24 FEBRUARY 1844

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EIGHT nights have been consumed by the great party debate on Ireland in the House of Commons, and it is not closed at the time we write these lines. Though exceedingly tedious,...

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A sweep of the horizon abroad exhibits little that is

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of para- mount interest. The Peninsula is still in its double paroxysm of disorder. Por- tugal, not yet emerged from its Ministerial revolution, is under- going all the...

atbatts anb %hatchings in Varliament.

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STATE OF IRELAND. The adjourned debate on Ireland was opened on Monday by Mr. Boraxes/ ; who entered his protest, as an English Member, against the policy pursued by the...

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Int Ifletropolis.

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A Court of Aldermen was held on Tuesday, for the despatch of busi- ness; but the business was of a nature possessing little general interest. Among the petitions presented was...

Zbz Court.

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THE Queen remains at Windsor, nearly as much secluded as ever ; the sharp weather, however, not altogether preventing out-door exercise. Divine service was performed in the...

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A report has prevailed in Dublin, as well as in London, that Lord De Grey is to retire from the Viceroyalty ; to be succeeded by Lord Wharn- cliffe, or the Earl of Westmoreland....


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The Kilmarnock Journal states that Mr. Alexander Johnston has no intention of resigning his seat ; but has paired off for a time with a Conservative Member, in expectation that...

_foreign arta Colonial.

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Fee:sea—The political news in Paris possesses little interest. On the 15th instant, Marshal Soult asked the Chamber of Deputies for an extraordinary credit of 300,0001., to...

Ebe Vrobinces.

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Anti-League meetings are recorded at Durham, where the Duke of Cleveland attended, and 5001. was subscribed; Bridport, Sturminster, in Dorsetshire ; Rugby, in Warwickshire ;...

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The Leipzic Gazette, a journal generally cautious and well-informed upon home affairs, states that the late Duke Ernest of Saxe Coburg and Gotha has left personal property to...

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SATURDAY NIGHT. The " monster " debate has closed at last, in a division at four o'clock this morning ; and the Ministerial majority of 99 is testimony to the un- impaired...

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Mr. Monckton Manes has received a communication from his con-

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stituents at Pontefract, dissenting from the liberal sentiments he ex- pressed in the late debate with reference to the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland : they are determined to...

In the House of Lords, yesterday, sitting in appeal, the

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Lord Chan- cellor and Lord Cottenham delivered judgment in the ease of the Queen versus Millis, declaring invalid " Presbyterian marriages " in Ireland— marriages solemnized by...


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Strom EXCBANGE, FRIDAY' Arrest:nom The English Stock Market was steady until this morning, and the fluctua- tion was quite trifling; the tendency being upwards, and the...


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THEATRICAL entertainments have assumed so decidedly sensual a cha- racter—using the term only as the converse of intellectual—that the ballet is become a principal ingredient....

The Queen Dowager has been pleased to appoint the Marchioness

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of Ormonde to be one of the Ladies of her Majesty's Bedchamber, in the place of the Countess of Mayo, deceased.—London Gazette, Feb. 23. The Queen has been pleased to appoint...

The Paris papers of Thursday and the Southern mails, delayed

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by the hard weather, have been received this afternoon. A proposition in the French Chamber of Deputies, by M. Remusat, to exclude Govern- ment functionaries from the Chamber,...

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A fresh piece of pleasantry (from the French, of course)

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was pro- duced at the Haymarket on Thursday, under the title of Grist to the A miserly Marquis is surprised in his dilapidated chateau by a royal visiter, who rates him for his...

" General Tom Thumb," the tiny attraction at the Princess's,

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is an extraordinary speck of humanity, that should be exhibited on a table in a parlour, and not on the stage of a theatre. His American diminu- tiveness is a prodigy in his way...

Monsieur ACHARD has been summoned back from Boulogne to supply

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the place of M. L'HERIE, who, we regret to find, is not likely to reappear. In the interim, the favourite piece Les 2Ifemoires du Diable has been performed very effectively ;...


