23 FEBRUARY 1934

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News of the Week

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T HE emotions of the people of this country regarding the tragic death of King Albert of Belgium were adequately expressed in the tributes paid in both Houses of Parliament on...

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Mr . Eden's Pilgrimage It was suggested here a week

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ago that all Mr. Eden had to do in Paris, Berlin and Rome could be done in a fortnight. There is every indication that it will be. The Lord Privy Seal began his conversations...

The Future in Austria There are two essential conditions for

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the salvation of Austria, the absence of any active foreign intervention and a resolute policy of conciliation on the part of the Government. The Three-Power declaration by this...

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State Officials and Relief The weakness of the Opposition -in

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the House of Commons has been revealed in the very poor case they have put up in Committee against. the. administration of relief for the able-bodied unemployed (outside...

What a Child Costs The number of Conservative members who

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abstained from voting in the division on the 2s. or 3s. for a child question on Tuesday was even more. significant than the number who voted against the Govern- ment and thereby...

The British Industries Fair . It is not merely the

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size of the .British Industries Fair—though that alone is an indication of wide- spread activity and of confidence in goods that are being produced—but the variety and interest...

Still Imprisoned In commenting, at the end of December,. on

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the verdict of the Supreme Court, at Leipzig, on the Reichstag Fire prisoners, The Spectator described it as " a qualified testimony to the independence of the highest court in...

The Coloured Shirt Nuisance It is satisfactory that the quetion

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of blackshirtS and other unofficial uniforms should have been raised in the House of Commons and that the Home Secretary .should be giving the matter his serious consideration....

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Are the Working Classes Better Off ?

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Statistics and observation alike confirm the fact that the employed working classes are, on the average, some- what better off than they were before the War. But, unfortunately,...

The Week in Parliament Our Parliamentary Correspondent writes : The

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out- standing event of the week was the revolt of the Government's supporters in numbers unprecedented during this Parliament upon the amendment to the Unemployment Bill on the...

Milk for the Schools The proposal that surplus milk, at

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present sold at a low rate for' manufacturing purposes, should be given instead to school children who urgently need such nourish- ment carries its own recommendation on its...

Shippers and Subsidies The Liverpool Steam Ship Owners . issued,

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on Wednesday, their annual report, and although it has been given little prominence in the daily Press it is an important document. It suddenly marks a turning.. point in the...

Finally, Mr. Rhys Davies won the credit of moving a

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more useful private members' motion than usual against the private manufacture of arms. The House was much more favourable to Sir A. Chamberlain's contention that what could be...

By-Election Reflections The by-elections at Cambridge, Lowestoft and Ports- mouth

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bring no special comfort to the National Govern- ment or Labour and considerable discomfort to the Liberals, whose candidates at Cambridge and Lowestoft forfeited their deposit....

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An Ideal King

The Spectator

P ERHAPS it was inevitable „that, when King Albert died, the English Press should concentrate its attention on his war record. It was what had made his a household name in this...

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Britain and Russia —A New Start

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A DISMAL period in the history of Anglo-Soviet rela- tions appears to be now closed by the signing of the new Temporary Commercial Agreement. It has taken long to negotiate, but...

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. The case of the eighteen Fascists who were arrested

The Spectator

on Saturday in consequence of their activities at an East Anglian farm, where a tithe dispute was in progress, is at present sub judice and I therefore, of course, make no...

The reappointment of Mr. John Buchan as Lord High Commissioner

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to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland is most essentially a recognition of services rendered. Appointment for a second year is not unusual in itself, but it is...

A Spectator's Notebook

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S IR JOHN SIMON did well to take the opportunity a week ago to drive home the fact that the Government does nothing to inspire the B.B.C.'s talks on foreign affairs, and to add...

The sudden death of Mr. Harold Wright, the former Editor

The Spectator

of The Nation, is tragically premature. He was only 51 and though he had given up his regular profes- sional work he was devoting his energies to various valuable causes,...

I am astonished to see the London and Home Counties

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Traffic Advisory Committee opposing a by-law forbidding motorists to pass stationary tram-cars while passengers are getting in or out. Washington and other American cities have...

