26 NOVEMBER 1831

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The French Ministers have displayed a degree of resolution and

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vigour which those of England would do well to imitate—they have created thirty-six Peers, for the purpose of carrying that law for which the demands of the nation and the votes...


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THE Ministry have disappointed the wishes of their enemies and the fears of their friends : Parliament meets on the nth, for the despatch of " divers urgent and important...

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POLITICAL. UNIONS. I' Wrzs.ram R.—Whereas certain of our subjects, in different parts of our King- dom, have recently promulgated plans fur voluntary associations, under the...

Although the Allied Sovereigns have formally and solemnly re- cognized

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the King of Belgium, the King of Holland still holds out. His Dutch Majesty is said to be encouraged in his obsti- nacy by a " great capitalist"—we don't know what great...

Bombay papers to the 30th of June describe the whole

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of My- sore as in a disturbed state. The Governor was proceeding to that district ; and it was understood that all the Bangalore ;force under General HAWKER would he called into...

THE KING.—His Majesty came to town on Monday, for the

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purpose of holding a Privy Council, in order to issue the necessary proclamation for the meeting of Parliament, which had been agreed on at the Cabinet meeting of Saturday....

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Tilt: UN1ON.—The Council of the Union met on Tlies■ day,

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for the purpose of considering the plan Of organieetiou t. LW, had been submitted to the Union the previous week. Mr—Attwood, time Chairman, delivered a brief address ; in which...

At Edinburgh, it was meant to advertise for an address

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to tile King for not consenting to a creation of Peers ; but some head more cunning than the rest suggested the propriety of first ascertaining the fact, and this suggestion put...

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Tun BRISTOL RIOTS. —An answer to the request of the people

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of Bristol, communicated by Government through their representatives, was received in Bristol last week. Lord Melbourne says- " If there is reason to presume that these...

No RFOLK.—A meeting of the nobility, gentry, clergy, and freeholders,

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of this important county took place on Saturday. The requisition for the meeting was signed, among others, by the Dukes of Norfolk and Graf- ton, Lords Albemarle, Suffield,...

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Remained on the 10th 36 12 6 New Cases on

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the 18th 19th 8 6 7 14 S 3 20'h 4 5 3 21st 9 4 2 22nd 0 .. . 6 7 23rd ...... .... 0 5 . . 3 Tr.tal cases since last week's report.71 .. 46 31 Recoveries on the 10th 19th...

CITY OF LONDON BOARD OF HEALTH.—The Committee now meet only

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three times a week. Notwithstanding the mysterious and unfavourable accounts from Sunderland, there does not appear to exist in the City an atom of alarm. On the contrary, the...

Lusts Bonoucus.—A Board of Inquiry, consisting of Sir Thomas Yates,

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Captain Gibbs, and four other gentlemen, are now engaged in gleaning information on the state of the representation of the boroughs in Ireland. The following are the points of...

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MR. NEEaU axe ins LtoY.—The late Mr. Rundell, it is

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well known, accumulated by his business, long and sedulously pursued, a fortune which may be well deemed princely. He left very considerable legacies to various connexions ; but...

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PONTSOKEN WA:tn.—The Court of King's Bench has definitively de- cided

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that the Aldermen have the sole right of admitting or not admit- ting any representative of a ward who may be offered to their accept- ance ; and therefore that Mr. Scales...

THE ITALIAN Bor.—On Saturday, a strict search in the garden

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be- longing to the cottage occupied by Bishop, at Nova Scotia Gardens, and also the cellar of the cottage, was made. The search was for some time unsuccessful : at length the...

Tau Brsusse OF Exams:a—Dr. Phillpotts applied for, and obtained,. in

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the Court of King's Bench, yesterday, a rule to show cause against a person named Conker, against whom his Lordship is desirous to file a criminal information. The...

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SUICIDES.—An inquest was held, on Wednesday, at St. Georges Hos-

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pital, on the body of an elderly woman, of respectable appearance, who was found drowned in Rosamond's Pond, in the Green Park, on Mon- day last. The body did not appear to have...

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VERY Mrsrastious.—Rumours are afloat to-day relative to Lord Grey, which,

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if true, will necessarily lead to a change in the Cabinet, inde- pendently of political reasons. Should these rumours prove well founded, it will be seen why we cannot now more...

WHAT WILL MR. IRVING DO?—The interrogative system has been much

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in fashion of late, and we have had " What will the People do ?" " What will the Commons do ?" " What will the Lords do '?" " What will the King do ?" asked and answered in...

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SIERRA LEONE Mixon.— The Britomart transport, Lieutenant Birdwood, agent, which

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arrived from Fernando Po, on Thursday, at Portsmouth, brings accounts of several recent deaths in this inhospitable- and ill-fated colony. Lieutenant Ingle Sulivan, who went...

SIR WALTER SCOTT'S MEMORY.—His trim", Mr. Thomas. Campbell called upon

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him one evening to show him the manuscript of a poem he had written—the Pleasures of cope. Sir Walter happened to have some fine old whisky in O.:ells:Rise, and his friend sat...

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INFLUENCE OF OCCUPATION UPON THE DURATION OF LIFE—Amongst men of genius, or those who have distinguished themselves in science or literature, life is, at least in modern times,...

Is not this the fast that I have chosen ?

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To loose the hands of wickedness ; to undo the heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed go free; and that ye break every yoke ? Is it not to deal thy bread to the hungry, and...


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STOCK EXCIIANGE, FRIDAY EveNiNe.—Consols closed on Saturday at 821, 1, for the Account ; Exchequer Bills at Os. to Ps. prem. The more settled aspect of affairs on the Continent,...


