25 FEBRUARY 1854

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WHEN . Lord Clanrioarde forced on the House of Lords statements purporting to raise a legitimate discussion upon the Eastern Blue- WHEN . Lord Clanrioarde forced on the House of...

Ministers have claimed in Parliament the right to reserve the

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statement of their intentions with regard to the method of prose- cuting the war,—a reserve quite distinct from that which has been well abandoned in the diplomatic part of the...

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Although the fact has been continually noticed, it is impossible

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to reject from the present elements of political calculation the ac- tual-state of trade, external commerce, and money matters in this country. Notwithstanding the advance of...

It would appear that in France the preparations must be

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on an equal scale, at least, though there is not the same machinery for securing to the public such daily knowledge of the details. The French contingent is now expected to...

The pardon accorded to Mr. Smith O'Brien is a step

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as well- grounded as it is well-timed. His comrades in treason, and in chastisement, had escaped from custody in Van Diemen's Land by a breach of parole ; and thus, added to the...

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OP THE WEER. 110ufis OP LOrms. Monday, Feb. 20. No business of importance. lisesdeb. 21. Barnstaple Election ; Petition presented from Lord Ebrington. ,Thurs...

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THE records of the Court newsman show that "the season"

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has fairly commenced both for business and pleasure. At a Privy Council, on Saturday, fully attended, a proclamation by the Queen was ordered to be issued, prohibiting the...


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Lord John Russell's Bill to amend the Representation of the People in England and Wales was circulated on Thursday. It describes in legal phrase the proposals announced in...

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A large number of Liberals, obedient to the summons of Mr. Hume, met in one of the Committee-rooms of the House of Commons on Tues- day. Mr. Hume explained, that he had called...

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Lord Lieburne has been elected, without opposition, for Cardiganshire, in the room of Colonel Powell. Derby is indignant at the termination of the prosecution of Major...

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FnaNcE.—The Honiteur has produced an unusual number of interest- ing leading articles this week. It announced on Sunday that the answer expected from St. Petersburg had arrived...


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As it was anticipated last week, Mr. Fortescue has gained a complete 'victory at Louth. There was a stormy scene at the nomination : Mr. Fortescue was not heard ; but he created...

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The warlike preparations of the past month for the embarkation of the first division of the Anglo-French army for service in European Turkey have now approached completion, and...


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A Supplement to the Gazette of the 17th instant contained the follow- ing proclamation, agreed to by the Privy Council on Saturday. " BY THE QUEEN. A PROCLAMATION. "Victoria,...

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SATURDAY. Before they did so, however, amid some preliminary speaking, Sir Joint WALSH enlarged on his doctrine that, in the present state of the world, we ought to become a...

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The Italdemadal Board" of Oxford University have attempted a coup

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d'etat. On Saturday last, after twoeam ' obstructive delay, they put forth - a project of reform of their own, y intended to supersede the Go- vernment and all other plans. The...

Commissary-General Filder, C.B., an officer of great experience, who, after ,

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going through the whole of the operations of the Peninsular war, was intrusted with the charge of the department at Gibraltar,. Malta, the West Indies, and Canada, has been...

Advises from St. Petersburg to the 16th instant mention, that

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in con- sequence of the breaking off of diplomatic relations, the English residents had waited upon the British Ambassador ; by whom they were informed that Count Nesselrode had...

MONEY MARKET. STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY aFrzsnoois. Confidence in the success

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of the allied forces opposed to Russia has been further manifested this week in the English Stock Market ; and although a depression of / occurred on Monday on the announcement...


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DURING THE WEEK ENDING FEBRUARY 25. House of Commons. LEGISLATIVE DEPARTMENT. Title. By whom introduced. Stage arrived at. Education (Scotland) Lord Advocate Leave given....

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Mr. Ella has begun his " Musical Winter Evenings" ;

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an annual series of concerts which precede those of the Musical 'Union, and are on exactly the same plan. On Thursday evening a large and fashionable audience assembled to...

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JOHN MARTIN. The death of Mr. Martin, which belongs to the present week's obituary, bereaves us of the one among our artists who was probably the best known abroad. In France...


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The production of _V Doile du Nord, the new opera by M. Meyerbeer, at the Opera Comique, has created so great a sensation, that the cor- respondents of the London paws...


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Mr. Hullah continues to give his concerts at St. Martin's Hall with the success which is due to his most valuable exertions for the improve- ment of choral music in this...

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g33,702,593 Mr. Charles Kean, in bringing out Cibber's version of Richard the Third, has proceeded with all due caution. The extra leaf of his play-bill, usu- Mr. Charles Kean,...

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exposed it in the market-place,paint-pot and brush by its side, that all who objectedmight indicate by a dab of paint the A- PAINTER, we are told, desirous of rendering his work...


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CAUSES AND OBJECTS OF THE WAR. Ma. Disitartr took advantage of that which is a natural and laudable desire on the part of the public, to understand why it is going to war, and...

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NOT long since, an idea was thrown out that probably an addition might be made to the Cabinet in order to constitute a separate "Ministry of War" for the conduct of affairs...


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THE great cause of Lumley versus Gye has terminated in the de- feat of Mr. Lumley's suit ; the Jury recognizing breach of contract by Miss Wagner, at Mr. Gye's instigation, but...

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SMYTH'S YEAR WITH THE TURKS. * Aianorron Mr. Smyth's volume is confined to the account of a year's journeying in European and Asiatic Turkey, it contains the result of much more...

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PARINI'S ROMAN STATE. * THE public avocations of Mr. Gladstone have

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prevented him from concluding the translation of the history which he originally intro- duced to the English world. He has therefore deputed the task to a lady, subject to his "...

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As Gil Blas reflected when he saw his companions so skilfully stowing the Jew's ducats about their persons, " there is nothing like knowing one's business." Incessant...


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Boors. Himalayan Journal; or Notes of a Naturalist in Bengal, the Sikkim and Nepaul Himalayas, the Khasia Mountains, &c. By Joseph Dalton Hooker, M.D., F.R.S. With Maps and...

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WAIL-OFFICE, Feb. 21.—Brevet—Lieut.-Gen. Fitzroy James Henry Lord Raglan, G.C.B. to be Commander of the Forces about proceeding on a particular service, with the rank of General...


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On the 11th February, at Naples, the Lady of Sir George Beaumont, Bart., of a daughter. On the 15th, at Methley, Yorkshire, the lion. Mrs. Philip Savile, of a son, which...

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ADMIRALTY, Feb. H.-Corps of Royal Marines-First Lieut. and Adjt. T. Forrest to be Capt. vice T. B. Gray, appointed Paymaster ; Sec. Lieut. F. L David to be First Lieut. vice...


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BRITISH P U N D S. (Closing Saturd.Meaday. Prices.) Tuesday. Wednes. Friday, 3 per Cent Consols 911 901 91 912 915 Ditto for Account 911 90 1 901 911 91 918 911 3...


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Tuesday, February 21. PARTNERSHIPS Dissotyria-Bowen and Bloch, Portland, ship-agents-Spencer and Sargent, Birmingham, attornies -Elliott and Co. South Shields, chemists- Wright...