28 DECEMBER 1850

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SINGLE Parliamentary elections &repot lof much importanee just now, but those which are going farward help to relieve the same- ness of this eternal Anti-Papal,wivementl ,Ip tr...

The so-called Free Conference has met at Dresden. Its sittings

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opened on the 23d, and it is in full swing. Now that the consti- tution of the Conference is known, the apprehension that it was to be a mere consultation of princes and bureaux...

France is healed with smallpolitical scaidals and financial em= barrassments. The

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question of the " lingots d'or " has created a triple scandal in the National Assembly. A was raised by inter- pellations respecting a measure suspending on behalf of a particu-...

In the chronic irritation on the Romanist affair, the event

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of the week is the forthcoming of Lord St. Germans among the modera- tors. There have been more county and town nieeteigs,—as at Monmouth and Hereford, at which Mr. I. A....

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tbt Attruputiv.

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The elections of Common Councilmen took place on Monday ; the no- minations having been made on the previous Saturday, which was St. Thomas's Day. Some excitement was raised in...

14r (End. TUB Queen accompanied Prince Albert to town on

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Monday, and surveyed the building in Hyde Park which has been so marvellously extemporized for the purposes of that "World's Fair," next year, the idea of which the Prince...

The presentment of the Southwark outrage on the Austrian General

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Haynau from the foreign-point of view, through the pub- lication at Vienna of diplomatic despatches on the subject, shbuld be instructive to ourselves. Lord Palmerston seems to...

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The election contest at St. Alban's has been one of

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unusual excite- ment. At the nomination, on Tuesday, Mr. Jacob, Bell, the wealthy Quaker chemist, was proposed by Mr. Kinder, and seconded by Mr. Bow'. man amidst cries of " How...

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',furrigu uu

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GER3f ANY.--The:Dresden• Conference was opened in the Bruhl Palace on the 23d instant Varying lists have been given of the nominations which the different states have made :...


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The new mayoralty of Dublin will be most splendidly inaugurated by 'Air. Guinness, on the 21st of January, with a banquet, at which the Lord-Lieutenant has consented to lend the...


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The " Voluntaries," as the opponents of Church and State connexion are milled, held a meeting in the Music-Hall of Edinburgh on.Thursday last week, and agreed Co : resolutions...

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1 y : • • ,, 1.1. , r,;(1........,,,,—` Before the death of General ;74icliaXy,_ a,yler,. . itharci Fillmore, the present bead of -tbo,Unitett StatestOrfernoreor e thad...

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Eathaaium.—A serious inaccuracy -crept into the note of the .divoree

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ease King versus King, which appeared in our impression of the 14th instant. It stated that one of the grounds on which Mrs. King resisted the application for a divorce made by...

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A correspondent of the Daily Hews states that "the marble

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arch" is immediately to be erected on the site of Cumberland Gate, Hyde Park ; much to the benefit of the entrance to the mansion of the Duke of Somerset, the father of Lord...

e I have been an inhabitant of Belgravia for many

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years. I can bear witness to the despair with which formerly any benevolent person anxious to better the condition of the labouring classes in the neighbourhood soon gave up the...


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SATURDAY. Aylesbury has returned Mr. eleeeleriOt_ L Celeeet Q.C., for its Member of Parliament, in room of the late Lard Nugent At ' a t i l i i i e e reiiiitoe, en_ Thstraday...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. At the ordinary weekly meeting of theBank Directors held yesterday, it was determiued to raise the rate of discount from 21 to 3 per cent....

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vifit _tiPttartis. Au

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The productions of liOaang-nig4,. show that the taste for Christmas recreations, both with respect the.calertainers and the - entertained, 're- mains pretty much the setae as...

The Grand National Concerts, at Her Majesty's Theatre, were brought

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to a close on Monday ; after having, it is understood, been attended with a heavy loss to the gentlemen who undertook them. The plan wanted feasibility, and the amateur...


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.TA(LtiUlea Tadaro/I dp/410 Jrn,tglirennt) , :- I cw .st er4 . 1 • imoi Ad e s ate, publishers 4j) ,1 flistiiet. offence agaitlet law R ureatriotionsaim Catholics ; -but-if...

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BT. Amax's has made one effort towards purifying itself—et least if we may trust professions on the hustings; but if so, it has broken down in the effort. However, we distrust...


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instance, -andestrieter discipline in the neat —these are the two things which' we' have harped upon as most necessary to the much-needed reform-of railway administration ;...

