23 AUGUST 1856

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Banner. has frequently occupied an important place in great na- tional movements. It was from Bristol that the Merchant Ven- turers first sent the half-chivalrous...

An emeute among the Tories—at least upon paper ! The

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strongest signs of a fresh mutiny against Mr. Disraeli have ap r peared in some of the London Tory journals, but we observe that the movement has communicated itself also to...

The foreign intelligence is neither copious nor in some ea -

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ses I . certain ; but such as it is, it is not favourable to settled pow. Instead of having an authenticated report that the paltry Isle of Serpents encroachment has been...

A gloom has come over the harvest, and the hopes

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which the magnificent growing weather had justified have been replaced by fears, at present perhaps exaggerated. There is no doubt that some of the cut corn has been drenched ;...

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From a file of the most recent New Zealand papers

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we learn that our anticipations have not been disappointed ;* for with the signs of the most substantial prosperity, we have evidence of a better spirit ruling the Government....

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The return of the Registrar-General for the week en shows a decline in the sanitary condition of the Metro her of deaths was 1250, " whereas the corrected average of mg eight...

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THE QUEEN held a Privy Council at Osborne on Thursday ; when it was ordered that Parliament should be further prorogued from the 7th Octo- ber to the 13th November. At a Court...

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The Nati o nal Reformatory Union has held its first great conference this week at Bristol. The plan of proceeding adopted was that of the British Association,—an opening...

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The post of Clerk of the Hanaper, vacant by the death of Mr. Charles Fitzsimon, has been bestowed on Mr. John O'Connell, third son of tho late Daniel O'Connell. By this...

fortigu au k c frour.—Having returned to Paris and celebrated the fete

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Napo- leon on the 15th, the Emperor, with the Empress and the infant " Child of France," left Paris on the 19th, for Biarritz, and arrived there at noon next day. At Biarritz...

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SATuaDAr. The proceedings of the Reformatory Union Conference at Bristol were closed last night by a public meeting in the Victoria Rooms. The earlier portion of the day had...


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The General Commanding-in-chief has directed the Colonels of certain regiments, above 1000 rank and file, to select 1000 of their best men, all five feet six inches high ;...

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The Coroner's Jury which has carried on a long and

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searching inquiry into the cause of the explosion in the Cymmer coal-pit, Glamorganshire, re- turned their verdict yesterday. Seventeen out of eighteen of the Jury were of...

It is understood that the Queen will leave Osborne for

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Scotland to- wards the end of next week. One report fixes her Majesty's arrival at Edinburgh for the 28th instant; but no authoritative statement of the day has yet been made...

Tan Moons.-The reports from the moors have been more favourable

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this week. It is now said that "good marksmen " find no scarcity ; and that the returns, compared with those of former years , show no falling-off The fact appears to be, that...

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Hitherto the interest taken in Mr. and Mrs. Barney Williams has been so apportioned that the greater share of it has fallen to the lady. This is natural enough. We had plenty of...

A singular ease came on before the Marylebone Magistrate yesterday.

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Mr. James Henry Thorn, residing at the White Bear, Piccadilly, appeared to answer a OULMIII0118, charging, that " on the 5th April 1856, in the parish of Paddington, he did,...

The Russian Government seems inclined to court its Jewish subjects.

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A telegraphic despatch from St. Petersburg states that "the Emperor has ordered each Government to send five Jewish deputies to St. Peters- burg, to form a Council on Jewish...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. There has been a diminution in the demand for money this week, now worth about 34 per cent on Government Securities. Small amounts of...

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A Merle in nine tableaux, written by MM. Siraudin and Delacour, and entitled La Queue de la Tale, was produced at the Palais Royal on Tuesday, with great successs. The size of...


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THE CRIMINAL POPULATION. WHILE Parliament is in vacation, circumstances have contributed to concentrate our attention upon one of those subjects which within the last few years...

The celebrated French comedian Pierre Frederic Achard died sud- denly,

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at Paris, on the 14th instant. He was born at Lyons, in No- vember 1808 ; and after a successful debiit in his native town, came out at the Parisian Palais Royal in 1834. Here...


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an unintentional unfairness in your remarks on the recent examination for commissions in the Royal Artillery and admissions to the Woolwich Academy. You contrast Oxford and...

Ittins fu Of Cant

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THE HIGH PRICE OF BREAD. Kensington, 19th August 1856. Ste—Having been a subscriber to the Spectator something like twenty years , I am fully convinced of your desire to be...

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THE notice which has already been taken of the new Westminster Bridge has raised two further questions of no mean importance, both pressing practically, and both likely to...


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Mn. Noiaolf the Magistrate has been charged recently with a somewhat embarrassing duty. More than once his attention has been called to a curious complicity in offences against...

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Tws despatch of Mr. Marcy fulfils our anticipation that the Go- vernment of the United States would refuse its assent to the pro- hibition of privateering; and the arguments...

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THE Moniteur has published a decree instructing the French navy how it is to behave when the Emperor or any of the Imperial family visit the fleet. When the Emperor arrives in a...


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WEEN, a few weeks ago, we published a short paper drawing at- tention to the laxity of morals and degradation of taste indicated • by the production of the opera La Traviata at...

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TEE sewing-machine is gradually making its way into general use, and is to some extent already superseding hand-labour with the needle. Visitors to the Crystal Palace may see...

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RORERT$' S SOCIAL HISTORY OF THE SOUTHERN COUNTIES. * THE predominant fashion of putting the manners, social condition, common arts, and everyday customs of a nation, into...

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THE OXONIAN IN NORWAY. * ALTHOUGH the Reverend Frederick Metcalfe's excursions

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in Nor- way refer to more than one visit, there is sufficient continuity in the narrative to impart unity of theme ; at the same time, his several excursions give more fulness...

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A. LAYMAN'S INQUIRY INTO MORAL EVIL. * Iv a fundamental sense

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the existence of physical evil is just as difficult to account for as that of moral evil. The question in either ease arises, why should an all-benevolent and omnipotent being...

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lint arts.

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THE NATIONAL GALLERY. Inactivity is not among the sins of the new management of our gallery : seven fresh pictures hang on its walls, in addition to the several others which we...


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Boors. English Cavalry in the Army of the East, 1854 and 1855. Divisional Orders and Correspondence whilst under the command of Lieutenant-General the Earl of Lucan, K.C.B....

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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, AUG. 19. • WAR DEPARTMENT, Aug. 19.-Caralry-4th Regiment of Dragoon Guards-R. D. B. Cuninghame, Gent. to be Cornet, by purchase, vice Ponsford,...


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On the 14th August, at Guernsey, the Viscountess Northland, of a son. On the 15th, in Princes Gate, the Hon. Mrs. Edward Jervis, of a daughter. On the 15th, at Woolwich, the...


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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, AUGUST 19. Partnerships .Dissolved.-Seeley and Payne, Elm Street, Gray's Inn Road, piano- forte-makers-Thornton and Co. Liverpool, grocers; as far as...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Raised. Monday. Tuesday. Wedges Thurs. Friday. I per Cent Consols 951 93 95 951 951 Ditto for Account 14 951 951 951 95 954 3 per Cents...