6 MAY 1854

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From the East we have the report of the first

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action in which our arms have been engaged : Odessa has been bombarded, in retribution of an outrage committed by the Russians in firing on a flag of truce. The bombardment was...


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DIFFICULTIES appear to gather around Ministers ; and if in some cases the trouble can fairly be laid to their own door, created by DIFFICULTIES appear to gather around Ministers...

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Vtliatra ant Vranttiugs iu

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PRINCIPAL: BUSINESS OP THE WEER, HOME or Loans. Monday, May 1. Ticket-of-Leave System; Statement by Lord St. Leopards-Income-tax Bill committed. Tuesday, May 2. Income-tax...

One single fact reported from Jamaica bears in it the

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seed of most important results. Relinquishing old privileges, which under the appearance of freedom enabled the representatives of Jamaica to obstruct each other,—accepting the...

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itt Yattruitutio.

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The eighty-sixth exhibition of the Royal Academy was celebrated on Saturday, by the usual annual dinner ; at which Ministers, present and past, are expected to make pleasant...

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THE QUEEN held a Privy Council, at Buckingham Palace, on Monday. Her Majesty also gave audiences to Earl Granville, the Earl of Aberdeen, and Sir James Graham. The Queen held a...

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it is said here that the responsible office of Chief Commissioner of In- come-tax for Ireland will be shortly left at the disposal of Government by the resignation of Mr. John...

tot Vrouiurto.

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On the supposition that Mr. Brisco, Member for Hastings, is about to resign his seat, candidates are in the field ; Mr. North in the Liberal, and Mr. Crake in the Conservative...

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i hrtigu aub FIANCE. — The intelligence from France is brief, though important.

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It records that Marshal St. .Arnaud has at length left Marseilles ; setting out for the East on Saturday last, in the steamer Berthollet. . The Prefect and the military...

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Tuesday's Gazette contained the following announcements, under date April 30th— The Queen has been pleased to appoint William Ogle Carr, Esq., to be Chief Justice of the Island...

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The principal business in the House of Commons was the

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voting of the Supplemental Estimates for Navy, Army, and Ordnance, in Committee of Supply. With a brief preface, Sir JAMES Go a TTAAL first brought forward the Sup- plemental...


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Our table is inconveniently crowded with communications on all manner of subjects. We shall be niuch obliged to amateur correspondents to give their pens at least one week's...


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SATURDAY. The action of the combined fleets at Odessa formed the subject of anxious inquiry in the House of Lords last night, as preface to a worthless debate about the old...


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On the 20th April, at Field House, Wavertree, the Wife of John W. Nichol! Came, D.C.L., of Dimland Castle, Glamorganshire, of a son. On the 25th, in South Street, Park Lane, the...

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The Trade and Navigation Accounts, issued this morning, state the

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declared value of the exports for the month ending 5th April at 10,042,754/. ; being an increase of 2,155,5211. over the corresponding month of last year. Upon three months the...

A telegraphic despatch from Berlin, dated yesterday, announces that the

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Prussian Minister at War, General Bonin, has resigned ; that his resigna- tion has been accepted ; and that Count Waldersee, Commander of the Federal Garrison at Frankfort, will...

The Gazette of last night contains several interesting notices ;

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espe- rially the first- The Gazette of last night contains several interesting notices ; espe- rially the first- " The Queen has been pleased to appoint Sir William Page Wood,...


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DVELNO THE WEEK ENDING EAT 6. Hoare of Commons. LEGISLATIVE DEPARTMENT. Hamra. al. Title. By whom introduced. Stage arrived at. Testamentary Jurisdiction From Lords Bead a...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The financial operation of the Chancellor of the Exchequer respecting the proposed creation of 6,000,000/. Exchequer Bonds has in safer...

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[COICKENICATED.] Gabriele Rossetti, the most daringly original of the commentators on Dante, died on the 26th ultimo, in London, in his seventy-second year. Born on the 28th...