In his admirably phrased wireless tribute to King Albert on

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Sunday, Sir John Simon—I wonder how many of his hearers noticed it—made one minor slip. Quoting, most appropriately, Shirley's well-known lines, he made a singular word plural,...

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The State of Germany—Totalitarian Politics

The Spectator

By H. POWYS GREENWOOD [Mr. Greenwood's next article in this series will be on Unemployment and the Economic Situation in Germany.] A S we watched the strange travesty of...

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Christianity and Sex Morality

The Spectator

By KENNETH INGRAM [This is the sixth in a series of articles on " Christianity and Conduct." Mr. John Maud, Dean of University College, Oxford, will write next week on "...

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The Tragedy of the Unemployed Employer By ONE OF THEM

The Spectator

approaching destitution. • munch. loved ones arc suffering at hOme. I often feel that the petition in the Lord's Prayer, " Lead us not into tempta- tion," bears an intensified...

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What is Wrong with Scottish Industry ?

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By SIR ALEXANDER MACEWEN T HE Scottish and British .unemployment figures* show that the disparity in unemployment between Scotland and England has increased steadily since...

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Caracas : Clothes and a Palace

The Spectator

By ALDOUS HUXLEY T HE mcst immediately conspicuous difference between the British Colonies of the Caribbean and the Spanish American republics is a difference in the women's...

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Le Sauveur .

The Spectator

[D'UN CORRESPONDANT FRANcAIS] C 'EST une Write de fait que l'Histoire se complait se repeter. En 1926, deux ans apres les elections cartellistes, an moment ok la France se...

The Season of Catkins

The Spectator

By H. E. BATES T HE season of catkins seems to be brief, to begin only with the first warmth of the February sun and then to peter out as soon as Easter is past and the shadows...

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A Letter from Oxford [To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR.1 Sra,—It is rarely that Hilary Term at Oxford produces any news of special interest, and the present term makes no...

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"Dr. Faustus." By Christopher Marlowe. Pro- duced by Gyles Isham for, the O.U.D.S. In the Town Hall, Oxford WHAT a medley of beauty and buffoonery, magnificence and meanness is...

"Conversation Piece." By Noel Coward: At His Majesty's Theatre

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THIS Romantic Comedy with Music is as irresistible and as unsatisfying as salted almonds. Mlle. Printemps is the heroine, Regency Brighton the hero. Both—Mrs. Calthrop...

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A Broadcasting Calendar

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FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 23rd 2.5 Life at a Hudson's Bay Company's Post : George Binney, an Arctic explorer as well as an Arctic trader .. 7.3o British Rule in Africa-The Machinery of...

"The Kennel Murder Case." At the Regal

The Spectator

In its original form as a detective novel this was not one of the best of the Van Dine series. Its solution depended too much on an obscure piece of medical knowledge. In a film...


The Spectator

The Affairs of Voltaire.-George Arliss in fairly effective costume melodrama. Supposed to be about Voltaire's part in the Calas case. The Wandering Jew.-Religious theme...

The Cinema

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"Queen Christina." At the Empire MISS GRETA GARBO has long wanted to play the masculine queen of her native Sweden. It is a part that ought to suit her, and often does. It...

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Tree Architecture Now when there is light up to sik

The Spectator

o'clock in the evening, and especially in a spell of clear and still weather such as the present, the architecture of the trees can be seen at its best. Just for a few weeks in...

Land Settlement

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A persistent high rate of unemployment and a. falling export trade have led to a general conviction that the land is not at present populated and used to the fullest advantage....

Down Sheep Shepherding is one of the oldest arts of

The Spectator

civilized man. The sheep has fed him and clothed him from the time, in northern latitudes, when he first forsook his caves. And England, more than any other European country, is...

Country Life

The Spectator

Dry Farming February Fill-Dyke, with only another week to go, promises to be one of the dryest months on record. Yet usually it is one of the consistently wet months of the...

The most unfortunate kindness that can be done to a

The Spectator

small- holder at his setting out...is to burden him with one penny of avoidable debt. He ne eds, for the first few years, to be able to put back into his land as much as...

