong, Governor

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of the Bank of China and brother-in-law of General Chiang Kai-shek, returned to Nanking from Sianfu, where Chang is held prisoner by the Young. Marshal, Chang Hsueh-liang. He...


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Lord Nuffield and the Special Areas Lord Nuffield has once again shown his discrimination, generosity and public spirit, -by his gift of £2,000,000 to form a Trust fund for the...

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But the session never recovered from the constitutional crisis. Not

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even on the debate on the operation of the new Unemployment Assistance regulations was there any Party heat. Mr. Aneurin Bevan claimed that the scantily filled Government...

I should not be surprised if, when the reconstruction of

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the Government takes place, Mr. Brown is trans- ferred to another .office.. One man strongly tipped as his successor, is Mr., Hore-Belisha. He is rapidly over- coming the old...

One of the weaknesses of the present Government is that

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so few men take office in it with any apparent previous- conception of what they want to do when they are in control. In the old days the best men went to departments to carry...

School Children's Health In the report of Sir Arthur MeNatty,

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Chief Medical Officer of the Board of Education, on the health of school children in 1935, a new method of classification has for the first time been adopted. " Nutrition "...

* * * Pit-head Baths The Member for West Fife

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did himself great credit by the private member's motion with which he initiated a debate in the House of Commons last week on the question of pit-head baths for miners. Mr....

Sir George Gillett, the new Commissioner for the Special Areas,

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last week gave his approval to a scheme recommended by Mr. Malcolm Stewart in his last Report, for removing unemployed families from the depressed areas to more prosperous...

The Week in Parliament Our Parliamentary Correspondent writes : -The

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Private Member is always complaining at the way in . which the Privy Councillors occupy mom than .theirfull share of Parliamentary time, but it is almost invariably the case...

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AS 1936 ENDS

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TN his 'review of the international situation before the House of Commons adjourned last Friday, Mr. Eden felt justified in striking a note of cautious optimism. It amounted to...

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I N recent . times the problem of the black-coated worker has increasingly interested society. Events in. Germany and Italy have warned us with what violence . ,a class . may...

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N OT long ago a reader of The Spectator in a British colony wrote expressing a desire for guidance regarding the investment of his savings in securities which, while not of a...

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T HE critics who have assailed the Archbishop of Canterbury for his strictures on King Edward VIII and his associates will inevitably protest that at least the other Archbishop...

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By PROFESSOR L. W. LiDE It is a truth, too, which deserves some attention just now, if only because so many of our people have been profoundly shocked by the 'vindictive cruelty...

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At eight he enters the ordinary Balilla corps, and con- tinues there until eighteen, when he undergoes a more intensive system of military training, until at twenty-one he is...

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By D. V. GLASS* I N his article in last week's Spectator Dr. Blacker pointed out that present fertility rates are not high enough to maintain our population, and that, in...

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By S. L. BENSUSAN T HE case Of' the Atlantic (grey) seal has been brought in.orninently before lavers of wild life once again, since the complaints of Coinfsh fishermen Were...

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By LENNOX L ITTLE busy tugs nosed, pulled, guided and at last the P. and 0. boat was safely out of Tilbury, was in mid-Thames. The sunset flamed- behind the ship--a Turner...

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By - ZDENKO REICH I T is snowing. The empty streets of Mostar, the capital of old Herzegovina, seem darker than usual. Now and then s dog barks at the back of a courtyard ; and...

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By E. L. WOODWARD WAS looking in the London Library at a repro- duction of the Sforza book of hours. This book is. a curious fifteenth-century jumble ; the liturgy of the...

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Commonwealth and Foreign By W. V. EMANUEL TuE recent visit of Dr. Schacht to Teheran, following imme- diately on his stay at Angora, may well set us wondering how far the...

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"The Garden of Allah." At the Leicester Square Theatre 'Confetti."

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At the Acadehiy--- Walt Disney Season. --At the Tatler Ma. CHARLES Dolma, a renegade monk from a Trappist Monastery in North Africa, Miss Marlene Dietrich, a lovely orphan...


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"Busman's Honeymoon." By Dorothy L. Sayers and M. St. Clare Byrne. At the Comedy—" Curse It, Foiled Again ! " At the Little Two entertainments could hardly be less alike...

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A Lot of Past and a Little Present Tim autumn season just ended has been as full of music- making. as any within memory. Yet, although in some weeks there were as many as six...

- General Knowledge 1-1X;srsw, 1 40Aoil a uat., 4L0A01-•

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Niger, nigra, nigrum ; - Chou, hibou, caillou, joujou, pou ; Audere, ausus sum. Who dragged whom round the walls of when: ? How many beans make four ? Why doesn't who want...

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Winter Health A wave of good health has come over many parts of the country "in a flood," like reformation over Henry V. The doctors in country, if not in town, are out of work,...

