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THE struggle for ascendancy which is now waging on the Con- tinent between Liberal and Despotic principles, is as evident as if cannon and dragoons were employed to decide it....

The following extract from a letter, dated August 10th, which

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we find in the Times, contains all the news lately received from Constantinople,—if indeed that can properly be termed news, which is It mere recital of rumours and...

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Ube liftetropotit.

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man addressed some observation to the Magistrates present, respecting the comparative cost of the administration of justice at the Old Bailey on Thursday, after an ineffectual...

Cbe Court.

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THE King and Queen have been residing at Windsor during the week. On Tuesday evening, the Queen of Portugal, the Dutchess of traganza and their suite, attended by Sir J....

The Paris correspondence of the Times contains some more gos-

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sip about the Dutchess DE BERRI; whose movements are said to be closely watched by the French Government. If the latter part of the extract which we give below is correct, it...

Som Polish exiles 'ttfe eifitrged with conspiring against The life

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of the Czar; whether truly or not, is extremely uncertain, for it is the policy of the 1%ussian tools to get up plots of this descrip- tion in order to afford a plea for their...

The Marquis WELLESLEY has been appointed Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland. Lord

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ANGLESEA retires,—it is said, on account of his bad state of health, which renders a residence in a warm cli- Mate necessary for him. The Marquis WELLESLEY is now seventy-three...

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At the Surry Sessions, yesterday, Benjamin Hancock, a horsedealea well

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known in the vicinity of the Elephant and Castle, was sentenced. to transportation for life, for stealing a horse from James Batchelor, an old man of weak intellects. This trial...

At the Mansionhouse, on Saturday, William Dell, alias the Reverend

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Doctor Dell, who was some days ago examined upon the charge of having bamboozled a waggoner out of A, after a sermon upon the wickedness of the world, was brought up for...

At the Old Bailey Sessions, on Monday, Mr. Thomas Cox .

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Savory pleaded Not Guilty to the two indictments against him, and was allowed to traverse over to the next sessions ; haVing first entered into his own additional recogniiance...

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Dover, where she was freighted with a general cargo, and

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proceeded to London with the intention of landing the silks after she was cleared. On Sunday evening, whilst the family were at chapel, some thieves entered the house of Mr. W....

An inquest was held on Monday, on the body of

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Honoria London, aged thirty-three, who was killed by the falling of the houses on Saffron Hill on Friday week. The state of the buildings previously to their fall was the main...

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E be Countrg.

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Some of the Westmoreland newspapers have been charging lir a James Brougham, the Chancellor's brother, with bringing a suit aessein. the tenant of two farms owned by the Earl of...

Last Saturday morning, a steam-carriage, constructed by Colonel Macerone and

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Mr. Squire, started from the wharf, No. 19, at Padding- Last Saturday morning, a steam-carriage, constructed by Colonel Macerone and Mr. Squire, started from the wharf, No. 19,...

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The Crusader steam-boat arrived at Dover on Tuesday, with one

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hun- dred and ten passengers and aye carriages, one of which was seized by deCustomhouse-officers for containing contraband goods. The carriage was occupied by two Frenchmen,...

A great portion of the aged tree under which the

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farce of electing Members for Old Sarum took place, was blown down in the course of Friday week.—Salisbury Journal. [ Surely we may hope that all the ()Moots of the Old Sarum...

A daring highway robbery was committed in Surly, at seven

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o'clock, ea Wednesday evening. Mr. Hart, solicitor, residing at Reigate, was, sm his return from Epsom in a four-wheeled chaise, stopped by three race; two darted at the horse's...

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His Majesty and the Queen, it is confidently stated in London, pur- pose paying an early visit to Ireland, accompanied by the Dutchess of Kent, the Princess Victoria, and the...


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Sir William Rae has been elected member for Bute, in the room of Captain Stuart. It will be recollected, that a short time before the close of the last Session, a petition from...

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Additional particulars of the dreadful effects of the gale have been received since our last publication. We mentioned in the account of the loss of the convict ship Amphi-...

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ABUSE OF PUBLIC MEN — LORD GREY'S LOVE OF MONEY. MORNING CHRONICLE — Even in the warfare waged against public characters, there is surely a measure to be observed. Because, for...

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It is currently reported, that the arrangement by which the Marquis Wellesley goes to Ireland as Lord-Lieutenant, and the Duke of Ar- gyle succeeds to his office of Lord-Steward...