This sheep-folding is expensive of labour, say, one shepherd to

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a flock of 150 ewes, with help at lambing. Today, wben- ever we cannot apply a machine to do four men's work, the. men, and their craft, go. We cannot mechanize sheep- folding,...

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[To the Editor of TILE SPECTATOR.] am afraid that the Hon. E. A. Stonor, Secretary of the anti-Socialist and anti-Communist Union, has rather missed the point of my recent...

Letters to the Editor

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[Correspondents are requested to keep their letters as brief as is reasonably possible. The most suitable length is that of one of our " News of the Week" paragraphs. Signed...


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[To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR.] SIR,—The arguments in my recent letter were not based on any Wages Fund Theory, nor on any belief that the amount of wages is fixed absolutely...

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[To the Editor of TILE SPECTATOR.] . SIR,—The depressing industrial prospects of the children who will leave the elementary and secondary schools in the next few years have...


The Spectator

SIR,—The appalling earthquake which has devastated the whole province of Bihar has aroused the sympathy of the whole world. From all sides help and offers of help have been...


The Spectator

[To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR.} SIR,—It is a little startling to find a politician of the calibre of Sir Archibald Sinclair displaying so much ignorance of the actions of the...

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[To the Editor of TILE SPECTATOR.] SIR,—Mr. Bonamy Dobree, in a friendly review of a small life of Milton by myself, says that he is surprised at two omissions in my short...


The Spectator

[To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR.] Sin,—I am grateful for Mr. Angus Watson's letter : I am completely in agreement with him that I fear a regular and widespread demoralization...


The Spectator

[To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR.] was re-reading this morning The Traditional Text of the Holy Gospels, by Burgon and Miller, and was amused to come across the following...

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Sin,—In order to utilize the latent solidarity and fellow- feeling which exists among people suffering from diabetes, it is hoped to form a Diabetic Association which will...

Three Songs to the Same Tune

The Spectator

By W. B. YEATS IN politics I have but one passion and one thought, rancour against all who, except under the most dire necessity, disturb public order, a conviction that public...

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Black and White

The Spectator

By HERBERT READ A vorumE of 855 large quarto pages,* containing at a moderate estimate about 750,000 words, is no light matter to review ; and its very varied contents are...

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Le Morte Darthur

The Spectator

By T. ELIOT S. Tins is the text of Le Mork Darthttr*, printed after Caxton, with no prefaces, introductions or notes, and a _very beautiful rubricated piece of book-making...

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. - Pioneer of Tow--Planning-

The Spectator

James Silk Buckingham, 1786-1855: a Social Biography. By Ralph E. Turner. (Williams and Norgate. 21s.) As we look back today over the history of the nineteenth 1 century...

In Defence of Miracles

The Spectator

A New Argurnent for God and Survival. By Malcolm Grant, (Faber and Faber. 12s 6d.) Tins book is a- symptom. The author likes to speak of his generation as one of agnosticism...

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Psychological Principles

The Spectator

Secret Ways of the Mind. By Dr. W. M. Kranefeldt, with an introduction by Dr. C. G. Jung. (Kogan Paul, 68.) WITH almost monotonous regularity during the past ten or fifteen...

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Hammered Gold

The Spectator

The Collected Poems of W. B. Yeats. (Macmillan, 10s. 6d.) THE publication of Mr. Yeats' collected poems is a literary event of importance. This book enables one to make an...

Fortunatos - - Minium Change in the Farm. By T. Hannan. (Cambridge

The Spectator

University University Press. 75. 04 .) -- • - - - ON the jacket of Change in . theFarm is a drawing by the author of Mr. Abraham Holder, a staunch old man of North Wraxall,...

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Cathedrale Engloutie

The Spectator

Stones of Rimini. By Adrian Stokes. (Faber. 12s. 6d.) MR. STOKES' new volume is a sequel to his previous work The Quattro Cento, though it is at the same time completely self-...

African Lakes

The Spectator

IN the past few years two African expeditions have been under- taken, as a result of which all the lakes of Kenya and Uganda received a thorough preliminary survey. The...

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In the First Person

The Spectator

The Autobiography of a Liverpool Irish Slummy. By Pat O'Mara. (Hopkinson. 10s. 6cL ) Secrets of the Sea. By Henry de Monfreid. (Faber and Faber. 12s. 6d-) I, the Tiger. By...

