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The Arms Traders _ The hearings before the American Senate's

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enquiry into the arms traffic are bringing their daily crop of dfsclosures. The most disturbing of . this week's batch is the revelation regarding the importation of aeroplane...

NEWS OF THE WEEK T HE admission of Russia to the

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League of Nations has overshadowed all other issues at Geneva except the repudiation by Poland of her obligations as a signatory of a Minority Treaty. That treaty had nothing to...

The Reich Bishop and the Vatican Reich Bishop Muller is

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to be installed on Sunday as Primate of the German Evangelical Church. Out of the 16,000 - 17,000 Protestant pastors between 6,000 and 7,000 have come out openly against him by...

OFFICES : 99 Gower St., London, 1V .C. 1. Tel.

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: MUSEUM 1721. Entered as second-class Mail Matter at the New York, N.Y. Post Office, Dec. 23rd, 1896. Postal subscription 30s. per annum, to any part of the world. Postage on...

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Combustible Fittings in Ships President Roosevelt's declared intention to take

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steps to eliminate wood construction from all passenger vessels built in America met with approval from speakers at a luncheon given last week by the British Steelwork Associa-...

The Australian Elections Three years ago Mr. Lyons, leader of

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the United Aus- tralia Party, secured a victory at the polls comparable with that which returned our own National Government. The issue has now again been put to the test and...

Militarism for Children The decree issued by the Italian Cabinet

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on Tuesday, entailing, in effect, the militarization of the whole male population, gives the impression of a nation suffering from monomania. If Italy were immediately...

Socialist League Tactics Attention has been drawn to the fact

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that the Socialist League has put down no fewer thari sixty amendments to the Labour Party's official programme, and that the Executive of the Party, in printing these...

Physical Training and the Nation's Health While Signor Mussolini is

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turning infants into toy soldiers English public-schoolboys have been finding ways quite as effective of proving their mettle. The story brought home by the 48 who got back from...

Trade with Germany Sir Frederick Leith-Ross's task in Berlin is

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to dis• entangle, with German experts, the complicated problem of trade payments between Germany and Britain. The recent Exchange Clearing Agreement has not produced the...

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Liberal Candidatures Sir Charles Hobhouse, obviously recognizing that the Liberal

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Party cannot expect large numbers of victories at the next General Election, tried to persuade the Executive of the National Liberal Federation, on Wednesday, that the Party...

There is a tendency in this country to treat slum-

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clearance, town-planning and the preservation of the countryside as three subjects instead of one. The truth is that we shall only save the country by making the towns fit to...

The Threatened Coal Strike The dispute between masters and men

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in South Wales is now receiving the attention of the Secretary for Mines, and it is quite time it did. As with the Irish annuities trouble two questions are involved, the...

Housing Models and Model Housing An architectural correspondent writes :

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For the next forty years the nation is committed to an annual expendi- ture of some £4,800,000, the estimated cost, in exchequer subsidies and rate contributions, of pulling...

The Endeavour's' Success Soon after these lines are in print

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the ' Endeavour' may have secured the America's Cup for Great Britain. How notable an achievement that would involve will be appreciated when it is remembered that no British...

The Health of the Nation Once again the annual report

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of the Chief Medical Officer of the Ministry of Health, Sir George Newman, gives an illuminating survey and analysis of the health condition of the nation. It is a record of...

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T HE admiSsion of Russia to the League of Nation4 is a momentous event. The opponents of her admission are even more emphatic on that point than its advocates. And they are...

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A SECOND fine summer is still, at the moment of writing, prolonging its course into the autumn ; and whilst the water authorities and health officials are watching with anxiety...

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Circumstantial details reach me of a visit paid recently by

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a C.I.D. officer to a women's college in London with a view to discovering whether any of the students was a Communist. No questions were asked about whether any of them was a...

The discussions to which Prince George's engagement have given rise

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regarding the succession. to the throne have not always been based on knowledge. So long as the Duke of York's daughters survive they take precedence over any son that may •...

M. Litvinofrs assumption of his place as chief delegate of

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Russia in the League of Nations Council and Assembly awakens memories. Of making contact with M. Litvinoff from time to time as he trudged to the Golders Green Tube Station some...

Sir George Newman's annual report on the health of the

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nation is, I suppose, the most important social document issued by the Stationery Office—apart, of course, from special publications like the reports of Royal Commissions. The...

I hear very interesting accounts of the political situation in

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Canada, and the effect it may have on Imperial relationships. The trend of recent by-elections, and such portents as the provincial general election in Ontario, make it...


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M R. .LLOYD GEORGE, it must be assumed, had General Smuts' permission to reproduce, as he does in the new volume of his memoirs, the memorandum the South African leader drew up...