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[To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR.] Sra—We are hearing a great deal about the prospcTts of the new reign, but are we thinking enough about what should be done to help the King and...


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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR [Correspondents are requested to keep their letters as brief as is reasonably possible. The most suitable length is that of one of our "News of the Week"...

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ATROCITIES IN SPAIN [To the Editor of THE SPECTATOE:] Sia,—Neither

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to Mr. Upward nor to any other Editor- havel ever written "demanding the name" of a contributor. - 14 this ease my words were : "I am hoping that you may be willing to save time...


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SIR,—Lord Nuffield's frequent, generous, and- munificent gifts can hardly be too greatly praised, and we owe, nationally, very great thanks to him. It may appear to ill become...


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water has passed down the Tiber since Fr. Windle and I used to run the Society for Reunion at Oriford. The theoretical goal of reunion between the Anglican and lionitui'...

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[To the Editor Of Tim SPECTATOR.] SIR,—May I ask for a few lines in which to record my appre- ciative thanks to the anonymous person who so very kindly sends me The Spectator so...


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the' Editor of THE Sencr.vron.1 'I Srit,---My 'first reaciton on reading Mr. E. E. Kellett's article in last week's Spectator was—" What a delightful leg- pull ! " and I...


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SIR,- "Special Areas" are occupying the minds of all thoughtful people at the present time. r shall be glad,' therefore, if you will allow me to call the attention of your...


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[To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR.] Si/1,—" i. Cheering 'erciivd' all struggling for a view " of a chased rabbit being torn by Sealyhams: "A small ring formed round a heap of...

Weihnachten in Weimar

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[Von einem deutschen Korrespondenten] Wo ware ein besserer Ort filr das Weihnaehtsfest als Weimar, das wahre Herz Deutschlands ? Dort, wo der grOsste Deutsche em n halbes...

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Rimbaud and

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Modern Poetry BOOKS OF THE DAY By G. M. TURNELL THE study of Rimbaud has been rich in critical disasters. He has suffered more than any other poet of his time at the hands of...

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Americans and Americana

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The Letters and Journal of Brand Whitlock. Edited by Allan T . :kills,. Two vols. (Appleton - Century. 42s.) The Man-Whd Built-San Francisco. By Julian Dana. (Mac- ; millan....

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An Introduction to Economic Analysis and Policy. By

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Economics and Policy J: E. Meade. (Oxford University Press. 10 8 .) . . Mn. MEADE'S book is as near to . being the ideal sun:quark, of contemporary economics as could perhaps...

The Great Reign

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Victorian England. By Cl. M. Young. (Oxford University , Press: 7s. 6d.) Two years ago, when the two composite volumes on Early l'ictorian England appeared under Mr. Young's...

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, The Protestant Pope The Right to Heresy. By Stefan

The Spectator

Zweig. (Cassell. 10s. &I.) Calvin and the Reformation By James Mackinnon. (Longmans. 16s.) 'DtEsE two tooks on Calvin, called forth by the quater- centenary of the reformer's...

New Verse

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Visiting the Caves. By William Plomer. (Cape. 58.) Bright Feather Fading. By Lilian Bowes Lyon. (Cape. 5s.) Reading the Spirit. By Richard Eberhart. With an Intro- ductory...

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Horace Cole

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I ICNEW Horace de Vere Cole intimately from the time we were at Cambridge together in the early years of the centuiy. He was a man of powerful character and great assurance, of...

Have You Anything to Declare? A Note Book with Com-

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mentaries. By Maurice Baring.. (Heinemann. : 8s. 61.) Mr. Baring's Scrap-Book * MR. MAURICE BARING-takes down the key and iewis us, like excited children, to the store-room...

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Together and Apart. By Margaret Kennedy. (Cassell. 7s. &L) The Grimoire. Collected by Montague Summers. (The Fortune Preis. 7s. 6d.) Shallow Brown. By Stephen Hockaby. (Michael...

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A* Prosperous Yeat

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Finance As - One who has written financial. reviews of the year and" forecasts, of the future on more occasions than • he cares to- reeall, I often think it is well that future...

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The Rise in Rubber

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BIG SHARE MOVEMENTS. AN outstanding feature of the past week has , been the rise in the price of rubber which at one time touched 10d. per pound, being the highest point...

Financial Notes MARKETS Q UIETLY FIRM. WITH the approach of the

The Spectator

Christmas holidays there has been the usual slackening of business in the Stock Markets, and at the moment of writing it looks as if business might remain quiet until just...

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"The Spectator" Crossword No. 222

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BY ZENO. [A prize of one guinea will be given to the sender of the first correct solution of this _week's crossword puzzle to be opened. ;'.Envelopee should be Marked...


The Spectator

The Winner of Crossword No. 221 is Mrs. A E. Gould, Higher KnoWle, Lustleigh, S. Devon.