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THERE is no, onger a Papal army. The operations of Fanti and Oialdini have put an end to that institution, and its head, General Lamoriciere, is now cooped up in Ancona. How...

The brilliant progress of the Prince of Wales in Canada

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has been shadowed by the conduct of the Orange faction in Upper Canada. They desired to make the Prince pass under Orange arches in an Orange procession. Nothing more unseemly...

The Austrian Reichsrath continues to take great liberties of speech.

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It is a novelty in Vienna to have anything in the shape of a free Parliament. Some distrust is felt at the anxiety of the Government to get the " supplies" 'voted before...

At home the autumn dinners and the Volunteers divide at-

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tention with strikes and murders. Mr: Adderley and Mr. No*. degate in Warwickshire, Sir James Graham in Cumberland, have been making speeches—Mr. Adderley antagenieing Mr....

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CAXPAIGN IN THE PAPAL STATES. The campaign in the Papal States has been short and decisive. Last week our readers may remember Cialdini was traced to Fano on the Adriatic,' and...

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Tan QUEEN quitted Balmoral on Saturday, and proceeded by railway to Edinburgh, where she remained until Monday evening. Her Majesty was accompanied by the Prince Consort, the...


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After laying the foundation stone of the new Parliament House at Ottawa, the Prince of Wales held a levee, and then drove through the streets amid loud acclamations, and...

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Mr. A. Seymour, the Liberal candidata for Exeter, lass tio,Ithissed. the electors. He promises •to walk in the footsteps of Mr. Divett, the re- tiring Member. He is for vote by...

At a meeting of„ Hfek Sewers' Cemmission on Tuesday, Deputy

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l k is,,,ady,ertial to a .min u te iirese:41 •at the, last meeting of the Court, by which the kit of Parliament to.prevent;the:adulteration of food had been referred.tma...

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Carrickfergus Castle is to be 'armed with six Lancaster guns, which will give that old keep the command of Belfast Lough. An attempt has been made at Uphill to shoot the Earl...

fortign an Colonial.

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e fraurt.—The Emperor and Empress arrived at Algiers on the 17th. They had travelled from Toulon to Ajaccio ; and thence by Mitiorea to Algiers. The sea was rough and the...


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The women in the manufacturing villageof Alva, near Alloa, have struck fora rise of wages. The women have beau long complaining of the small remuneration they have for their...

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SATITRDAY AFTERNOON. We have a piece of very unpleasant news from India. It is not im- probable that the first fruit of the amal g amation of the two armies will be the loss of...

onll a urous.

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The National Rifle Association has taken a judicious atop to promote the objects for which -it 'was formed ; as' willbe seen by the followin g letter, si g ned by Lord Elcho,...

Baron Wilde, sittin g in. Chambers yesterday, decided in the case

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of Mrs. Price, of A g apemonite renown. A writ of habeas corpus was obtained on Wednesday and Mrs. Price was brou g ht up, not-into the court, but to a solicitor's in Chancery...

Lar g e orders received from Naples by the wholesale houses in

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Lptulon, which had been kept back until such time as some settlement should have been come to, are now being despatched with great haste; showing the feeling of confidence the...

The tele g raphic news of this mornin g informs us that Ancona

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is formally and effectively blockaded, and th a t the fact has been notified to forei g n powers. " The principles of maritime law a g reed upon at the Con g ress of Paris will...


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STOCK ExCILKNOlt. FRIDAY AFTKIIKOOK. The uncertainty , of affairs on the Continent have, as usual, tended to check speculative or bona fide business throu g hout the Stock...

We learn from Canada via Galway, that the Prince of

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Wales left Leaden, in Canada West, for Nia g ara, on the 11th instant. Advices from Honduras state that Walker evacuated Truxillo on the 1st instant, in compliance with Orders...

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Itittr 'to Ibt thin.

