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NEWS. FOREIGN COUNTRIES. America-Opening of Congress : Claims upon France, 2; agreement to the pay- ment of, 25. Fire at New York, 35. Insurrection in Florida, 190. Death of...

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THE Session of Parliament was opened on Thursday, with a Royal Speech, soon followed, we are happy to say, by a Tory de- feat. Sir ROBERT PEEL moved an Amendment to the Address,...

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The examination of FIESCHI and his co-conspirators, PEPIN, MORRY, BOIREAU,

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and BESCHER, was brought to a close in the French Court of Peers on Tuesday ; and the examination of NINA LASSAVE, one of FIESCHI'S three mistresses, was commenced. FIESCHI, who...

39ebattii atilt Praterttingil in parliament.

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1. OPENING OF THE SESSION, 1836. THE session of Parliament was opened on Thursday, by the King in person. His Majesty entered the House of Lords about two o'clock. The number...

The Spanish Cortes have been dissolved by ME NDIZABAL ;

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who was outvoted on one of the clauses of the Electoral Bill, by a ma- jority of 79 to 63. It is almost certain that he will gain a consi- derable addition of strength by the...

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Cbr Court.

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THE King and Queen arrived at St. James's Palace, from Brighton, on Wednesday afternoon. Soon afterwards, his Majesty held a Privy Council ; at which Lord Segrave was sworn in...

In the case of the Attorney-General versus Shore, Lord Lyndhurst,

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Mr. Baron Alderson, and Mr. Justice Patteson, who sat in Grays Inn Hall yesterday morning, confirmed the judgment of the Vice- Chancellor ; thereby establishing that Unitarians...

Ely Country.

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The Bristol Liberals had a very numerous meeting in the Guildhall of their city on Tuesday, to address the King and petition Parliament on the subject of amendments to the...

At the Town-hall, Southwark, on Saturday. the Master of the

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Pro- testant Dissenters' School in Maze Pond, Wilkinson by name, was charged with brutally flogging a child seven ye as of age, one of his pupils. It appeared that Wilkinson had...

ft bc airtropotto.

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A Special General Court of the East India Company was held on Wednesday, to take into consideration the question of compensating certain officers in the maritime service of the...

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A singular and destructive accident occurred at Manchester last Saturday

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; the following particulars of which have appeared in the papers. " The Commissioners of Police have been, for two or three years past, ap- plying the funds at their command to...

Sir Edward Sugden will, it is rumoured, be a candidate

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at the next election for East Starry, in opposition to Major Beauclerk. [It is not improbable that Colonel Fox will be invited to oppose Captain Alsager; so each party will have...


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The Court of Exchequer on Monday made absolute the rule against Major Miller, Inspector-General of Police, and Chief Con- stable of Malone, for not assisting in the process of...

Lord Brougham is too unwell to attend to his Parliamentary

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duties. He has sent his proxy to Lord Radnor, and in Lord Radnor's absence it is to be used by the Lord Chancellor. Mr. Bell, the eminent Chancery barrister, died last night,...

In about a month Sir R. Peel will be Prime

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Minister.—Standard, 22d January 1835.

Mr. O'Connell attended a numerous meeting of the Anti-Slavery Society

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at Birmingham, on Monday. Mr. Sturge, a Quaker, and Mr. O'Connell, each delivered speeches, advocating the necessity of doing away with the Apprenticeship-clauses in the...

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" Mr. Hay, the Under-Secretary for the Colonies, retires upon

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a pension ; and is succeeded by Mr. Stephen, the Counsel to that Department, in whose person the two offices will be consolidated."— Globe. A " Bum-bureau-crat" (the Times...

We perceive with pleasure, from letters in the papers of

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this morn- ing, that Members who voted in the majority on the Address, but wl:oie names were omitted yesterday in the published lists, are anxious to have the credit of...


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IT is not our custom to notice musical performances before they have taken place, much less to deal in the " puff by anticipation :" but the announcement of an Oratorio by an...

We rejoice to announce, that a REFORM Cum has this

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day been com- menced, on the most comprehensive of principles,—open, in fact, to all the Reformers of the United Kingdom. A Provisional Committee of thirty-five gentlemen and...


