15 JUNE 1839

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The French Court of Peers are taking the.preliminary step/al. ‘r

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the trial of fifteen prisoners implicated in the -Paris insurrectifi the 12th and lath of May. BLANQUI, who is represented ail' chief of the conspiracy, is supposed to be in...

The Ministerialists attempted to pass one of their loyal addresses

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to the Queen at a county meeting; and they failed. They mus- tered their forces at Exeter, but were encountered face to face by the Tories ; and the High Sheriff decided that...


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Or the many subjects which have come before Parliament this week, most have been despatched with little discussion, and chal- lenge no other notice than what will be found in...

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debates anti Vrouettinns in Varlitunent.

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CANADA. In the House of Commons, on Monday, Lord STANLEY gave notice, that on Thursday be should take the sense of the House on the expe- diency of pledging the House, by...

The accounts from Constantinople have once more assumed a warlike

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character. The Sultan was fitting out an armament, very superior in every respect to any which of late years has been seen in Turkey. Six sail of the line and five frigates had...

Late accounts from Lima and Callao state that the defeat

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of Santa Cruz was occasioned by the treachery of a general officer, who admitted a strong body of Chilians through a pass, which he was appointed to defend. In this way, SANTA...

Newfoundland papers, dated the 24th of May, state that the

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Legislature of that island, then lately assembled, had become in- volved in a fresh quarrel ,vith the Governor. They had not been in session a week before the House of Assembly...

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A numei011t party Of Conservatives assembled in Merchant Tailors Hall

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on Tuesday. The occasion of the meeting was the examination and election of four young men to vacant scholarships in St. John's College, Oxford, belonging to the Merchant...

At a meeting of the Committee of Deputies of the

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" Three Denomi- nations" of Dissenters, held on the 10th instant, the "Report of the Committee of Council" containing the Ministerial scheme of National Education was read ;...

Eric .flactropolis.

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At a meeting of the Court of Common Council, on Thursday, a petition was read from Mr. Thomas Bradfield, of Itanclagh Place, Pimlico, pray- ing the Court to abolish the tax of...

Mbe Court.

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Tar Queen, with the Dutchess of Kent, attended divine service in the Chapel Royal, St. James's, on Sunday. The sermon was preached by the Reverend Dr. Hook. In the afternoon,...

In the Court of Queen's Bench, on Tuesday, Sir Frederick

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Pollock showed cause against a conditional rule obtained by Mr. Newton against Baron Alderson, for contempt, in not obeying a writ of certio- rari issued to the Judges on the...

At the Mansionhouse, on Saturday, a well-dressed woman, calling herself

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Sophia Elizabeth Guelph Sims, applied for the Lord Mayor's assistance in recovering a sum of money, to which, she said, she was entitled as daughter of George the Fourth and...

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When the Clives were defeated at Ludlow, Whig retainers raised

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a shout of exaltation. " Behold the effect of the Queen's noble con- duct in resisting the disloyal insolence of the Tories, and of Lord Mel- bourne's magnanimous resolution to...

Zbe Vrobincts.

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A requisition has been drawn up, soliciting Mr. Roy, of' the eminent firm of Roy, Blunt, and Roy, of Great George Street, to offer himself as a candidate in the event of a...

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Mr. Smith O'Brien met his constituents of ? Limerick County, at Limerick, on Tuesday, and delivered a speech explanatory of his vote on the Jamaica Bill, and of his general...


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The Glasgow constituency is preparing for another election. Some months have elapsed since the retirement of Lord William Bentinek was talked of—indeed, so generally expected,...

Sir Robert Peel's reply to the Shrewsbury address was given

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last week; the following from the Duke of Wellington, written on the same passion, has since been published. " London, 5th June 1839. "I am much flattered and gratified by the...

On Saturday evening, the Chartists had a meeting at Brandon

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Hill, near Bristol. This assembly, consisting of about 1,800 persons, be- haved peaceably, though the language of the orators was absurdly vio- lent. Peter Murray M'Douall, of...

A county meeting having been called by the Liberals of

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Devonshire "to address the Queen on the late Ministerial crisis," Whigs and Tories mustered at Exeter on the 8th, in great force ; the High Sheriff, Mr. Codrington Parr, in the...

The Archbishop of Canterbury has refused to take any measures

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towards inflicting ecclesiastical censure on the Reverend Mr. Stunner of Hayes. Two line-of-battle ships, of 74 guns each, are ordered to be built at Chatham, to be called the...

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The great Glasgow demonstration in favour of Universal Suffrage was

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held upon the Green on Monday, in accordance with the resolution of the National Convention, to have simultaneous meetings in all the large cities in Scotland and England. From...