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The Messager des Chanthres, received to-day, contains the following curious

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paragraph—somewhat indebted, we should think, to the inge • nious liveliness of French colouring. "A few days before the arrival of the Duke de Leuchtcnberg at Strasbourg, the...

The Standard of this evening gives the following as an

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interesting extract of a private letter from Madrid. It will be observed that the Duke of WELLINGTON cuts an honourable figure in the intrigues of the Spanish Court. "At a...

This afternoon, a large case, apparently three feet square, containing•

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the different packages bearing the seal of the Foreign Ofilcv in Parma which were stopped at Dover, was sent from the Customl- - ..:,: to Live French Ambassador in Hanover...

The previous accounts of the favourable reception in the West

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Intr.= Colonies of the new legislative measure for the extinction of slavery, are fully confirmed ; and, in fact, the general satisfaction on the oc- casion seems for the moment...

The Duhe of Cambridge, according to accounts in the Berlin

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Papers, had taken his departure for Schwedt. It will be recollected, that in the late tyrannical proceedings of the German Diet at Frankfort, the representative of Hanover took...

The English and Welch Municipal Corporation Commission gas opened on

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Monday sennight. The District Circuit Commissions' are now out, and have visited several important corporate towns. No programme of their rout or course, of procedure has yet...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. There are accounts in town to-day from Lisbon, via Paris ; but they are only one day later in date than these previously received. They announce the arrival of...

The Emperor of Russia arrived at Schwe at, on the

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Oder, on the 5th instant. He had been for three days tumbling about in the Gulf of Finland, having embarked at Cronstadt with the intention of going by water to Stettin, and...

The King of Spain is better ; and has opposed

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himself decidedly tc a proposition for active interference in favour of MIGUEL, which ZEA BERMUDEZ strongly pressed upon him. The publication of the 1VIi- guelite intercepted...

The contract of Sir JOHN KEY, ostensibly in the name

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of his broths,, with the Stationery department, has been very properly cancelled ;—ause- ful warning to all future evil-disposed persons, having designs on the public purse....

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The Courier—which, after more shiftings and variations of con- duct

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than are favourable to the reputation of a newspaper, seems lately to have settled in the position of Moderate or Independent Ministerialism—now regularly devotes a considerable...


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SATURDAY MORNING. rie Dorothy, Garnock, from Liverpool to Bombay, sprun g a leak on 4th July, iu lat. W' ; South Ion. 20, and went down. The crew were picked up and lauded at...


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BIRTHS. • t?n the 10th lust., at the Lordship, Great I failham, the Lady of II. G. WARD, Esq. XX. of a daughter. On the 9th inst., in Wilton Crescent, the Lady of Captain...

The office of Storekeeper in the Stationery Office is not

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yet filled up. It is clear that it ought to be abolished. For some months previous to Master KINGSMILL KEY'S appointment, Mr. CHURCH the Comptroller, and his head clerk,...

The Standard makes the following commentary upon the anec- dote

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which appeared in last week's Spectator respecting the King's critical objection to the use of the term "transference of property," in the Speech, and his approval of...


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" The King has been pleased to grant to the, Right Reverend Father in Cod, Edward Bishop of Hereford, the place and dignity of a Prebendary of the Col- legiate Church of St....


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. TICe current weak has passed without' any very large fluctuation in the Eng- lish Funds, and speculation is quite at a stand. The approaching...

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IN commenting upon the King's Speech, a fortnight ago, we ex- pressed our satisfaction at that part of it which announced that his Majesty had " caused a Commission to he issued...


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SIR HENRY PARNELL, Mr. BERENS, and Mr. Wicturikm, have made their First Report upLai the propriety of continuing the present method of managing the Excise Revenue throughout the...

MILITARY FLOGGING—MR. ELLICE'S PROMISE. THE following circular has just been

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issued from the Horse Guards. " His Majesty's Government having signified to the General Commanding-in- Chief, the King's command, that until further orders, corporal...

The Times and the Morning Herald are giving daily proofs

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of the propriety of the epithet applied to the Newspapers, of " the best possible instructors ;" for since their sphere of usefulness in the political world has been narrowed by...

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people of South Carolina , were surprised to find a number of scoundrels, who had been tried, convicted, and sentenced to various terms of imprisonment, walking about the...


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Teti theatre on Monday night presented a scene that was quite- reviving to the spirits of an old playgoer. The house was crowded before the curtain drew up ; and the boxes were...