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There is considerable anxiety respecting the charter of the new

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London University : and we are not surprised at it ; for we see, by paragraphs in the newspapers, that Mr. SPRING RICE is suspected of lending himself to the views of Sir HENRY...


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ST..1" K EXCHANGE. FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The meeting of the Parliament, with all its accompanying topics of political excitement, lee: not added moat to the hit-Mess of the Stock...

From a correspondence between Mr. HUME and Sir JOHN GIBBONS,

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in the atronide this morning, we learn - that Sir JOHN has commenced, or is about to commence, legal proceedings against parties (not named) who have charged him with undue...

Jar. Joyce, 01 Deptford. should remember that the number of

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candidates who went to the poll must vary from the number elected, as some Members were chosen with- out a coutest : if he will refer to the table in the pamphlet he mentions,...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. The Speaker, accompanied by about sixty Members of the House of Commons, proceeded to St. James's Palace at two o'clock to-day, to present the Address of the...

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AN elaborate article in the last number of the Law Magazine is others indisputably pernicious. the injustice and delay attending the revision of the voters' lists is -...

" simply to the negligence of those who had undertaken

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the of Ix was lately mentioned in the Spectator that the Duke of PORT- Of superintending the registration." LAND was doing all the injury in his power to the Liberal cause...

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THE Chronicle, in noticing the commencement of the Vocal Concerts, thus justly and emphatically commends the tolerant spirit of their Directors — " The Vocal Society has adopted...


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IT w as well observed by the Times, before it went over to the Tories, that the grand plague of Ireland was "too much church." The disease has spread itself over England and...

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RAYNER, having got his unlucky theatre on his bands again,

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opened it himself this week, in a right spirit of defiance to the Deputy Cham- berlain. He evades the prohibition, by giving a medley sort of enter- tainment, such as YATES used...

ELTON is also acting at the Queen's, in a new

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piece called The Dela- - sion ; in which he personates a husband who, labouring under a secret delusion that his wife has been unfaithful to him, and believing that he has been...

Young MATHEWS has been measured for characters by two of

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the most expert dramatic cutters-out—PLaNcue and PEAKS. VESTRIS approves of the suits, and they are to be, worn forthwith at the Olympic. in the mean time, MATHEWS has not tired...


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name of WvuEn reads well in the playbills in conjunction with that of VIcroat HuGo ; but the melodramatic version, by Mr. Fuz- Ea 11, of the Hum:Aback of Noes,: Dame, with some...

ECCKSTONE'S melodramatic version of Mr. BUI.WER'S Rienzi was brought out

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at the Adelphi on Wednesday, instead of Monday as had been announced. It is a superb spectacle. The principal events are sketchily indicated by a series of stage tableaux, with...

The whole merit of the new burletta at the St.

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James's, entitled The Mendicants, consists in its presenting a pair of striking stage-pictures. In the first act, you look down the principal street of a little French village,...

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Tirnortacirv, Memoirs of Don Manuel de God.oy, Prince of the Peace, &c. &e. Written by Him self. Edited, under the Supcirintetulcuce of his hi g hness, by Lieut.-Colouel J. It'...


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MANUEL GODOY, or Don AT ANUEL DE Gonov, entered the Body Guards of the King of Spain in his eighteenth year. In the course of eight years he was made Duke DEL ALCUMA, and ap-...

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IT has long been matter of surprise to those who have studied Political Economy, that this science should be either wholly dis- regarded, or regarded with dislike, by all but a...

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THIS work appears with great propriety as a volume of the " Li- brary of Entertaining Knowledge," and might equally well have made a part of the kindred publication, the "...

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BRITISH INSTITUTION—NEW PICTURES BY BRITISH ARTISTS. THE exhibition this year possesses less interest than usual : it has fewer striking points. Its leading characteristic is a...


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WHEN a man is familiar with but one kind of iife and that life is proverbial for its sameness, and when his genius leads him to note the outward forms of things and persons...

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Woo has not stopped before the window of a print-shop to look at the famous picture of the Last Supper painted by LEONARDO DA VINCI, as handed down to us in the engraving by...