27 FEBRUARY 1847

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Min financial statement made by the Chancellor of the Exche- quer on Monday, was clear, distinct, and in one respect satis- factory. Without disguising adverse circumstances, it...

The attempt of Mr. Thomas Duncombe to repeal the rate-paying

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clauses of the Reform Act had no result, but to elicit from Lord John Russell a new manifestion of that " finality " which won him a bad name with many old friends in his former...

Sir George Grey's letter on the plan for abolishing convict

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transportation develops the most striking and thoroughgoing measure yet promulgated by the existing Cabinet. Sir John Pakington's bill for amending the mode of trying juvenile...

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THE BUDGET. The House of Commons went into Committee of Ways and Means on Monday, in order to the financial statement. Sir Cnanr..ne Wool) began by claiming indulgence, not...

The diplomatists of France and England are gathering an aftermath

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of disputation. The squabble about the Montpensier affair having been abruptly brought to a close by Lord Aberdeen's timely expression of public opinion, the French and the...

The contest which rages in Cambridge University for the Chancellorship

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is a public scandal. Its motives are scarcely concealed, and they appear to be paltry. According to the routine in inch matters, the Earl of Powis was a propercandidateenough....

The Dissenters, or a portion of the very miscellaneous class

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so called, are organizing an opposition to the educational scheme promulgated by Lord Lansdowne, which threatens to he as formidable as that encountered by the educational...

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At a Court of East India Directors, on Saturday, Lieutenant-General Sir Willoughby Cotton was sworn in as Commander-in-chief and Second Mem- ber of Council on the Madras...

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The Office of Chancellor of the University of Cambridge having become vaoant by :the death of the - Duke of Northumberland, a great excitement has sprung up on -the choice of a...

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mum Queen and Prince Albert, with the members of the Royal nursery, sweat to Claremont on Saturday, and returned to Buckingham Palace on Tuesday. On Wednesday, her Majesty held...

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The official declaration of the election at Galway was not made till the Wednesday. It then appeared that the Solicitor-General's majoritrwas only 4. There was a serious...

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A correspondent of the Times, writing from Edinburgh, mentions that the Governors of Heriot's Hospital have effected the much-desired reform in management of that institution-...


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There was a Cabinet Council at the Foreign Office on Saturday. The Chancellor of the Exchequer was absent, from indisposition. Tuesday's Gazette contained a Treasury warrant...

ffortign anb FRANCE.—The Paris papers are full of the new

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feud between the Minis- ter for Foreign Affairs and the British Ambassador. The accounts are contradictory, but we gather the facts to be these. Lady Normanby gave a soiree on...

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Mr. ROEBUCK called attention to an opinion by Mr. M. D. Hill (pub- lished in the Times yesterday morning) on the acts of the Poor-law Com- missioners. In that document, Mr. Hill...

A Cabinet Council was held yesterday, at the Foreign Office.

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The Chancellor of the Exchequer was still absent, from illness. The Gazette of lastieght announces that the Queen has knighted Mr. Edward Vaughan Williams one of the Judges of...

A rumour prevailed in town yesterday. to the effect that

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the French Govern- ment had, at the request of the Government of Spaint determined to take tem- porary possession of the Balearic Islands; and had notified this determination to...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. In accordance with an intimation in the House of Commons on Monday, notice has been given that the interest of Exchequer Bills will be raised...

The poll for the election of Chancellor closed in Cambridge

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University, today, at noon. The final numbers were—For Prince Albert, 953; Earl Pelvis, 887; majority for the Prince, 116. This poll is said to be the largest on record. The...

On the authority of the Paris papers of Thursday and

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its private correspond- ence, the Times gives a frightfully gloomy account of the financial position of the French Government The uncover.d deficit is 970,000,000 francs, or...

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Without any change in the performances, Her Majesty's Theatre keeps- the lead in dramatic and musical attraction: London contains more than one audience even for that great...


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The.Brechin Castle, Baxter, from Adelaide to Swansea, was totally wrecked, near Mumbles Head, on the 20th instant; crew and passengers drowned. AnurvED—At Gravesend, ;22d -Feb....

Matilda of Hungary, a new opera by Mr. Vincent Wallace,

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was produced at Drury Lane on Monday. The young composer gained a sudden repu- tation by his first dramatic essay, Montana; which ha s considerable run at the .same theatre last...

The chief merit in the play of Feudal Times, produced

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at Sadler's Wellty is the great skill with which the author, Mr. White, has drawn his charac- ters. He has taken a single incident out of the history of Scodand,a—an' incident...

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KILLING OR COLONIZING FOR IRELAND? ENGLA.ND is advancing Ireland a million a month for the sole purpose of a special poor-law, by which the pauper multitude is maintained ; and...

At the Lyceum ' a new burlesque, called The Enchanted Forest,

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has been produced. It is founded on The Chronicle of the Three Sisters; a tale which will be found in Musiius's collection, and which is popular in Ger- many, though not...

Madame Fargeuil, an elegant actress of genteel comedy, made her

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ap- pearance this week, with Lafont, at the St. James's. The pieces selected for their daitIt were not sufficiently striking, coming after the very effec- tive dramas in which...

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held at Freemason's Tavern on Tuesday next is a sign that the public is by no means satisfied with what the British Government has done in the Cracow affair. There is reason to...


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to apply the most plain and obvious rule of abstract justice in a society so complicated as ours. Not the least evil of the partial system of cherishing and promoting...

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It is asserted that "a poor-law would in fact -rather

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check than such a process" as the transformation of Irish holdings into English farms. That question is not discussed "'for the present,' but the conclusion is advanced as if...

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At a meeting of the Paris Academy of Sciences, on

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the 8th instant, 31. Mg- jendie repeated his warning as to the necessity of great caution in administering the fumes of ether. A variety of experiments were detailed by MM....


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THE report of a case in Vice-Chancellor Knight Bruce's Court, last week, imputed to the presiding Judge strange sentiments on. the subject of wife-beating. Sir James, we...

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HISTORICAL GOSsIP, Louts the Fourteenth and the Court of France in the Seventeenth Century. By Miss Pardoe, Author of "The City of the Sultan," Sec. In three volumes Bentley....

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observations upon Nature, and reminiscences of men and scenes made memorable by books, Mr. Jesse's object was partly similar to Mr. Howitt's in the Homes and Haunts of the...

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Is we judge from George Lovell, Sheridan -Knowles is not likely to achieve the same success in prose fiction that he has attained in the drama : and the reason is intelligible...


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MOORS. Louis the Fourteenth and the Court of France in the Seventeenth Century. By Miss Parcloe, Author of "The City of the Sultan," &c. In three volumes. George Lovell; a...

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COMIIERCIAL GAZETTE. rffesda g , eb.28.

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PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLS7ED. • Sykes and Jefferson, Wakefield, watchmakers-Ripley and•Co. ilramley, Yorkshire, dyers ; as far as regards B. Wild-WhIte and Co. Rawmarsh, Yorkshire,...


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4111 the 14th February. at Munich, Mrs. Milbanke, the Lady of her Majesty's.Envey Fectraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary, of a son and heir. On - the 19thi at•Kiplin,...


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OFFICE OF ORDNANCE, Feb. 23.-Royal Regt. of Artillery-First Lieut. T. C. Lyle to be Sec. Capt. vice Merritt, deceased ; See. Meat. E. J. Carthew to be First Lieut, Nice Lyle....

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FOREIGN FUNDS. (Last Official Quotation during the Week ending Friday Evening.) Alabama (Sterling) 6 p. Ct. — Massechusetta(Sterllng)...6 p.Ct. Austrian 3 — — Mexican . 6 —...