I am rather surprised that Man. of Aran, fine film

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as it is, should have got an international prize at Rome against all-corners. It depends, of course, on what you want in a fihn. The technique of the photography in Man of Aran...

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By W. H. CHAMBERLIN W ITH nations, as with individuals, the past casts long shadows. There is so much that is strikingly, o bviously, flamboyantly new in the Soviet system that...

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By A. A. MILNE [The Italian Cabinet,- on Tuesday, decided to institute Military education for children from the age of eight, with a view to " promoting eagerness for the...

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By THE DEAN OF EXETER (Dean-Designate of St. Paul's) D R. INGE has been so long a voice crying in the wilderness of our times that it seems incredible that we shall hear him no...

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By EXCUBITOR 'LIVERY big ship when she is laid down is condemned JD as too big and every swift ship as too' swift and on both counts such vessels are classed as uneconomic. Of...

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By HELEN SIMPSON T HE present-day dinner table is no longer an arena: Its chill surfaces of glass or steel are not warmed by the light they throw upwards, chill and ghostly as...

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[VON EINEM DEUTSCHEN KORRESPONDENTEN.1 D IE bedeutenden Berliner Theaterkritiker, soweit sie nicht Deutschland freiwillig oder gezwungen vet- lassen haben, machen angesichts der...

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The League Assembly at Work [To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR.] Sir,—The mood of the Assembly this year is one of cautious hopefulness, very different from the atmosphere of...

DIRECT subscribers who are changing their addresses are asked to

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notify THE SPECTATOR office BEFORE MIDDAY on MONDAY OF EACH WEEK. The precious address to which the paper has been sent and receipt reference number should be quoted.

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" Sing as We Go." At the Plaza IN farce

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there is always a tendency to social hatred, and in melodrama an opposite tendency to a kind of social hero- worship. The farcical hero is surrounded by more or less grotesque...

The Cinema

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THE arrival of the talkies gave film producers new musical opportunities, but they have seldom been very happily seized. We have suffered too often from that tap-room Chorus of...


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" Eden End." By J. B. Priestley. At the Duchess Theatre THERE was little to choose for dramatic merit between Mr. Priestley's two previous plays ; in both one admired the...

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. Mozart and Haydn at the "Proms."

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4 ' TERRIBLY sad," said a distinguished-looking gentleman who was sitting near me one night at the Queen's Hall last week, in the pause that followed the end of the slow...

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 26th 2.5o Launching the New Cunarder ' 534?

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Their Majesties the King and Queen at Clydebank .. 6.3o Books in General : G. K. Chesterton . 8.00 Promenade Concert-Brahms Programme B.B.C. Svm- • phony Orchestra, Myra Hess....

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Skye or Achill?

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Many an Irish countryman, as indeed many a Scottish, is aided by little local industries, of which peat is the most important. It gives warmth to the neighbours of the many...

The Fuchsia Hedge Atlantic winds are unfavourable to trees. What

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starveling groves of stunted trees sloping (like Orion) from the west one sees on the coast of Wales ; but these winds are for the most part soft and warm and peculiarly...

A Double Crop

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Our English farmers have been exulting in rare yields of pure bred wheats, even up to eight quarters of Yeoman or Little Joss ; but they will hardly rival the very small holder...

British Bulbs A full list of British bulb-growers and distributors

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has been published or republished by the Ministry, to whom application may be made at Whitehall Place. It is valuable in the first instance for those who have inunediate need of...

* * * * Migrant Birds

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A passage, to which the attention of students of bird migra- tion ought to be directed, appears from a Palestine correspon- dent in the latest (and best) number of The...


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Primitive Farms Those of us who are in the neighbourhood of modern farms, much more those familiar with the lumbering, but efficient monsters known as harvester-threshers, may...

* * * *

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£60 Cottages We have been discussing much and with no little heat the building of cheap cottages in English villages. Could we, I wonder, take any hints from Ireland ?...

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[To the Editor of TILE SPECTATOR.]

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Sne,-LThe attitude of your more " progressive and broad- minded " correspondents seems to be based on an admiration of flexibility of morals as well as of mind. Mrs. Montagu-...

[To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR.] SIR,—Mrs. Prudence Montagu-Pollock states

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that " most men are by nature polygamous," and that " although a successful marriage is usually monogamous, an occasional departure from the rule ought to be understood by a...

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR [Correspondents are requested to keep their

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letters as brief as is reasonably possible. The most suitable length is that of one of our " News of the Week" paragraphs. Signed letters are given a preference over those...

[To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR.] SIR,—Pace Sir Maurice Amos,

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the whole trend of psycho- analytical research proves abundantly to the open-minded that in the realm of sex what is natural is " axiomatically good." Just as people who have...

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[To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR.] have read Professor Quiller-Couch's article in your issue of the 14th inst. with high appreciation,, save where he seems to suggest that if our...


