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Special Article by F. W. Paish FRANCIS BOYD: Mr. Bevan's Search for Power JAMES POPE-HENNESSY: City Churches JOHN METCALF: New Novels J. P. W. MALLALIEU: Sheffield Setting

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o consider and report whether liability under the criminal law in .Great Britain to suffer capital punishment for murder should be limited or modified, and, if so, to what...


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No. 6 5 3 5 FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 1953 PRICE 7d.

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Unrest in Georgia

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The news of another major reshuffle in the Soviet leadership in Georgia, the third within a year, is of increased significance when considered in the context of the wider...

Korea : The Russians Return

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The Russian-North Korean conference in Moscow came to a highly successful conclusion for Kim Il-sung, the North Korean Prime Minister, and his colleagues. Whatever the prospecti...

Londonisation and Scotland

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When the representatives of the Scottish Covenant Associa- tion gave evidence before the Royal Commission on Scottish Affairs, they were asked by the chairman to submit further...

The Lady Vanishes

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Mrs. Donald Maclean vanished as suddenly and completely as her husband before her. From Geneva to Buchs on the Austrian border—so far she was tracked, no further. But Buchs...

Next week's " Spectator " will be a special Autumn

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O NLY the more starry-eyed observers of 'the European scene have ever expected a quick solution to the prob- lems of West European co-operation, and in particular to the central...

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The Regimented Roadside If it is really necessary for every

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bus stop on every country road to be marked by an eight-foot-high steel post painted in black and white stripes, need these erections be surmounted by the legend " Bus Stop " ?...

No Cause for Alarm It was with something of the

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trepidation of a maiden aunt who knows her favourite nephew is having his first encounter with a demi-mondaine that I tuned into the opening instalment of Journey Into Space,...


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T HE va et vient of the past few days has almost reduced the Iron Curtain to the status of a bedroom door in a French farce. Hardly has it closed on Mrs. Maclean when a Korean...

The Moment of Truth For years and years, reading interviews

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in the popular Press, one has known that the people interviewed never uttered the precise words attributed to them. The visiting film-stars, the bereaved mothers, the bankrupt,...

Under Surveillance Instead I began to try to work out

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the scale of the resources which the security authorities would need to deploy if they wanted seriously to impair anyone's chances (my own, for instance) of vanishing behind the...

A Funny Kind of a Newspaper I shall not easily

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forget the face of the seventeen year old American schoolboy, eating his first breakfast in England and perusing for the first time in his life a copy of The Thnes. Why," he...

Taken for a Ride When you build a new town,

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you have first to put up accom- modation for the builders to live in. A man I know, visiting the half-completed satellite community at A early one morning, saw the workmen who...

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Need We Fear an American Depression?

The Spectator

By F. W. PALSH* E VER since the end of the war, observers in many countries have been awaiting—some eagerly, some fearfully—the onset of a new business depression in the United...

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Mr. Bevan In Search of Power

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By FRANCIS BOYD T HE most consistent political activity in which Mr. Bevan has, been engaged throughout his life has been his search for the source of power. His search led him...

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The Price. of Memories

The Spectator

In last week's Spectator Mr. G. W. Mitchell, who has been a miner for thirty-six years, wrote on the problems of coal production. Mr. J. R. L. Anderson, who now replies, is a...

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No Zuider Zee

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By JOHN USBORNE I CONFESS with shame that till about' two years ago I had not realised that there was no longer a Zuider Zee. I forget how I came to hear about it; well-founded...

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Gates of Death and a Resurrection

The Spectator

By JAMES POPE-HENNESSY E ARLIER this year I was given, by the kindness of some- one who had known him well, two water-colour sketches by Augustus Hare. These drawings are as...

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All's Well That Ends Well. By William Shakespeare. (Old Vic) —Trial and Error. By Kenneth Home. (Vaudeville.) Henry IV, Part 1. By William Shakespeare. (King's, Hammer- smith.)...


The Spectator

OPERA A Mythological Comedy Die Liebe der Danae, the second of Strauss's late operas to be given at Covent Garden by the Bavarian State Opera, is a touchstone which reveals...

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The Man Between. (Carlton.) -Is Your Honeymoon Really Necessary ? (Gaumont.) WHEN making a thriller Carol Reed naturally turns to the square miles of the world which, at the...


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" Come here," said Turnbull, " and see the sorrow In the horse's eyes, If you had his big hooves under you there'd be sorrow In your eyes too." And 'twas clear that he well...


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Walter. Gore Ballet (Princes Theatre.) A NEW ballet formed by Walter Gore has made its London debut at the. Princes Theatre. For a long time one has hoped that some such project...

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Tbe g)pertator, gnptentber 24t1j, 1853

The Spectator

DICKENS'S BLEAK HOUSE* "I BELIEVE I have never had so many readers," says Mr. Dickens in the preface to Bleak House, "as in this book." We have no doubt that he has the...


The Spectator

Set by Horace Wyndham Although factually correct and apparently flattering, obituary notices of public characters, if read between the lines, are apt to give a different...


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Report by L. Airey It has been proposed that the Labour Party anthem " The Red Flag," with its references to " martyred dead " and " gallows grim" should be brought up to date....

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Rorse-shoe Luck

The Spectator

Digging in the hillside below the conifers, where I have 'romised to make a rockery, I discovered a horseshoe. It was a rusty and Well-worn old shoe. The blacksmith who made it...


The Spectator

The growth of most things comes slowly to a standstill at the end of the season and even the horse's tail fails to appear again if pulled in autumn. One can harvest chickweed...