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RIFLED ORDNANCE, September 18, 1860:' Sin-I learn through4a -contemporary of yours, that the Armstrong breech-loading ordnance is. alailure ; !mixt .unlikely. thing, as...


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On the 11th of September, at Clonmannon, county 'Wicklow, the Wife of the Honourable Mr. Justice Hayes, of a son. On the 11th, at, Annaghi-audierrig, county Monaghan, the Wife...


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The great tendency of the people of this island to pulmonary com- plaints, and of late years to severe and dangerous throat diseases, has in- duced medical men to try every kind...

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Orrin weekly contemporary, the Saturday ,Reriera, reports a most painful state of feeling in the North of France on the subject of the commercial treaty with this country. He...


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THE NEW BALANCE OF POWER. OVID relates how the ancient hero sowed the teeth, and saw the men rising from.the ground, armed, like corn growing visibly but Europe is witnessing a...

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has this week officially disavowed the state- ment that Mr. W. S. Lindsay is invested with diplomatie autho- rity to confer with the Government of the United States upon any...

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WELLINGTON'S saying, "That England cannot afford a little war," will be amply verified in the case of New Zealand. We have a little war now raging there, and certainly we cannot...

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CONSIDERABLE indignation has - been. arousedbya curious sally in the-- - " Trade Circular " of Messrs. Travers and Sons. It is an obituary'notice.ef Mr. Jamealctilson, in-a-tone...


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Tins boundaries of credit have never been defined ; it is tliffieult, except upon an exact statement of - faets, to make ever; the• attempt at indicating the line which...

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Tun ancient city of Coventry is now passing through one Of 'those severe ordeals which occur from timeto time to try the stamina of an industrious district. The watch trade has...

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This curious and interesting volume, contains the results of Mr. Bollaert's inquiries and observations on some of the South American Races, Our author's researches,, which are...

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THE NEW GHOST-LOBE. * THOME unoonvinced. by- Mr. Owen's reasoning, we

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look upon. an lnglish edition of his book as a welcome appearance, and greet. it in:the:spirit:of the Spanish proverb,. Dios Ele , de contiende- con view me entiende. If we must...

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As works of reference in studying the history of the

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different schools of painting, the handbooks of the late Dr. Kugler, with the notes added by Sir Charles Eastlake, have for some . years been " doing good' service. The portion...

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" The. Lebanon and its Life: a History and a Diary," by Mr. David Urquhart, is,announced by Mr. Newby, Welbeck Street. Mr. James Blackwood has in the press Now Readings of...

i4r gYritrrt

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Two farces have been produced in the course of the week,—one at ' the Olympic, with the title, Savage as a Bear, the other at the Strand, ; with the title, Hit him, He has No...


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At the Gymnase, there is a new piece, called Le 'Voyage de M. Perri- then, which seems much more suited to the atmosphere of the Painis Royal, exhibiting as it does the odd...

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935 935 shut abut shut shut shut 931 935 985 931 93; 935 2184 • 4 BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) &aura. Monday. Tuesday. Wants, 218 1 pm. 4 pm. FrldsY. 5.41 431 Thurs....

The Norwich Feetiiel.:kne been the musical event of the week.

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It was splendidly succensfel r iuid has brought back the days of old when the Norwich Festivals were:preeminent among all the ,provincial-music- meetings lathe kingdom. As we...


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PROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, SEPTEMBER 18. -•laikrapts,-EbwAab Cloinak - WALEMI,.BreWhOUlle Yard, St. John Street, Clerk- enwell,% annatto-amoufacturer-Savirto ,Ltiegemen, White ,...

fist Arts.

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'The 'decay of the frescoes in the Houses of Parliament is again the serious subject of discussion amongst the painters, and those who are naturally anxious that such important...

We hear, says the Atheneum, that the Duke of Somerset

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and the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty have purchased the splendid model of Blake, designed by Mr. Bally, with a view to its being placed in Greenwich Hos- pital. .