20 APRIL 1844

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PARLIAMENT reassembled after its Easter holyday with few signs of renovated vigour: the Commons met on Monday, and spent PARLIAMENT reassembled after its Easter holyday with few...

The pending elections seem lobe really trials of weakness rather

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than of strength for all parties. The elevation of Mr. SCARLETT occasions a vacancy for Horsham ; of Sir FREDERICK PoLLocit, for Huntingdon • of Sir WILLIAM FOLLETT, for Exeter...

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)1 : nate% anb tirocettings in Varlfantent.

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SUPPLY: POOR-LAW COSIMISSIoN ; SECRET SERVICE; PRISON DISCIPLINE. The House of Commons went into Committee of Supply on Monday, and proceeded with the Miscellaneous Estimates....

Messrs. OASTLER and FERRAND go on swimmingly in their Ten-

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hours agitation : their meetings are numerous, unanimous, and do- cile; and " King OASTLER " has thus far been so triumphant, that be has, in his own mind, already disposed of...

The proceedings in the Irish State trial have been resumed

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; but the interest in them has quite evaporated,—partly because it is now a thrice-told tale, and the public is sick of the stale subject ; partly because the convicted...

There is a tali in Paris of impeaching M. Guizox

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and his col- leagues, all about Tahiti and Queen Pomaid ; for although the French officers frightened the Queen into premature labour, and M. DUPETIT-THouAits stoutly stuck up...

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1!Lbe liftttropolis.

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A public meeting was held at the Crown and Anchor Tavern, on Tuesday, to oppose the intended coal tax of 5d. per ton, in addition to the existing tax of Is. ld., to defray the...

VIIR Court.

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THE Court has again returned to town, after the Easter sojourn at Windsor ; where the fine weather enabled her Majesty and her guests to indulge in the usual walks and drives....

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The Church Education Society of Ireland held its fifth annual meet- ing, at Dublin Rotunda, on the 11th instant. The Bishop of Kildare presided ; and there were present several...

Zbe Vrobintes.

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Continuing their tour of agitation for a Ten-hours Bill, in Yorkshire and Lancashire, Mr. Oastler and Mr. Ferrand have daily held nume- rous meetings, at Bingley, Keighley,...

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fforeign anb

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Pouruner..—Lisbon letters, of the 9th instant, state that the cannonade of Almeida had continued from the 30th March, except that it was suspended on the 4th instant, out of...


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The vacant Law offices have been filled up. Late on Saturday evening Sir Frederick Pollock received an official intimation of his appointment to the office of Lord Chief Baron...

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POSTSCRIPT SATURDAY NIGHT. The proceedings in Parliament last night bore out the character of the week, possessing little interest. The House of Lords did scarcely any thing...

The Balance - sheet of the National Income and Expenditure for the

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year ended April 5th 1844, just published, shows a surplus of revenue over expenditure of 2,095,427/.

Last night ' s Gazette announces that the Queen has appointed the

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Reverend H. Watford Bellairs, the Reverend Frederick Watkins, and Mr. Joseph Fletcher, to be Inspectors of Schools The Gazette also notifies that the Poor-law Commissioners have...

Her Royal Highness the Dutchess of Kent, who will take

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her depar- ture for the Continent, accompanied by their Majesties the King and Queen of the Belgians, on Thursday next, will be absent from England for a period of about three...

Woodstock is not to be uncontested. Mr. Thesiger, indeed, has

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for- mally taken leave of the electors ; but there is a feeling among them that he has been ill-treated, and Mr. L. C. Humfrey, a barrister, steps forward to oppose the Marquis...

The Sacred Harmonic Society are to perform Handers oratorio of

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Deborah, at Exeter Hall, on Friday next.


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On the 30th March, Lady Cot QUHOUN. of anon and heir. On the I Ir b April. at Aberdeen, the Lady of Captaiu LEITH, MN., of a daughter. On the 1 ith. at Alderholt Park. Hants,...

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THE tide of song, which set in at the Italian Opera with Easter, flows clear and strong. Semiramide was performed on Thursday, and is re- peated tonight. This opera is one that...