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The Jane, Young, (late) `Spottiswoode, from London to Bombay, was totally lost on the 7th June, twenty miles to the northward of the latter port ; mew, pas- sengers. and part of...


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SPECTATOR OFFICE, SATURDAY, Two o'ceocm. Dr. Daun's Report of Cholera Cases for the 24th. Cholera Al orbus. Common. Malignant. Remained at last Report 16 11 New Cases 3 3...

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Tuesday, Vac. 22. INSOLVENTS. GUNTON, JOHN, Cheltenham, confectioner, Nov. 19. WRIGHT, TE,031AS, Chaddesley Corbett, Worcestershire, blacksmith, Nov. 21. BANKRUPTCY...


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The Lord Bishop of Peterborough will hold an Ordination on Sim:lay, 1st January. The Lord Bishop of Oxford has restored the otlice of Rural Dean in his Diocese, and has...


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In a Congregation holden on the 17th Instant, the following Degrees were Conferred:-.11asters of Arts-E. Bengal, Magdalen hall ; T. I). Brown and J. C. Chaytor. eVorcester...


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WAR-OFFICE, Nov. 25.-4th Regiment of Foot : Ensign C. C. Elton, front the 6:11t1 Regt. to be Ens. vice Griffith. promoted-3oth Foot : Paytnaster D. Hay. from the half-pay of the...


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In Hertford Street, May Folr, : r-777 , :•N DUI-WE?, Es,:. ;f a son. 17:h. in Grosvenor of a a .• On :- lad.. at Walmer, the H e Rear al.Y. of a in II mover Scar.._, :he Laey Cf...

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BURRING. WHATEVER may be the result of the approaching trialof Bistior and his companions for their alleged share in the destruction of the unfortunate Italian boy,*we fear...


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THE Tories complain that the Reform Bill is democratic in its ten- dencies. We have no wish to deny what forms its only recom- mendation. It is democratic, and if it were not it...

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OUR last week's attempt to lay before our readers some account of the scramble for public money, so long maintained by that branch of the Legislature which would at present fain...

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The corrections of the Anatomy, which correspondents or in- vestigation

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have suggested, with the exception of some typog,ra- &cal errors, are chiefly additive. We will not go into these mi- nutely on the present occasion, as it is our intention, at...


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THE hint which we threw out respecting R Barbiere has been acted upon by the Drury Lane Managers. The entire opera of ROSSINI has been put into the hands of Messrs. BISHOP and...

UNPLEASANT MISTAKES.—Personal resemblances are no doubt very frequently so strong

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as to be confounded easily. I knew an instance of a person paying his addresses to one sister, and offering to the other by mistake, was accepted and married ; and he did not...


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THE following Notes on Barons CLANBRASSIL and ORIEL are from an Irish correspondent. Baron Clanbrassil, Earl Roden. Robert Jocelyn, born in 1758. Created an English Peer, by...

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POLITICS, An Essay on the Future Destinies of Europe. From the French of M. D'Erbigny POLITICAL ECONOMY, The Rights of Industry: addressed to the Work- ing-Men of the United...

The Rights of Industry is a little work which, at

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all times, must have been valuable for the soundness of its principles, and the clear and lucid method in which they are explained to the compre- hension of any ordinarily...

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The Social System, by ;JOHN GRAY, is an elaborate volume,

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the object of which is to expound to the world a new theory of so- ciety. Mr. GaAs' examines the present social system, as far as it is connected with industry and commerce, and...

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Cameron is a novel of the old school ; written,

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however, with a good deal of modern talent. Its plan resembles the complicated webs of doubt and disappointment which used to be woven by the novelist of five-and-twenty years...

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AT length it seems likely that we shall have a series of really clever por- traits of popular Actresses; not mere fancy heads, or set likenesses, but characteristic sketches at...

The Companion to the Almanac, for 1832, is a valuable

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compi- lation, and deserves the attention of all persons desirous of procur- ing the statistical and legislative results which have been come to in the course of the past year....

By some especial favour, the compiler of the Selections from

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Wordsworth and Southey has been permitted to condense the beauties of these authors into two closely-printed school-books, which we shall have great pleasure in installing into...


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PORTRAIT OF LORD BROUGHAM. WE were curious to see what LAWRENCE had made of Lord Brougham's face ; and we find, as we expected, that he has neutralized the peculiar character...

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H. B. has made a "palpable hit" at the framers of the new Game-Laws, by representing the Duke of Richmond and Lord Wharncliffe keeping a game-stall, and the Duke of Wellington...


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HOWEVER. much we have reason to condemn the taste of our modern architects in their designs for public edifices, we have not the same ob- jections to make to those for private...


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WE notice Mr. DUCROW'S representations of Tableaux Virantes, now exhibiting at Drury Lane Theatre, under this head, as they more properly belong to the class of pictorial than...

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Three papers were read to the Society-the first entitled "

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Facts ad- vanced in Refutation of the opinion that the Female Ornithorhyncus FS:redo:sus has Mammm;" by Sir Everard Home, Bart., F.R.S. - The se- cond, " On the Inequality of...


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November 17, 1831.-The First meeting of the Royal Society after the summer vacation was held last Thursday. J. W. LUBBOCK, Esq. V. P. and Treasurer, in the Chair. William...


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PUBLIC FUNDS. s 8 1i 1 84 Via s4 3 i !' 3 i I i oat W. 821 i 84 E3 83a4i $3 3 4 ., 31-163i/ ,, 34 iiii - - 'en S91 4 JO 8'J IhI 94 90 901 is 94 ti 9ot I t 91i 4 91 91044 981...