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The still growing history of the Irish State trial has

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been en- livened by a characteristic sally, the most unfortunate for the Crown that has yet occurred. The defence began on Saturday, with Mr. SHEIL'S much-expected oratorical...

The obstinate battle of the French Deputies over the address

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to the King has come to an end, and Ministers have won by a nar- row majority. The closing struggle lay between the Ministers and the Legitimists ; but of course all parties...


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THE Parliamentary session has opened ; and the formidable omens of opposition to the Minister, so much magnified as the long vaca- tion advanced, have come to nothing. The great...

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tbates anb iprorrebings in Varlfamtnt.

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OPENING OP THE SESSION. Parliament was opened on Thursday. by the Queen in person, with the usual splendour. About noon, the House of Lords began to fill in every part ; the...

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Zbe _Metropolis.

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A Court of Aldermen was held on Tuesday, for the despatch of business. A letter was read from Mr. Wells, stating that he abandoned the petition against the return of Mr. R....

Vie (Court.

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Twx meeting of Parliament has summoned the Court to town. The Queen and Prince Albert, with the Princess Royal, left Windsor Castle about two o'clock on Wednesday ; the suite...

Zbe 413robinres.

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Mr. Sotheron has addressed the electors of North Wiltshire as the Conservative candidate ; and Mr. John Edridge, of Puckeridge House, has come forward as the Liberal and...

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In the great State prosecution, the case for the Crown closed on Friday ; the defence began on Saturday, and occupied the succeeding days. Eleventh day—Friday, January 26. Mr....

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gore* anb Colonial.

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FRANCE.—The debate in the Chamber of Deputies, on the address, closed on Saturday, amid a scene of increasing confusion. An angry and disorderly discussion was kept up for the...

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We bear, from pretty good authority, that negotiations are actually proceeding, on behalf of her Majesty, for a mansion in the neighbourhood of Cowes, Isle of Wight ; which it...

The House of Commons met today, to carry up the

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Address to the Queen ; but Sir ROBERT Pan stated that intelligence bad been received announcing the death of the Grand Duke of Saxe Coburg Gotha, the father of Prince Albert :...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. The business in Parliament yesterday was not of great importance, though not without interest. The Peers only met early in the day, to carry up the Address to...

During the Parliamentary Session we must decline Correspondence, except on

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matters of fact, or in correction. Even such letters should be short, and if possible left to our convenience in the method of using them; and they must be authenticated by the...

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Although the sun brightens a little today, there was so

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heavy a fall of snow on Thursday night and yesterday, that the mails have been much delayed. In the Metropolis last night coaches and carts were creeping about on a glazed...

Last night's Gazette announces that the Queen has appointed the

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Re- verend Henry Moseley, A.M., Professor of Natural Philosophy and Astronomy, and the Reverend Frederick Charles Cook, A.M., to be two of her Majesty's Inspectors of Schools.


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THE French Plays are by far the most attractive of the current theatri- cal entertainments, to all who appreciate acting according to the degree of truth and finish in the...

The following is the Queen's answer to the " amnesty

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" address of the Dublin Corporation- " I receive with aatisfaction the assurance that sentiments of loyalty and of attachment to my person and crown continue to be cherished by...

The period when the trial may terminate is still uncertain.

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Mr. Whiteside was to resume his address yesterday ; Mr. M'Donogh would follow for Mr. Barrett ; and Mr. O'Connell may not begin till Monday. It is now said that several...

The Lyceum seems doomed to lucklessness. The attempt of a

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few amateurs to set up the "legitimate drama" at this theatre is a ludicrous exhibition of inexperience, incapacity, and presumption. The First Part of &TAMPERE'S Henry the...

Judith of Geneva, the last new tissue of crime and

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horrors produced at the Adelphi, is enough to satiate the strongest appetite for the dis- agreeable, and relax the most rigid muscles with sardonic laughter. The drama is from...

The business of the State trial in the Dublin Court

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of Queen's Bench, on Thursday, began with a fresh technical objection, taken by Mr. Henn—that term was over, and the Court could no longer adjudicate. The objection was duly...

In a letter to Mr. Bonner, Secretary' to the Spalding

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Association for the Protection of Agriculture, Earl Spencer declines to retire from the Presidency of the Royal Agricultural Society of England : the step would injure the...


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Circulation £19,611,000 Securities £21,937,000 Deposits 13,172,000 Bullion 13,933,000 £32,783,000 I 1-35,870,000


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The decline of the Funds in Paris during the last two days, (preceded by an angry discussion in the Chamber upon the Address,) has produced a...

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THE poet and the politician have so completely overshadowed the barrister, that one is apt to forget RICHARD SHELL'S title to wear a wig and gown. The first perusal of his...


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ORATORS, HAVE MERCY! IN human affairs, simplicity is a result of advanced art, and so is the apportionment of the means to the end; waste of power being one characteristic of a...

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In days of old, the Romans, when hard pressed, had one general whom they called the sword and another whom they called the shield of Rome. In modern times the Duke of BUCKINGHAM...


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IT is not easy to explain why theological disputants should be so preeminently vituperative—why men discussing topics which are mainly if not solely interesting to those who...

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Memoir of William Smith, LL.D., Author of the" Map of the Strata of England and Wales." By his Nephew and Pupil. John Phillips, F.R.S.. F.G.S., Professor of Geology and...

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ANTIGUA. AND THE ANTIGUAN& THE authoress of these volumes visited

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Antigua more than once, and resided there some time in company with her husband, who appears to have filled some public office. Besides the usual obser- vations which any one...

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THE basis of this elaborate work is a book written by Sir GARDNER WILKINSON so long ago as 1827, descriptive of Egypt and the monu- ments it contains ; and which then served as...

PUBLICATIONS RECEIVEL From January 26th to February 1St.

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BOOKS. The Prairie-Bird, By the Hon. CHARLES AUGUSTUS MURRAY, Author of" Travels in North America." In three volumes. Songs, Ballads, and other Poems, by the late Thomas...

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SCULPTURE FOR THE ROYAL EXCHANGE. THE sculpture for the pediment of the new Royal Exchange is nearly completed, and has been privately exhibited this week in the studio of the...

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Aaarerp-At Gravesend, Jan. 2911, Mary Ann, Medhurst, from Algoa Bay ; 30th, Siam, Wilmott, from China ; and Edward Thorne. Henderson, from Bombay. In the Downs, Mary Sophia,...


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BIRTHS. On the 20th January, at Silksworth Hall. Durham, the Wife of Wittiest ROBINSON ROBINSON, Esq., of a daughter. Ou the 91st. the Laity of JOHN Yeeirs THEXTON, Esq.,...

COMMERCIAL GAZETTE. Tur,ahry, Jan. 30.

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PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. W. and T. Fordyce, Newcastle.upou-Tyne, stationers-Gilham and Co. Oxford, bis.traakers-Jones and Parker, Temple, solicitors -Joues and Co. Vere Street....


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WAR.OFFICE, Feb. 2.-Royal Horse Guards-Lieut. T. Brunt to be Adjt. vice Munro, superseded ; Cornet J. Brunt, from the 3d Light Drags. (Biding Master.) to be Cornet. without...

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BRITISH FUN DS. (ClosingPrices.) Saturday Monday Tuesday. Wednes. Thurs. Friday. 974 979 979 '971 973 971 971 979 971 971 974 979 94 931 984 981 981 98 1021 1029 1021 1021...