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CliNTROVERSY touching the Exposition has almost ceased, except on the point of colouring„ newly raised, On the one side le Mr. Owen Jones, noted as a decorates; on the other,...

UNIVERSITY CAPABILITIES AND /NCAPABILITIES. Two academical correspondents, invite us, one

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to reconsider the, subject on which we touched last week, Learning and Education ; the other, to discuss a new question, that of University Degrees. Our correspondent "It." not...

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es 0f1 er ' Chisneelloriwould hava, ieTPecta- 45 brittlin'tkoposition WI

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.' to ( b4elkeesittdelyientbrtaineil '011ie entire abOlitiOn of th0 "iili ii tiep fahefrof if udicaar , fagr titol iiaeg.igra0f4.,Ati.,, Ily, ? : I 3 s ylt• ated in cti ....

t 5 111 f t

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yt .001 11' m .A.M • various subjects of knowled g e. When an " inceptive" de g ree in tiny of the faculties had thus been attained after specific examination, I would by no...


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CHANGES of the seasons, religious epochs, and historical events either peaceful or warlike, have been the most frequent sources of periodical commemoration. In English estimate...

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L E A ANN afx 3 .1 iii K v A l iiii N. o7e!

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, a,,,y,,(3_ AtIl ,T,Isk,A,v5„, - . - Ax t i m .,~,234 December 1850. tit, ..$ B yll a i t rZa/04/413%IrK i1; .. e l ldatION101 :7 4 , , 4 1k., ■ afi tteVIlaftaig9 dn...

what ie merel nominal CHURCH GOTERNMSNT.

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F to by yy ntemlibecia fhp_Legtalaturtrirlto is also a member of the r itk g sof deprais c =r g r a r a ..e.anam °41.11jv i bt 41) 1 :1 7ri n i t l b . i Teerh'aN i . n e...

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-oil " " ,aicoierrlE odT kee.i4oheiqrso ascii Jrigiut ao Inortitssat ..tovewoirettfiljnA.) boob

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4 Lae ' ,Tog PONLETAIT I MVIVVI LIf iknt l irlari / }Alit j r tt f li ti3 .,,ctodw ,osiwiorlto ',d t t l . l is swcd :Icousu 9llt 'l o oniselxo cdl et I SI BISTIEAS a ' 114 Ong...

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GHOST STORiBS. * IT is not sufficient for a ghost story

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to be merely a good stery,—that eerie& of strangekinoidents which excite the. interest - and.carry the reader along to the end. The dash ought to creep, the blood to. be...

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NA THA.LIBi s ' JULIA KAVANAGH is favourably known by several tales,

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mostly descriptive of foreign scenes and people, and by her Woman in France. In thepresent novel she has attempted a higher flight, in fiction, and with considerable success;...

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isOreil•Pftn ,7ctiSrs-ag9, ,k Twin!) migtitvtlittywoo,

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r one of the interlocutors) of .7 . 4sotpdeAr ;tf, tke,,,ifinottfentfa, Century, with, the objeet , of,,,persAaffing th0, world ,t,e adopt some scheme e cooperation. We, do not...


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BOOKS. Memoirs of the _Dukes of Urbino ; illustrating the Arms Arts, and Lite- rature of Italy, from 1440 to 1630. By James Dennistoun of Dennis- toun. In three volumes. -...

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Ou the 1st Deeember, - atettellOgoitisur - 2164filhe Wilmdflaellisraltrdeballwaresa ItSetor of nartringham, Suffelk. olta.son.1,-,m--teil

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rr meft W0.1.1.1Ail 714 !!I,. - On the, nit,. at lieheostoke Reotoweliientg3teliotti-Mr5ardC. Tioned4 of &snail On the 224. at rttylasigir: , ltecteey. (Norfolk....


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WA11. - OFFICE, Dec. 27.-2d. ilegt. of Drag. • Guards-Ensign H. M. Stapylten, from the 17th Foot, to be Cornet, by .puuchase. ' vice O'Hara , promoted. .3d Drag....

COMMERCIAL GAZETTE. Tuesiday, December 24. Tsariszasases Dissovree.--Brewer and Co. New

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Street,_Larkhall Lane, manufac- turing machinists for paper-makin,g-Brewer and Co..New Street, Larkhall Lane, paper-mould-manufacturers-Worsdell -and tBleekley, 'Didham Forge...

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3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account -Slier Cents Reduced 31 per Cents LongAnnuities Bank Stock, 8 per Cent India Stock, 10} per Cent Exchequer Bills, lid. per diem India...