The new ballet at Drury Lane, called Lady Henrietta, or

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the Statute Fair, amusingly exemplifies the very odd notions that French drama- tists have of English history and habits. The notion of introducing Queen Anne, the most unideal...

The Europe packet-ship arrived at Liverpool yesterday eveninr, with intelligence

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from New York to the 3d instant The local news is not important; but previous reports of disorders among the Negro race in the Spanish West Indies are confirmed. There had been...

Madame ALBERT will be the heroine of the French Plays

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for only a few more nights, and as the term of her engagement draws to a close her ttraction increases. The King of Conjurors, Herr DtiBLER, is announced to appear on Tuesday,...


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The Courier. Baigre. which arrived at Mauritius on 12th October last, leaky, has been abandoned and sold. The Hugh Mathie, Sparkes, and the Mariam, Rowse, from Calcutta....

In the Dublin Court of Queen's Bench, on Thursday, on

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the applica- tion of Mr. Whiteside, with the assent of the Attorney-General, it was arranged that the traversers' moti m for a new trial should stand for Monday. It is said that...


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STOCK EXCRANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The market has experienced a very decided change; prices having fallen about 1 per cent since our last report. To account for this decline,...

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effective bargains with . It was essential, from the nature

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of the case, that the prisoners should be their money into a joint - stock, and make e tried together. The Jury would find that they had been working together— other people,...

OF COMPETITION. interested.

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is fully recognized. On what ground is it that Parliament regu- fully set at nought. knowledge ? what was the extent of his knowledge and cooperation ? From this general view we...

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THE practice of appointing political partisans to the bench as a re- ward for their political services is not exactly new. From the time that the Country party (the name is as...


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IT is the earnest prayer of Sir ANDREW LEITH HAY that her Ma- jesty should confer an " honorary distinction on the surviving officers of the Peninsular Arm)." Does Sir ANDREW...

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LOYALTY mug surely go against the grain with Englishmen. Their very compliments to Kings seem to have a spice of malice lurking at the bottom. They are as awkward courtiers as...


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ONCE upon a time, to say that a thing was English was equivalent to saying that it was good ; for the English merchant and the English maker took a pride not only in the...


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Jr is asserted in the newspapers that "any fanciful device engraved on seals is an armorial bearing or ensign, and subjects the user to taxation." The abstract principle may...

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Hrirroar. The History of the British Empire in India. By Edward Thornton. Esq.. Author of India, its State and Ptospects," &c. 8.:c. In live volumes Allen and CU- MM.%...

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Aram' from any intrinsic interest, this narrative of the piratical expedition of the Texans into New Mexico is curious for its indi- cation of American character and Southern...

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Tars is one of those daring exploits that make "the boldest hold their breath for a time." An epic upon King Alfred, in forty-eight books and six octavo volumes; and the poem...

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From April 5th to April 18th. Booxs. Narrative of the Texan Santa Fl Expedition ; comprising a Description of a Tour through Texas. With Illustrations and a Map. By Gzonan...

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PART I. Siufonia in C. No. 6 Monier. Duetto, " Quis rut Immo," Miss Wtztaasis and Miss M WILLIAMS (Stabat Mater)..... Rogow!. Dramatic Concerto, Violin, Heft H. W. ERNsT...

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cAstr.LLo srvones MORNING CONCERT.

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THE experience of the present age of music has certainly contributed greatly to improve our calculations on the extent of attainment possible to human genius and industry....


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Tuesday, April 16. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Richardson Brothers, Stannin g ley, Yorkshire, linendrapers—Gray and Co. Leeds, j cloth-dressers; as far as regards . Clark—Wade and...


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WAR OFFICE, April 19.-45h Foot —D. J. Gamble, Gent, to be Ensign, by purchase, vice Ellison. appointed to the Grenadier Guards. 16th Foot—Ensign G. A. E. Wall to be Lieut. by...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Saturday Monday. Tuesday "'redoes. 3 per Cent. Consols 100/ 1001 1001 991 Ditto for Account 1004 1001 1001 991 3 per Cents. Reduced 99t ex...