The third concert of the New Philharmonic Society took place

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at St. Martin's Hall on Monday. It was less interesting and successful than the first and second. Nearly half the evening was spent in the perform- ance of Dr. Wylde's music to...

C4ratrto ant 311nsit. - , The French dramatic season has opened very

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respectably in it s old domicile, the St. James's Theatre. M. Lafont, the head of the enterprise, has assembled together the old corps of Mr. Mitchell, including M. Lange- val,...

Drury Lane has produced nothing new this week, but is

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giving "note of preparation." Don Giovanni is to be performed next week, with Ma- dame Rudersdorff, the celebrated prima donna from Berlin, as Donna Anna; and the same lady is...

The performance of Fidelio at the Royal Italian Opera, on

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Thursday, presented no remarkable novelty, yet it drew a very crowded audience. Mademoiselle Cruvelli was the Leonora, for the first time at Covent Gar- den ; but her...

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Horton Hall, 24th April 1854. San—I entirely concur in the sentiments expressed in your last number by a British subject residing abroad ; but a far more serious question arises...


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MR. GLADSTONE'S LOAN. THE temporary cheek given to Mr. Gladstone in his advance to- wards a loan of 6,000,000/. on Exchequer Bonds may perhaps be ascribed chiefly to the...

rettrs to tlhe e/fitur.

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CHRIST CHURCH, OXFORD. Christ Church, Oxford, 2d ilteq 1854. Sm.—In your comment on my letter of last week, you do me an injustice, which I am sure you will be willing to...

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ALL Englishmen and Americans who love their country must be watching with anxiety the opening of a naval war which might revive in their full force questions that have slept...


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Tim inextinguishable faculty of hope is miraculously exemplified by Lord Aberdeen's having some expectation of results from Lord Redesdale's resolution, that no bill shall be...

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A SOLUTION of the Lincoln's Inn Fields question has been struck out, which has the merit of being sufficient to satisfy both " the two great parties in the state ' contending on...


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DIE police courts are again full of outrages on women, especially the outrage of sheer brutal violence of husbands against the wives. The cases are exceptional, no doubt, but...

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STOCQUELER'S MEMOIRS OF GENERAL NOTT. a THERE is less of biography than of secret history in these volumes; meaning by the term "secret history," not only those things which are...

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keener pleaders and closer reasoners, than the late Mr. Justice Talfourd, might not be difficult to find ; though the combination of such genius, accomplishment, and special...

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FORSTER'S ONE PRIMEVAL LANGUAGE. * Tile sanguine expectations which some entertain

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respecting the deciphering of the ancient Assyrian and Persian inscriptions, especially since Botta's and Layard's discoveries, might be modi- fied if people reflected upon the...

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Boors. Journal of a Cavalry Officer; including the Memorable Sikh Campaign of 184o-1846. By W. W. W. Humbley, M.A., Trinity College, Cam- bridge, Fellow of the Cambridge...

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Tuesday, May 2. PARTNERSHIPS Dissotvsn.—Lovelock and Co. St. Swithin's Lane, manufacturers of India-rubber goods ; as far as regards H. A. Jaques—Binyons and Shapland, Man-...


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ADMIRALTY, April 28.—Corps of Royal Marines—First Lieut. and Adjt. W. M Mansell to be Capt. vice P. Onslow, to retired full-pay; Second Lieut. J. P. Murray to be First Lieut....


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WAR-OFFICE, May 5.—Royal Regt. of Horse Guards—Ensign Sir B. P. Henniker, Bart. from the 68th Foot, to be Cornet, by purchase, vice Hon. J. B. Dormer, pro- moted. 1st or...

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FOREIGN FUNDS. (Last Official Quotation during the Week ending Friday Evening.) Austrian 5 p. Ct. — Mexican 3 0.01. Belgian 41 - Mississippi 6 Ditto 24 - — New York 5 -...