17 NOVEMBER 1860

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The position of affairs in Italy has not altered. The

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Italian army is pushing siege works in front of, Gaeta; the French squadron still maintains its hostile -attitude; and King Francis has decorated Admiral Le Barbier de Tinan ....

Mr. &waders has concluded, for the present, his extra-magis- terial

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inquiry into the Road murder, and he leaves the mystery just where it was. But as he has had an interview with the Lord Chancellor, who has "not ye removed him from the...

The New Zealand trouble is far from settled. General, Pratt

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has, compelled Xing.and his fellows to seek the bush, but lie has ' not reduced them to subniission. Fresh allies of the native who's'', have appeared in the p,ers'ons of...

Our leading W14008 have been .twice in public of late;

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at the Guildhall, on . the classic Ninth of November ; and at the dinner of the SaltersLtoinpany, on Wednesday., . We have else- . where expressed our vie* of the speech of the...


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THE return of the Prince of . Wales, on Thursday morning, re- lieved : the public mind of the strain of painful apprehension that was beginning to tell upon it, Universal...

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'Of Court.

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THE principal incident at Court this week is the return of the Prince of Wales. Accompanied by the Duke of Newcastle and Lord St. Germans, and welcomed by the Prince Consort at...

'SO grtropolio.

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The usual banquet at the Guildhall, took place on the 9th, as reported in part of our impression last week. Lord Palmerston, Lord John Rus- sell, and the principal Cabinet...

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Mr. Somerset Beaumont, the brother of Mr.Wentworth Beaumont, M.P., and

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a partner in the old established banking firm of Lambtou and Co., has issued an address to the electors of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. He approves the foreign policy of the Government...

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Edinburgh is still agitated by the vexed question of the Annuity Tax. The voters elected a candidate in one ward, of whom it was known that ho would not act, in the hope that...

,forrign nub (Culotta

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f rail P.—The Emperor is to go to Compiegne for the bunting sea- son on the 20th. The Empress has left Paris for Scotland, on a visit to the Duchess of Hamilton. [Is this a mode...


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The Orangemen of Belfast have covered themselves with disgrace. Some time since, Bishop Knox prevented a clergyman from preaching an Orange sermon in Downpatrick Cathedral. The...

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The Prince of Wales arrived at Plymouth, on Thursday, after a long and tedious passage from Portland, in the line-of-battle ship Hero. At half-past six in the evening he arrived...

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SATURDAY MORNING, The movements of those financial thermometers, Discount and Gold, have caused some anxiety in City circles during the week. Since the autumn of last year, no...

Yesterday morning eight persona, says the Globe of last night,

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were killed at Atherstone, in Warwickshire, by an " accideet" on the line ! As the up Scotch mail train was passing the Atherstone station at its usual speed, it came into...

We have telegrams from Turin and Rome giving the latest

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news from Gaeta. The official Gazette at Turin Of Thursday, stated that "General Salzano proposed to General Fanti the surrender of the body of Neapolitan troops who remained...

The extraordinary case of the Slieddena was further proceeded with

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yesterday. Mr. Robert Sheddcn Patrick, one of the parties cited, was called ; he was not aware that the male petitioner had been in custody athis instance for four years. Mr....


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A conespondent, " Veritas," sends us a letter impugning certain statements affect- ing Lord Gambier, and referring us to a book recently published for a refuta- tion of those...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY ArrERNOON, The Money Market has been irregular, through the apprehension created by the efflux of bullion on account of the Bank of France. On Monday,...

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Belfast, Nov. 13, 1860. Sirc,—I did not see the letter on "The Future Capital of Italy," in your number of the 3d, till a Week after publication. Your correspondent thinks that...


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THE POLITICAL DEMONSTRATION AT THE GUILDHALL. TUE annual feast in the abode of Gog and Magog has become an occasion for political demonstrations. In quiet times, it is true,...

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Tim E Treaty, in the estimation of certain writers, has got into very deep water ; and were we to credit the statements made to us, England has been befooled into a bad bargain....


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IT is very remarkable how rapidly the enunciation of a Doctrine is followed by the appearance of a sect of Doctrinaires. The fa- mous doctrine of non-intervention has not...

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WE trust that the British Mandarins are satisfied with the con- duct of their friends and allies in Pekin and. Tien-tsin. If they are not, they cannot plead ignorance of the...


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have got into a position of an enema.- lous character in their relations with the public. The reason lies on the very surface, and it simply consists in the deter'-' - ration of...

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SOMETHING is amiss in our mode of dealing with juvenile delin- quents in the Metropolis. 'While in the provinces crime as a profession for boys, has been nearly extinguished,...


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Boston, 22d October, 1860. SIR—For ten years a subscriber to the Spectator, I have perused your lucubrations upon many subjects, and it is, perhaps, fair you should recipro-...

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LORD DUNDONALD's l'TO1IIDoRAPNY. 4 ['sitcom) votrits.—sr( oat, in:Frier-1 ' SOON after he had played out his Maltese interlude, Lord Coch- rane laid before the Prince Regent...

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HISTORY OF THE V.ENETIAN REPUBLIC. * Tun history of the most

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splendid of Italian Republics must always have an interest for Englishmen, commercially connected as their island was, from a very remote period, with that powerful Western...

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AN AL'IT3IN Torn IN SPAIN. * ON September the 19th, 1859,

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Mr. Roberts and Lord Portarling- ton arrived at Tours from Paris. After visiting Poitiers, Bor- deaux, and Bayonne, they prepared to enter the dominions of Queen Isabella, and...

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NEW NOVELS. * Ballybl u nder. An Irish story. This tale has three

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great merits. It is clever, it is to the purpose, and, it is short. Its cleverness is of the cultivated Hibernian character ; and its pur- pose is to show, by a truthful story,...


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Two works lie before us, which require but a brief report; an old work, representing the old orthodox views in theology, and a new work which advocates the newest neo-Christian...

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Mr. Thomas Wright, the well-known archologist, is said to be engaged on a "History of Domestic Manners and Sentiments," to be published by Mr. James Virtue. "The Invasions of...


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Tinsel and Gold; or What Girls should Learn. A Tale. By Mrs. Veitch.—The authoress of this tale does not address it so much to girls as to their parents and guardians. It is...

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The expectation which we ventured last week to express of

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the suc- cess of }Alward Loder's opera, The Night Dancers, revived at Covent Garden, has been fully realized. Its first performance, on Saturday last, was received with...

/int irts.

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The British Institution endeavours to fulfil its purpose every year by inviting students to copy some of the works of the old masters, and others of the English school, which...

tyr lyrstrrs.

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The various promises respecting the production of new pieces have all been scrupulously fulfilled, and never, probably, were so ninny novelties of pretension placed...

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On the 20th of September, at Mussoore.:, the Wife of Patrick Carnegy, Esq., Deputy-Commissioner of Lucknow, of a son. On the 30th, at Nuvrera Rita, in Ceylon, Lady Creasy, of a...


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• BRITISH FUNDS. Saturd. (Cloahur Monday. Prices.) Tuesday. Weddle. rtura. Friday.. S pur Cent Console 932 931 634 921 921 13 Ditto for Account 934 931 931 93 934 931 3...


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Bankrupts.-M ARK FornEnon.I., Upper Thames Street, chemical manure-mer- chant-T/10)1AS Jonx news, Worship Street, Russia mat-merchant-HENny Moos, Markyate Street, Hertfordshire,...