The Spectator

LAsr week, without murderous intent, I walked up through the wood with a gun and watched the reaction of birds to my presence. Of all birds I think the crows know the gun best....

Ripening Fruit

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Green tomatoes and hard pears are often the last things to be brought in when frosts begin and both ripen well if stored in a drawer or kept away from light at the back of a...

The Angler's Prayer .

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Above my desk hangs the Angler's Prayer. I smile every time I read: God give me grace to catch a fish, So large that even I, When talking of it afterwards May never need to...

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Sporting Aspects

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Sheffield Setting By J. P. W. MALLALIEU S HEFFIELD, they say, is an ugly picture in a beautiful frame. There is no doubt about the frame, at least if you come through the...

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have read with keen interest the letters in recent issues

The Spectator

of the Spectator on the British Ass. Broadly, I would agree with the criticisms made by your correspondents. The B.A., as at present organised, is an anachronism. It was...


The Spectator

The British Association Snt,—Your correspondence on the British Association has an old familiar , ring. I can recall the phrase " wastepaper basket of the learned societies "...

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Text and Context

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SIR,—It has just been brought to my notice that Bouillane de Lacoste, in his edition of Les Illuminations of Rimbaud, which Mr. Fowlie used for his translations, gives the...

The Vice of Work

The Spectator

SIR,—ln her disrespectful denigration of Work as expressed in her spirited essay, Mrs. Jacquetta Hawkes seems, surprisingly, to suggest that the Americans are less maniacally...

Africa's " History "

The Spectator

SIR,—In Mr. Thomas Hodgkin's otherwise most interesting article in your issue last week, he mentions that my recent book on Africa opens with the statement that it is " a...

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Mr. Davie Replies

The Spectator

Snt,—I am sorry to have said that Mr. G. S. Fraser was associated with Colonnade in an editorial capacity, whereas, as Mr. Iain Fletcher says, he has appeared in its pages only...

Student Harvesters

The Spectator

SIR,—For six years in succession German students have been visiting Britain to help with the harvest. In past years appeals were made to families to offer hospitality which...

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Books of the Week

The Spectator

Dean Inge and England By H. J. FAIRLIE T the age of ninety-two: Dean Inge contributed to the January issue of The Hibbert Journal this year an article on Russian theology, which...

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The Indispensable Century

The Spectator

French Thought in the Eighteenth Century. Edited by Geoffrey Brereton. • (Cassell. 12s. 6d.) Diderot: Selected Philosophical Writings. Edited by John Lough. (Cambridge...

Cretan Labyrinth

The Spectator

Appointment in Crete. By A. M. Rendel. (Alan Wingate. 15s.) "No. There isn't much chance of washing and you don't feel much inclined in this cold weather. They never do."...

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Sour Grapes

The Spectator

MEN long in opposition can hardly fail to disappoint their supporters when at last they are in power. How much more must this be so with the Indian Congress, which took office...

Chinese Childhood

The Spectator

Daughter of Confucius.. By Wong Su-Ling and E. H. Cressy. ' (Gollancz. 16s.) THE intricate, complex and—for Western eyes—utterly alien pattern of life in the big traditional...

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A Minor Novelist

The Spectator

Marriage. By Susan Ferrier. (Nelson Classics. 4s.) " IF the present writer, himself a phantom, may be peimitted to distinguish a brother or perhaps a sister shadow, he would...


The Spectator

Herodotus : Father of History. By John L. Myers. (O.U.P. 30s.) IT may be that young men in Persia are no longer taught to ride, to shoot straight and to speak the truth ; and...

Beyond Tragedy

The Spectator

Tragedy Is Not Enough. By Karl Jaspers. (Gollancz. 8s. 6d.) THIS is a book which one reads with mounting excitement and satis- faction. The first glance discloses the excellence...

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New Novels

The Spectator

THE reviewer hopes for an interesting book once every few months ; four in one week destroy his carefully constructed attitudes ; and worse, keep him awake at night doing the...

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It Takes All Kinds. By Maurice Zolotow. (W. H. Allen.

The Spectator

15s.) THE century of the common man in the United States is rapidly turning into the century of the psychiatrist. It is curious that the two least exact " sciences " recently...

On Either Side of the Equator. By Colonel P. T.

The Spectator

Etherton. (John Long. 16s.) A Long Way South. By Geoffrey Dutton. (Chapman & Hall. 18s.) THE Himalayas, Turkistan, Yarkand, the Heavenly Mountains, Rio de Janeiro; Kalmuks,...

SIR CHARLES FIRTH'S well-known book, first published in 1900, is

The Spectator

a welcome addition to the World's Classics series. Cromwell's greatness has emerged , secure from two centuries of bitter controversy. Mr. G. M. Young remarks in his...


The Spectator

The Little Men in My Life. Jonathan Routh. (James Barrie. 8s. 6d.) To everyone's surprise, particularly that of the author, this is an autobiography. At the age of six Mr. Routh...

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By CUSTOS IT was quite like old times for the Bank to announce a change in Bank rate without warning, that is, after the usual Thursday meeting of the Court. The sharpness of...

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IA Book Token for one guinea will be awarded to the sender of the first correct solution opened after noon or, Tuesday week, October 6th addressed Crossword, and bearing NUMBER...

Solution to Crossword No. 747 mmnann mmnm WORM ME M=

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nnmannrim amino WWII M OBEIND wniAmn, iinorannnw 13 CI 13 i41 13 11 WOCCIF11136 1:431311t1 WormRemmIninil Solution on October 9th The winner of Spectator Crossword No. 747....