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Looking Back

The Spectator

First Childhood. By Lord Berners. (Constable. Ss. 6d.) Auromogrixpny is not a new art, but it is decidedly a new fashion. At one time every young man of vaguely literary...


The Spectator

_ po k z.km, DOBRiE A Modern Tragedy. - By -Phyllis Bentley. (Gollanez. • Backwaters, By William Holt. (IVor Nicholson and Watson.: . 7s. 6d.) Miss ARMISTEAD haS resolutely...

Dnixer subscribers who are changing-their addressis.are asked to notify THE,SPECTATOR

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OffiCe BEFORE . MIDDAY.071 ONDA V OF EACH WEEK. The previous address to which the paper has been sent and receipt reference number should be quoted.

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Travel Southern Fever

The Spectator

By JOHN GIBBONS - MANY of my cruises, of course, . for nothing. For what, after all, is the use of CocksPur 'Street if not to ...give away gratuitous pamphletS ? But at least...

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The Spectator

The Travel Bureau of THE SPECTATOR is conducted solely for your benefit. If, therefore, you propose taking a sea-cruise this spring, or any other form of holiday, let your...

Early Spring Cruises

The Spectator

Cunard Line : LecoNIA—From Southampton March 10th, 16 days from 25 guineas. - Ports of call : Ceuta, Casablanca, Las Palmas, Santa Cruz (Teneriffe), Madeira, Gibraltar and Vigo....

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Gramophone Notes

The Spectator

THE fourth volume of the Columbia History of Music by Ear and Eye (Col. DB 1280-1237, 24s.) deals' with the nineteenth. century Romantics. The selection , comprises Berlioz'...

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The Spectator

Most of the annual reports of the English trunk railways have proved to be of a satisfactory character, but, perhaps' first place must be given to the statement of the Southern...


The Spectator

In view of the meagre interest yields now obtainable from British Funds and other trustee securities, it is not surprising that an eager search should be made by investors for...


The Spectator

Gold Hoarding IT says something for the enduring faith which is placed in an ultimate return to the gold standard by the leading countries that, in spite of the fact that...

Financial Notes

The Spectator

INVESTMENT STOCKS FIRM. AT the end of last week prices on the Stock - Exchange were inclined to droop, more especially in the speculative markets, where some rather weak...

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The Spectator

Signs of better trade are noticeable in the returns of the big Stores, and the annual report of Selfridge and Co. for the year to January 31st last showed an improvement in the...


The Spectator

The great success of these operations has been due to four main causes. The first and perhaps the most important has been the cheapness of money, which has driven British...


The Spectator

Another hopeful industrial report which has appeared recently is that of the Bradford Dyers' Association. The profit for the year, before deducting depreciation and Deben- ture...


The Spectator

Not by any means for the' first time, the market for Home Industrial securities has received a fillip from good results announced by Courtaulds. Moreover, it is a good feature...


The Spectator

In view of the strength of high-class investment securities I have little doubt that the latest Australian Conversion Loan—the particulars of which became known last Tuesday—...

A Hundied Years Ago

The Spectator

STOCK EXCHANQE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. Our market has been in a state of great activity and excitement during the whole week ; and the business trabsacted both in the English and...


The Spectator

At the meeting held this week of shareholders of the Wandsworth and District Gas Company, the Chairman, Mr. Frank H. Jones, called attention to the fact that the company will...

The latest report of the British South Africa Company is

The Spectator

a satisfactory one, the profit being 1308,928 against /172,900. Among other things, the report shows that the deficit on the railways, where liabilities under guarantees are...

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" The Spectator" Crossword No. 74

The Spectator

BY XANTHIPPE. [A prize of one guinea will be given to the sender of the first correct solution of this week's crossword puzzle to be opened. Envelopes should be marked "...


The Spectator

, I I it, Ai I I us SI ei Hi ttl8 1 , VI Al SI CI Or51 AI O1 AIM' Tr. , El RI C.IKIN11 AINlivinif yil vi f :T a gil; RI AI TI I [Of N1 . 11E11 GI SI HI Of TI AI TI DI Afw...