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"EXCITEMENT " on the Corn-laws is now greater than is "agree- able to those who were so much struck with the absence of excite- ment" a few months ago. Mr. Vn.ranas prophesied...

The Precursory campaign has closed, and Mr. O'CONNET.T. is now

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on his road to London. It may be surmised that he is not altogether satisfied with the result of his extraordinary exertions during the recess. There has been coolness at the...

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Intelligence of the decision of the Great Powers on the

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Hollando- Belgic question had not hitherto created much sensation in Brus- sels. The subject was under discussion in the Chamber of Depu- ties. It was reported that Ltaioot.i,...

The disputes between the Prussian Government and its Catholic subjects

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are assuming a more serious aspect. The principal digni- taries of the Catholic church are tendering their resiguatious, and the perplexity at Berlin is very great.

An Anti Corn-law meeting of' the inhabitants of Finsbury was

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held on 'Wednesday, at White Conduit House ; but a strong body of' (21martists resolved to substitute for the Corn-law petition a de- claration in favour of Universal Suffrage....

A packet-ship, which left New York on the 8th of

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January, brings accounts from Canada ; but they are not important. Some piratical outrages on a small scale had been committed by a band of American Sympathizers ; who were,...

Zbe Metropolis.

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The Common Council assembled on Monday, and resumed the ad- journed debate on the Corn-laws. Several long but very dry speeches were delivered on both sides of the question. Mr....

Zbe Cr:ottrt.

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Viscount Melbourne and Lord Hill had audience of the Queen on Mon- day. In the evening, Viscount Melbourne, Lord Morpeth, and Mr, George Ilyng, dined at the Palace, Viscount...

No progress has been made in the formation of a

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new French Ministry. Marshal SOULT was in frequent communication with LOUIS PHILIPPE ; but the result was a positive refusal from the former to undertake the task required of...

The letters from Constantinople supply intelligence of Mr.

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MN movements in Persia, to the 13th ultimo. The Shah had renewed his confidential relations with Russia, and acted towards Mr. 3lt7NEti, in a manner which compelled that...

Late accounts from Trinidad represent the Blacks as turbulent and

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idle. Just at the time when their services were most needed, they conspired to demand a ruinous advance in wages.

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The Lord Clittneellitr, on 'Illtirsday. di);solt - ed an ilijitnetitm (d)taine(l by

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the proprietors of the .21/onfie'll lite/, iell. te . .•vent the t)roprietorx of' the Ititilicity Times from eop■ ItS 'lit of tim I. niter teddieatioll an acc(ittnt of soli.....

The Sheri& of Middlesex have fixed the 11th instant as

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the day for the election of Coroner, on Clerkenwell Green. The Sheri& of Middlesex have fixed the 11th instant as the day for the election of Coroner, on Clerkenwell Green. The...

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There have been veral important meetings on the Corn-laws during

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the week. We commence our account of them with the proceedings :It Birmingham, abridged from the Morning Chronicle. The Mayor called :t inectieg for 3 londay last, on the...

At the Bow Street Office, on Thursday, Ann Hughes, described

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as an actress at the Olympic Theatre, was remanded on a charge of bigamy, having two husbands alive, Mr. Stephen and Mr. Hughes, with the latter of whom she lived. At the...

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The Royal Buckinghamshire Agricultural Association held a meeting on Saturday,

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and adopted a series of rmathlti,111s in support of The Royal Buckinghamshire Agricultural Association held a meeting on Saturday, and adopted a series of rmathlti,111s in...

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At a meeting of Precursors, held subsequently to the Dublin

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dinner to Mr. O'Connell last week, that gentleman took the opportunity of de- claring that his observations respecting the press in Ireland had reference to the conductors, not...


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The arrangements consequent upon the resignation of Mr. Justice Moore (which resignation has not been officially announced) are not yet completed. It is certain that flue...

I\icltc disc tea

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io los osy losses, the Manchester and Liverpool Dis- ci di vi . lend of 21 per cent. fbr the last six o.dl for making a dividend when there are . hieli many !Thareholders,...