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Mr. Charles Gore, Lord John Russell's Private Secretary, has been appointed to a Commissionership of Woods and Forests, in the room of Sir Benjamin Stephenson, who died on...

Her Majesty has been graciously pleased to confer on Mary

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llaniin, the only living child of John Bailin), the well-known author of "Tales of the O'Hara Family," a pension for all the purposes of her education, and not terminating with...

The following correspondence between the Marquis of Londo n d erry and Mr.

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Henry Grattan, and the account of the duel to which it - appeared in the Morning Post yesterday. The following correspondence between the Marquis of Londo n d erry and Mr. Henry...

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141. Auber, the eminent composer, has been appointed to the

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pos t of leader of Louis Philippe's private band, vacated by the death o f M. Paer. The Pacha of Egypt has just sent several rare animals, including a remarkably fine tame...

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POSTSCRIPT SATURDAY. The debate on National Education was commenced in the House of -Commons last night. There was a very full attendance of Members, and on that account Lord...

The Moniteur of Thursday published a telegraphic despatch, re- ceived

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by the French Government from Marseilles, stating positively that no serious conflict laud occurred between the Turkish and Egyptian forces—there had only been a slight scuffle...

The Governor of South Australia has received a despatch from

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her Majesty's Secretary for the Colonies, in reference to the reinstatement of Mr. Charles Mann as Advocate-General and Crown Solicitor of the province. Lord Glenelg had acceded...

The Standard suggested that cheap reprints of Lord Brougham's speech

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on the late " Ministerial crisis" should be circulated throughout the country ; and the advice seems to have been extensively acted upon. The Manchester Chronicle quickly sold...

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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The upward tendency of the Money Market has been checked by the warlike tenor of the recent accounts from Constantinople, and by the pressure...


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WAR-GEFICE, Tune 14,-1st Regt. Drag. Guards—Lieut. II. M. Tumor to lie Capt. by purchase, vice Evens, who retires ; Cornet It Newland to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Tumor;...


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THE representation of SIIAKSPERE'S Henry the Fifth at Covent Garden, regarded as an historical spectficle, is worthy of all praise : in accuracy , completeness, and animation,...


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Arrived—At Gravesend, June Ofit, John Bull, Ormond, from Minn ; Beueoolen, Gilbert, from Singapore ; Ambassador, Attwood, from Mauritius ; and Bolivar, Brown, from the Cape;...

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MINISTERIAL PATRONAGE OF THE BALLOT. WHAT political morality Ministers may exhibit in " opening" the question of the Ballot just non', we will not distress them by inquiring....

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THE continued fierceness of the Tory press with reference to the Government's Education proceedings has caused us to look at them again and again, in the hope of discovering...


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THOSE who propose to suppress Chartism by force, seem to forget that the Reform Bill passed. The Reform Bill gave power to the Middle class. Except by consent or instigation of...

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Tim question of privilege involved in the case of STOCKDALE and HANSARD has been elaborately discussed in the newspapers this week. They who maintain for the House of Commons...


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Tun Chancellor of the Exchequer has " no hesitation in saying that a reconsideration of the Sugar-duties might be entered upon advantageously to the State as a matter of...

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WHEN any reduction or modification of taxes pressing upon the industrious classes is suggested, the ever ready answer is, that " the financial statement for the year" must be...


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Boom of this kind are a proof of the good that is done by stirring up, and keeping going, the question of the soundness of the boasted logic of the geometricians ; though it...


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MATHEMATICS, A New Exposition of the System of Euclid's Elements ; being an Attempt to ed it . blish his Work on a different Basis, by a new Derivation of the Doctrine of Pro•...

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THESE volumes have the common defect which attaches to works on America, of a length disproportioned to the nature of the Bub- o et. Observing the surprising growth of the...

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APART from its merits as a close, observing, and reflective book of travels, this volume has further claims to notice. It is an original work published at the price of the...

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THE author of this novel being cast upon a long solitude in a secluded part of North Devon, found aresource against ennui In exploring the delightful scenery of that part of the...

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BOOKS. Buenos Ayres, and Provinces qf the Rio de la Plata : their present State, Trade, and Debt ; with some Account from original documents of the progress of Geographical...


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hi these two connected and consecutive dramatic poems, Mr. LAN- , D olt has pushed to an excess the mistake of the age, which substi- tutes any thing for the one thing needful...

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THE NELSON. MONUMENT. • THE models and drawings of the second competition for the Nelson Monument are now exhibited, by tickets, at the large room in St. James's Street,...


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'Mn. Bunronn has replaced the interior of the Coliseum by a very lively view of .Malta, in the upper and smaller circles of his Panorama exhi- bition in Leicester Square; the...