28 OCTOBER 1854

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The transition from a period of extraordinary peace and quiet

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prosperity, to a state of war and exertion, is marked by a general manifestation of unselfish feeling in the British public, unprece- dented in our day. Whether in the popular...


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Oen last accounts from Sebastopol left the Allies busy prosecuting the works of the siege-approaches: our present intelligence ex- hibits them still at the same work, with a...

The relative position of Austria and Prussia has not lost

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its importance, but the two additional facts which belong to the week convey very little to enlighten us further. Baron Manteuffel, the tool of the feeble King and the Russian...

The story that the Emperor and Empress of the French

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are to pay a visit of state to our Queen and the Prince Consort has a semi-official appearance. According to the current programme, the Emperor will be received in London, will...

The fate of Franklin has this week received a new

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and gloomy light. Thirty-five dead bodies, no doubt belonging to his party, have been discovered by Esquimau' near the mouth of the Great Fish River, on the North American...

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The projected meeting of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, to devise means for sending out clergymen to adminis- ter spiritual aid to our soldiers...

'Or turf.

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TEE QUEEN and the children have been engaged in pleasant out-door ex- ercise during the week ; and Prince Albert has been shooting. On Mon- day he paid a visit to London, and...

t4t. Vraciarti.-

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The election of the new Council of the University of Oxford took place, in the Convocation House, on 'Tuesday morning. Pirst, the votes for the six Heads of Houses were taken,...

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forma Ruh tnlontal.

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Tint Criniza.---The latest intelligence from 'Sebastopol comes in the. shape of telegraphic despatches; one from ' General Canrobert to the French Minister of War ; another,...


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The Cork _Reporter announces the departure of three sisters& the.Con- vent of Mercy at Kinsale to minister to the sick and wounded soldiers in the East. They volunteered at the...

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2rrtir Exithratunt.

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Sad news of the , fate of Sir John- Franklin and his-crows was eom- munieated to the public journals-on Monday.. Dr. John Rae, -.the well- known Arctic explorenandeommander . of...

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The Queen and Prince Consort, immediately after celebrating the birthday of the Princess Royal at Windsor Castle, who completes her fourteenth year on the 21st of November, will...

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F ovit . s . i . lzT p 11 - : sti 1,1nod8 -3199,7.:::

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ell au VI" Atat . i . it) I, . 2. od bluow sates?, 1404111ij '..1 ...1 - The morning papers arefull of detailetkaaffligatit. -' -ffifYilla lux correspendence„which...

The Gazette of last ni g ht announe,e - that the:Queen)has.heenpleesed to

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appoint Lieutenant-Generalliamei ta bOil,P kt ir' G r 7n91 of the Cape of Good Ilope..::ol.sa ! f tot . q - 1 1011..... tug lit emit, .,... / sinsD I5q C daltuAl One of the...

• . ,. ,..,:•:: c ..1 -,,„"I 41 ,f• id ...:„••• By a

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decree of the Emperor Napoleon, publiglea, .f3tatILLI.isqi ' distillation of cereals,;and all other farionceoutr, sWAOSIncelVE used for food , is forbidden until otherwise -...

The overland Mail from India arrived last n;ght: 3 2' e '

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ire —Bombay, September 28; Hongkong, Septealher . 1,,t, .-' is nearly without interest. From Peshawar cOme Ali,,i A .L.„ . 11 .4!„ 7 pedition under Colonel Cotton, against Anne...

at-Vienna,; , and a variety of reports beSid . ' ' a „,

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31'7' ' 9113 VI"-r 1 tO , • ,'•,4fnfriday. 7 ,Artother Menschikoft t iil' 614 r froan 6: gt?rab i ygLitiqa&r ),.A nmess basto" ifeelitatis • that the re of his 'artiliet hae..i...

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Miss Glyn has resumed her eloquent and intelligent "readings" at

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the Polytechnic, where this sober kind of entertainment is bigbly _popular.

,s,PAnisrAle Tnrsnuans.

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The - noir opera of La Name Sanglante, founded on Monk Lewis's tale, written by M. Scribe, composed by M. Ceoubod, and produced at the Academic, is now the great event of...


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Mr. Heraud's tragedy of Videna which stands as - a "thing of wonder" in theedietant region of Marylebone, is a slip between Shakspere an& Sopheeles. The stery-Tthe well-known...