Iii taking down Mr. Small's house in Westgate, in Canterbury,

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a pamphlet printed nearly 160 years ago has been discovered in a mortice of' a beam. There are about four pages of printing, quite legible, of a speech delivered by Lord Russell...

Mr. Thonms Gladstgue, Member flw Leicester in the last Parliament,

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will stand On the Tory interest, in opposition to Sir ilufane Donkin, for Sandwich. Deal. and %Widmer. Sir Froarls Burdett (11111 ml the invitat:en from the Wolverhampton...

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The electors of St. Andrew ' s gave their Member, Mr. Edward Ellice junior, a public dinner. last - week, lie made a long speech, by no means deficient in spirit, and much...

Mr. O ' Connell was entertained at iii egheda on Thursday week, by

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a numerous party. lie descanted ;to hiree on the 11.!-11:11 101)I 0S ; and de- clared that he would " give up his experiment " if the 111)1' se of ' Com- mons rejected a bill...

Lord Corellouse had been struck with palsy, and is in

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a very delicate state. There is little doubt be will never be on the bench again.— Glasgow Chronirk. Dr. Chalmers in opening his new cathedral at Morningside. chose for one of...


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1 A report that the Duke of Sussex is about to leave this country, and live on the Continent, has been in circulation, but is contradicted by the Globe. - Mr. Baron BoHand's...

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" Foreign Office, 1st January 1836.

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"My dear Sir—I received your packet at half-past ten last night. I had already despatched my messenger to Lord Palmerston at half-past six o'clock; having detained him upwards...

Preparations for the opening of the musical campaign are proceeding

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rapidly. Guerra, engaged as first daacer and director of tint ballet, is just arrived. Persiani, Lablache, and ROAM, are, we bear, reengaged. Tamburini, we have no doubt, will...


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BIRTHS. At Lishecn, Lady JUDISIN FITZGERALD, of a daughter. On the 1711u ult., at Ashysteel, Selkirkshire, the Lady of Major-General Sir JAMES RUSSELL, of a daughter. On the...


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WARAIFFIeF. F(1). 1.-6th ltegt. Drag. G;tards—Lieut. R. F. T.ord Gifford, from the int root, to be Lieut. vice Gropn, who exet:am:es. 2ti Gent, to be Cornet by purchase, vice...

The exporters' of gold, who avail themselves of the facilities

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at the Bank of England for that purpose, complain that if they decide on taking sovereigns rather than bar gold, those they are supplied with are the greater portion- of them...

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ITALIAN OPERA.—The 16th of February is the earliest period fixed

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for the opening of her Majesty's Theatre ; but we have reason to suspect that all the artistes for the commencement will not have arrived until after that date. The prima donna...

Considerable alarm was felt in the beginning of the week

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by the corn-holders, who apprehended a fall in prices, and forced sales at a re- duction of from 4s. to 5s. a quarter ; but the panic has subsided, as the arrivals of wheat for...

Said Cotton to Corn, ('other day,

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As they met and exchanged a salute— (Squire Corn in his cabriolet, Poor Cotton, half famish'd, on foot)- " Great 'Squire, if it isn't uncivil To hint at starvation betbre you,...

The reader will remember the following extract, in our last

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week's Postscript, from a Manchester letter- The reader will remember the following extract, in our last week's Postscript, from a Manchester letter- " Opinion is rapidly...

A correspondent inquires why the frigate 'Worcester is left to

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rot in Deptford Dockyard? That vessel, he says, was ready for launching in January 1825; and she remains at the present day just where she was fourteen years ago—on the stocks....


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SATURDAY. " The Continental mails have not been received this morning ; but, in the absence of Thursday's Paris news, the Times gives the following letter, detailing the...

We are given to understand that a letter has been

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received by a Member of Parliament, from Mr. R. Steuart, one of the Lords of the Treasury, intimating that the Corn-law question is to be taken up at the opening of Parliament....