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THE SPECTATOR.] SIR,—In the United States we are crudely experimenting with attempts at planned industrial and agricultural develop- ment, whereby we hope to evolve a working...


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[To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR.] e presence Of Princess Marina of Greece in our midst as the fiancee of Prince George, the Sovereign's youngest son, recalls to mind the fact...

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[To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR.] Sir,—All of us are anxious that effective steps be taken to prevent further war between nations. Those of us who experienced the last one...


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[To the Editor of TIRE SPECTATOR.] . . SIR,—Owing to The Spectator persistently inserting articles and book reviews, as well as letters from correspondents, of a nature...


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[To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR.] SIR,—I, together, doubtless, with very many other of your readers, was greatly interested in Mr. S. K. Ratcliffe's article on J. H....


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[To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR.] SIR, I see it was recently stated in the notes with regard to livestock that South Devons are a triple-purpose breed, being good for milk,...

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Crisis and Controversy

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By H. WILSON HARRIS THE months with which Mr. Lloyd George's third volume deals, December, 1916, to about June, 1917, were a period crowded with crisis. There fell in...

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Roumania and the Roumanians

The Spectator

DR. SETON-WATSON says in the Preface that this book may " fairly claim to be the first attempt by any British writer to give a complete survey of Roumanian history from its...

Criticism of Idealism

The Spectator

Idealism. By A. C. Ewing. (Methuen. 21s.) Tun word Idealism is usually thought to denote spiritual conception of the universe. As popularly used, it would be taken to imply the...

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The Lord Prothctor

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Cromwell. By Hilaire Belloc., (Cassell. 12s. 6d.) IN the House of Commons there is a bust of Cromwell, probably by Bemini, of which Mr.. Belloc gives us a photograph as...

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The Berlin Diaries

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The Berlin Diaries: The Private Journals of a General in . the German War Ministry. Edited by Dr. Helmut Klotz, foreword by Edgar Mowrer. (Jerrold& 18s.) " Tins volume," writes...

Democracy and Leadership

The Spectator

Britain's Political Future. By Lord Allen of Hurtwool. (Longman. 6s.) LORD ALLEN, who claims to be the originator of the slogan " Socialism in our Time," works out in this...

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They Went to Russia

The Spectator

The Russian Journals of Martha and Catherine Wilmot, 1803-1808. Edited by The Marchioness of Londonderry and H. M. Hyde. (Macmillan. 21s.) IN her introduction to the letters...

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Modern Plays

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Six Plays. (Heinemann. 7s. 6d.) • FIVE of the Six Plays have it in common that each tells with considerable skill a story which turns out to have no very memorable quality....

The Psychological Novel

The Spectator

The Dreamer. By Julian Green. (Heinemann. 78. 6d.) THERE is a sense in which any novel is psychological, but one uses the term here in the loose modern sense to indicate the...

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By GRAHAM GREENE - Captain Nicholas. By Hugh (Macmillan. 6d.) . Mn. WALPOLE'S new novel would be of interest if for no other • reason than that it exhibits in high relief not...

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Conversions and the Investor DURING the coming year a good many investors who are also payers of Income Tax will experience some relief through the payment under Schedule D at...


The Spectator

This volume (Nelson, 12s. 6d.) consists of about a hundred colour-plates of pictures in the National and Tate Galleries (faced in each instance with a page of criticism by Mr....

Current Literature

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MEN OF GOOD WILL. BOOK V ; THE PROUD OF HEART By Jules Romains There are virtually only two•themes in this new instalment of Romains' epic (Lovat Dickson, 7s. 6d.), the...

PHILIPS' HANDY GENERAL ATLAS To commemorate their centenary anniversary as

The Spectator

map publishers, Messrs. George Philip & Son have issued a fourth edition of Philips' Handy General Atlas. The scheme of the Atlas has been thoroughly revised and expanded ; in...

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Financial Notes

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RISE LN AUSTRALIAN STOCKS. NOT the least interesting feature in Markets has been the advance in Australian Stocks following upon the announce - ment of the result of the...

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It is su g gestive of the view taken by first-class borrowers with re g ard to the present value of trustee securities that the Ni g erian Government, which has the option of...


The Spectator

A year a g o the Associated British Picture Corporatio n increased its capital from £1,500,000 to £8,500,000, mainly with the object of Completin g the purchase of the share...


The Spectator

Since it became a Public Company in 1928 Qualcast, Limited, has consistently proposed good reports, and the recent declaration of a final dividend of 10 per cent., to g ether...

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"The Spectator" Crossword No. 104

The Spectator

BY ZE-NO. (.4 prize of one guinea will be given to the sender of the first corral solution of this week's [ro . c ord puzzle to be opened. Enrelope.s should be marled "...