6 OCTOBER 1860

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A SUDDEN and a wholesome change has come over the face of Italian affairs. They are now much nearer a happy solution than they were a week ago. Friendly relations have been re-...

The Social Science Congress has separated with much spirit, Lord

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Brougham sustaining his place to the last with undi- minished vigour. On the whole, the meeting at Glasgow has awakened very much attention in Scotland, and the echo of its...

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The surrender of Ancona, the journey of King Victor Emmanuel into the Papal States, the opening of the Parliament at Turin, and the im- proved relaticns between the King's...

This week has been specially distinguished for inquiries into murders

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; probably never in any one week before did the public journals present a chronicle so startling in the history of crime. At Aldershott two non-commissioned officers are shot ;...

One or two after-dinner speeches of note have been made

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at the festive boards of agricultural societies. Mr. Disraeli, et Salt. hill, has made another oration on the greatness of Bucks, South, North, and Central ; not forgetting his...

The Queen is still in Germany. When she arrived at

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Coburg, she found that death had visited the house of Saxe Coburg Gotha ; and, during her stay, the Prince Consort met with an accident while out driving, from which he received...

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The Prince of Wales, after laying the foundation stone of a monument to the gallant Brock, and staying some days to contemplate the falls of Niagara, embarked for Detroit, where...

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Mr. Pigott, one of the Members for Reading, has accepted the post of Governor of the Isle of Man, and has consequently ceased to be Member for Reading. The appointment was...

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QuErrst Vrevoara is still in Germany. Lord John Russell, in a despatch to Sir George Cornewall Lewis, has reported on the royal tour up to the 26th- " Coburg, Sept. 26. " Her...

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Mr. William Cubitt, M.P. was duly elected, by a Common Hall, held on Saturday, to be Lord Mayor of London during the ensuing year. The Court of Common Council, at a meeting on...

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The members of the Social Science Association dined together in the City Hall yesterday week. Besides Lord Brougham, Sir John Paking- ton, the Lord Advocate, Sir David Brewster...

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f rash!.—The return of the Emperor as been followed by a pretty decisive mark of his interest in Italian affairs. The Moniteur of Monday contained the following announcement- "...


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The death of Thomas Murphy, one of the victims of the Orange fight near Lurgan, in July, has caused another Coroner's Jury to be summoned, and has led another verdict. The...

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The following is the original text of Lord ,John Russell's despatch to Count Cavour, a French translation of which has appeared in the co- lo g ne Gazette- " Foreign Office,...

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On the 25th of September, at Stoke Talmadge, Oxfordshire, the Honourable Mrs. William Byron, of a son. On the 28th, at Edinburgh, Lady Edith Fergusson, of a daughter. On the...

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POSTSCRIPT SATURDAY MORNING. It has been more than suspected that the relations between the Pope - and the French Government are by no means so smooth as would appear -even on...


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SPONTANEOUS FIRES. — Numerous and extensive fires continue to rage in the metropolis. Night after night the dome of St. Paul's and other impor- tant buildings have been lighted...

A letter from Pesth, 1st of October, to Le .2nerd,

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states that the new Austrian levy of 100,000 men encounters stout resistance, the young men liable to conscription vanishing in every direction, and immense numbers have taken...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. Preparations for the 4th of the month caused a large demand for Money all the week, some large sales of Stock having taken place, it is...

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LORD JOHN RUSSELL'S DESPATCH AND THE ITALIAN QUESTION. JUST after the prorogation of Parliament, Lord John Russell wrote a despatch to Sir James Hudson at Turin, provoked,...


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I. The following is an Abstract of the gross Produce of the Revenue of the United Kingdom, in the undermentioned periods, ended September 30, 1860, compared with the...

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Two military controversies are now raging with great violence, especially among civilians—one is a question of fact, the other is a question of opinion. The question of fact is...

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Tux second question -which disturbs the public mind is this— can you make an invulnerable ship ? This must be a question of fact. It must be much more easy to decide it than the...


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TirE repeal of the combination laws accomplished an industrial revolution. The artisan, set free from the fear of penalties, at once exercised his newly-acquired powers, and...

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FAIL OF THE E3IPIRE OF THE WEST.. THE history of modern Europe is closely connected with thgt of the Roman Empire of the West; at least with the decline and dissolution of that...


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Tax Volunteer force of Great Britain is now counted upon by competent authorities as able to supply at least 60,000 bayonets for operations in the field. It would, therefore,...


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Ws are informed that we have, unintentionally, done injustice in the topic under this head last week to Mr. Selfe, the Magistrate presiding at the Thames Police Court, on the...

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THE DEAD SHOT. * A DEAD SHOT, as defined by Marksman,

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is a man who can bring down with unerring precision, an October or November partridge whenever it rises within range ; " and though he uses the phrase throughout his book as...

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NEW NOVELS. * THE title page of Night and Day indicates

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that it is an original novel, but the book itself has very much the air of a free transla- tion from the French. The subject is French, the turn of the diction is, in many...

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A substantial drama, founded by MM. T. Barriere and H. de Koch, on a popular novel, and entitled La Maims du Pont Notre Dame, has been produced with decided success at the Am...

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The new piece with which Madame Celeste has inaugurated her new season at the Lyceum, and which is entitled-the Brigand and Ms Banker, is not in any way worthy of its author,...

In the ranks of the Austrian you find him ;

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He died with his face to you all : Yet bury him here where around him You honour your bravest that fall. Vanetian, fair-featured, and slender, He lies shot to death in his...


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Mr. Bentley is preparing for publication " Carthage and its Remains : being an Account of Excavations and Researches on the Site of the Phce- nician Metropolis in Africa and in...


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Covent Garden Theatre, which is "the Royal Italian Opera" in the hands of Mr. Gye, is "the Royal English Opera" in the hands of Miss Louisa Pyne and Mr. Harrison. In this...


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BOOBS. Gladys, the Reaper. By the Author of " Simplicity and Fascination." In three volumes. The Osbornes of Osborne Park. A Tale. By George Bate. Money. A Novel. By Colin...

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fine arts.

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THE BRITISH MUSEUM. The question as to the enlargement of the Museum or the removal of a large portion of its contents, such as the whole zoological collection, appears to be...


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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Seined. Monday. Tuesday. Wanes. Shun. 'Wasp. 934 931 931 931 931 911 931 9 9 31 1 . 111 shut shut shut shut 210 220 par....


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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE. OCTOBER 25. Bankrupts.-CEAuLEs Then, Ely, butcher-JAmes KNIGHT junior, Bucklersbury, scrivener-GEORGE DRAKE, Stoke Newington, brewer-Josm.a RUSSELL,...