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STOCK Exclisnlr, Fainsy ArrEasoox. The Market for English Securities, which was firm at the beginning of the week, has given way per cent., under ti me pressure of sales of...

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BOTH the Great Houses have been visited by the Queen in state, this week. At Drury Lane, on Tuesday, her Majesty chose BALFE's Aka/ sfroiis, nod the last new ballet, The Spirit...


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Arrived — At Gr‘vesoffil, Jan. Mit, CI ydo, Kerr, from fienual. Off Eastbourne, 30th, Danatioss, Irma ditto. At the Cape, Noe. lath, 'flannas Grenville, Thornhill, Ii sill...


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YSKI. To THE EDITOIL or Tile sled TATOli. Sm—The Polish Constitution of 1791 having been often referred to by the so-called friends of' Poland as one of the sublimest products...

The anniversary of " the 'Martyrdom" was celebrated as usual

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on the itiolt, at the expense ot' the poor players, by an enforced holyday. As the other houses shut their doors, the Little Haymarket opened hers— but to a party of' amateurs...

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PARTY PROSPECTS. " Torn Corn question may cause a breaking up of parties." Since this vision peered upon our mind in dim vista, a fortnight ago, the great seers and prophets of...

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So, HARVEY'S " himself again "—at least we hope so ; and that he is in no hurry to reappear on the stage in a similar character to that which he has performed during the...


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MEASURES for " extending and improving the system of National Education throughout the country, upon the principles of the Esta- blished Church," are patronized at present by...

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NOW that the offices and jurisdiction of our Magistrates are under- going a revision which promises to result in various modifications of their existing practice, it may not be...

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THE remarks we last week made upon Sir ;Ions Banaow's Life of Anson, apply to these Memoirs of Bannister by Mr. Anot.ent's ; fir had they not been written in an age when the...


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BTOOR%rliv, Mernoits of John nitunister, Comedian. By john Adolphus, Esq. In 2 vols. Boaleg. FicrioN, Lvve's Exthauge ; a Tale. By Charles John Ihr.tio. In 3 vols.......

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Loy E'S E X 11 1 A N(1 E.

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Tilt!: novel is tt hodge-podge story of pretty nearly all the " moving accidents" that can afflict humanitv, stopping short of the can- nibals that (!ach other cat:' BroCen...

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Tins poem is founded on the fable mentioned by . SCALTGER and other writers, to which these words of Moses gave rise—" The sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were...


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PCERPERAL fever is a malignant disease which attacks lying-in- women ; and like ninny other of the neuter (or for that matter the chronic) disorders, entirely baffles medical...

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Jr the merit of writing censited in diffusing the smallest stock of facts and ideas over the greatest possible space, these volumes would dc-serve the highest praise ; for die...


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BOUND Boors. Dissertations on Suldects of Science connected with Natural Theology : bein g the concludin g Volumes of the new edition of Paley's Work. By HENRI- Lord BROUGHAM,...

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SELF-OPERATING PROCESSES OF FINE ART. li DAG L' If ROTYPE. AN invention has recently been made public in Paris that seems more like settee marvel of a fairy tale or delusion...

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A pair of fine French prints on a large scale, the one Fete a la Ma- donna de l'Arr, the other Les Muissonneurs—have lately appeared in the print-shops, where they deservedly...


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The Madrigulian Feast, A Collection if Twenty Madrigals, with a Pianiforte Accompaniment. 'When the cultivation of vocal part music began to revive, about the middle of the...

A Selection ql Forty-jhor Glees ; with a Piannthrte Accompaniment.

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The materials for making a selection of glees are much more acces- sible than for compiling a set of Madrigals. The original copies are Within every, one's reach ; and being...

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"Sleep, heart of mine." Song by L. E. L. The

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Music by ELIZA FLOWER. Miss FLOWER has a just sense of the value and meaning of vocal music ; regarding it, as the great master of song so properly characterized it, as" the...