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THE PRO-CORN-LAW LEAGUE. " MELIOR casus possidentis," says the gibberish of the civilians. Because he has two chances where the claimant has only one : the failure of the...

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MR. MACAULAY'S speech in the Irish debate is generally and justly spoken of as one of his very happiest efforts. There is more free- dom in it—less of stilted sentence-making—a...


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TILE debate of Wednesday in the House of Commons on the Duke of RICHMOND'S bill for the relief of distressed gamblers—waiving the unworthiness of the subject, and the effrontery...

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Novsurx is not less required—and it is more attended to—in the performances at the Old Bailey than in those either of Parliament or the Theatres. The plea of " alibi" may indeed...


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Lidoons,nr. Memoir and Correspondence of Mrs. Grant of Laggan, Author of Letters from the Mountains," " Memoirs of an American Lady," etc. Edited by her Son. J. P. Grant, Esq....

ENGLISH CHANCELLORS. — Sir Robert Peel, who is fond of such subjects,

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mentioned last night a striking fact, in the number of men who have risen, within the last eight or ten years, from the comparatively obscure social posi- tion in which they...

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LIEUTENANT OUCHTERLONY appears to have joined the expedition against China at an early period, and to have continued with it till the termination of the war ; after which he...

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THE scene of this historical romance is laid in Russia, towards the close of the fifteenth century, during the reign of Io-ann or Ivan the Third, who first consolidated the...

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From February 161h to February 22d. BOOKS. The Chinese War : an Account of all the Operations of the British Forces, from the commencement to the Treaty of Nanking. By Lien-...

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Slow Movement and Rondo for the Pianoforte, inscribed to the

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Misses Horn. Composed by W. JecasoN. Mr. JACKSON discovers great innocence and purity of intention in his composition : we are carried back on his page to the simplicity of old...


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MR. KNIGHT'S "PENINSULAR HEROES." Ma. J. P. KNIGHT, the newly-elected Royal Academician, has just completed a companion-picture to his Heroes of Waterloo, which he entitles...

Fisher! fear not on the Ocean"; Song written by W.

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EDWARDS &arra, Esq. ; the Music composed by JOSEPH PHILIP KNIG HT. The power of this piece rests principally in the triplets of the accom- paniment and the cadences. There is a...

Le Carnaval de Venise; Andante et VariationsBurlesques sur la Canzonetta

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" Cara Mamma hue"; avec Accompagnement de Piano ou Quatuor et de Contre-basse, par H. W. ERNST. These variations, lately the subject of a professional feud between &von' and...


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Miserere for several Voices, with Choruses, composed by DONIZETTI. (The Accompaniment, for Pianoforte or Organ, adapted by the Composer.) THE later works of DorazErri have...

Les Espagnoles Valses Brillantes, composees et dediies a ton Altesse

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Madanie la Duchesse de la Victorie, par ELISE Lanarrz. These pieces have merit in their way. Fancy and originality my be wanting in the melodies ; but they are not without a...

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Wita.omcz, Feb. 23.-17th Light Drags.- Sec. Class Staff•Surg. J. B. Gibson, M.D. to be Sorg. vice Pilkington, promoted on the Staff. Fusilier Guards-The Hon. J. W. Fortescue to...


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BIRTHS. On the 12th February, at Edinburgh, the Wife of the Rev. Dr. DUNCAN, Professor of Oriental Languages, of a daughter. On the 16th. at Heston Hall, Hestou, the Lady of...


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PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Woodward and Wiles, Sheffield. iron-merchants-Fry and Sharland, Bishopsgate Street Within, milliners-Peers sad Baker. Birkeuhead.stanemasous-Osborn and...


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Aaamse-At Gravesend, 19th instant. Timandm, Skinner, from Calcutta ; Mt, British Sovereign. Cow ; and John Cooper, Salmon, from ditto; 224. Eliza. Nelson, from China: Avoca....

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BRITISH FUN DS. (Closing Saturday Monday Tuesday Prices.) Widnes Thurs. Friday: 3 per Cent. Consols ....... • 84 971 971 971 971 975 Ditto for Account 974 971 971 974 971...