As the farce of A Blighted Being serves as a

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- vehicle for the combo dis- tress of Mr. Robson, so does the slight drama of The Trustee, likewise produced at the Olympic, serve to display the talent of Mr: Wigan in a more...

The Battle of the Alma is a good big topic

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of public interest ; and Mr. W. Cooke to do it justice, has joined the stage of Astley's with the circle, thus afforckng a double field for glory. The spectacle is excellent of...

isvoa • Notes issued The inettittylitttoSothellampton marriage ease was resumed

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on Friday lies fore the Wit:lig Magistrates; but Dr. Gilee, advised by his friends, - did not a p pe als-am/ins bail submitted to theforfeiture of theirreoognizepoes of 5001....

:•:■'"ril '-',

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XO NE Y. - MARKET., , ...1 , 1eiyA poe,Cents I li l lnUr es , Exchequer Bills • India Stock -230 4 11 .4trisni8Xierr Cents i ,....- 01.1i 7 Brotet*aga 5 per Cents ..... , i ....

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PEACE AND ITS CONDITIONS. IT is by no means impossible or improbable that the faction which would seek, at any perversion of truth and fairness, to decry the merits of the...

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IF we have not ascertained with certainty the fate that attended the whole party under Sir John Franklin, we have discovered, in all probability, where the bodies of many of...


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IN all parts of the 'United Xingdom preparations have been made or are in progress for employing the machinery of local govern- ment to collect a new and special tax to swell...


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FURTHER information helps to confirm the statement that there has been, however partial, serious neglect in the treatment of the sick and wounded in the East, and that our...

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THE opening of the Working Men's College is an event in the his- tory of .the Working Classes, as full of hope for the cpuntry as for-them. - * The want of such an institution...

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THE late Lord Chancellor St. Leonards has been defendin g the ri g hts of the subject, not as a jud g e, e, but as a private citizen in whom those ri g hts were assailed. Su...


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G. N . n of the statutes passed t. la. has oneasioned-a lar g er aniOunt of perpleXity than any which we reiiiemberand. that is mo re than "sating is , g re e t -deal," when...

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Aeraotoeens were not altogether wrong in attaching great im- portance to the moment of birth. The young Emperor of Austria is delight ed at the expectation that an heir will be...

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LATE TRAVELS IN THE EAST. * THERE must be peculiar not to say original acquirements in a man to furnish the world with new information upon any country of the grand tour, which...

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HdT,MS ' TWOFOLD SLAVERY OF THE 'UNITED Tills volume—the result of

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extensive travel and observation in 'the States—contains Dr. Marshall Hall's opinion of American slavery', with a suggestion' for its extinction. Handled as the sithject has...

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IT is probable that a wellinarked style &Lan original author is as muck 'a reflex of his age as of himself, and that the number , of followers which always spring up are less...

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BOOKS. Diary in Turkish and Greek Waters. By the Right Honourable the Earl of Carlisle. Things as they Are in America. By William Chambers. Wild Sports in the Far West. By...

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MILITARY GAZETTE. • WAR-OFFICE, Oct. 27.-3d RegL of Light Drags.---T.

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Hall, Gent, to be.Cornet, by purchase, vice Bond, whose appointment on Sept. 15th has been cancelled. 11th Light Dzage.—E. C. Cockburn, Gent. to be Cornet, by purchase, vice...


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On the 14th October, at Norton Vicarage, Durham, the Lady of the lion. and Rev. Francis N. Clements, of a daughter. On the 19th, at Blackheath, the Wife of...


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ADMIRALTY, Oct. 21.—Corps of Royal Marines—Brevet Major J. Fraser to be Lieut.-Col. vice W. Jolliffe, to retired full-pay; First Limit. F. B. Gritton to be Capt. vice Fraser,...

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Tuesday, Oelebei . 24. PARTNERSHIPS DissoLven.7-Clegg and Co. Rio de Janeiro, merchants-Dale and Worrell,' Liverpool, iron-merchants-Atkinson and Self....

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'13. --- (01O ' sing ( Ptiel ) 1 '' ) I. " • 1' '. ' ' - ',$.444:11cdkr74'4,iiiffir. //".=i44,..:*44:'; ?'riday. ; Vli ' 11 i 9 l t 1 4 ' , ; i. i ' 14 1 N 911 ex ILI 831 1 "' 3...