7 JULY 1860

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It may row be regarded, humanly speaking, as certain that

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the year 1860 will be the date of the foundation of the Volunteer Army. The Shooting Festival on Wimbledon Common, inaugurated by Queen Victoria, and designed to be the first of...

A fact is stated in' the Viennese correspondence which has

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in London an effect precisely theNinsite of that which would per- haps be anticipated. We are told tat.in private meetings the leading men iirSte newlmpenfal Gonna have...


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THE question of privilege between the Lords and the Commons has reached the debating stage. On Thursday Lord Palmerston submitted the first of his three resolutions to the...

With one exception we have had no authentic information from

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Italy this week, and amongst the mass of reports there is comparatively little which bears an appearance even of probable authenticity. The probable part is limited to a...

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We notice rather a remarkable debate in the American Senate,

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for the purpose of a single remark. There were many attacks on England for not heartily cooperating in the capture of slavers off the coast of Cuba. We cannot join in the...

The retraotation published by the Count of Montemolin has been

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eharacterized by more than one of our contemporaries as "the meanest" of public acts ; a verdict British public opinion will ratify. The Count entered Spain in order to raise a...

Priutto unit fiturzeings Varliamrut.

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PRINCIPAL strsurgire OF WEB WEEK. House OF LORDS. Monday, July 2. Christianity in India ; the Duke of Marl- borough's Motion-Caledonian and Crinan Canals Bil l read a second...

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The report of the Select Committee appointed to search the journals of both Houses of Parliament, in order to ascertain and report on the prac- tice of each House with regard to...

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Of 3111 . 411111UL

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The National Rifle competition was opened at Wimbledon on Monday. It has continued all the week. It so happened that Monday was the second summer's day we have had since 1859;...


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THE QUELN held a Court and Privy Council at Buckingham Palace on Saturday. At the Court, Sir John Crampton, British Minister at St. Petersburg, Sir Thomas Wyse, British Minister...

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The Lord Advocate, in a letter to the Lord Provost of Edinburgh, in which, of course, he declares that he cannot withdraw the Annuity-Tax Abolition Bill, nor can he gather from...


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The death of Sir George Pechell leaves a vacancy in the representa- tion of Brighton. There are three applicants for the place ; Mr. Frede- rick David Goldsmid, Mr. James White,...


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By the death of Sir E. Hayes, a vacancy is created in the represen- tation of Donegal. A new writ has been ordered. Among the properties sold lately in the Landed Estates Court...

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inrrigu nub Colonial.

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'ram—Two projects of law of general interest have been sub- mitted to the French Legislative body; one to call out 100,000 men of the class 1860; another for the approval of a...

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SATURDLIr MORNING. At the morning sitting of the House of Commons yesterday, the Edin- burgh Annuity-tax Abolition Bill was finally disposed of in Committee. At the evening...

An estimate was issued on Wednesday, of the sum required

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to be voted towards defraying the expenses of naval and military operations in China, beyond the ordinary grants for army and navy services, for the year 1860-61; including a...

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The Minister of England to the Helvetic Confederation has declared

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' to the President, in the name of Lord John Russell, that England has given in her adhesion to the proposal of a European Conference. The English Minister expressed on this...

The appeal recently made to the public on behalf of

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that valuable in- stitution, the Female School of Art in Gower Street, has already pro- duced subscriptions amounting to nearly 10001. This is very encouraging, but much yet...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. English Securities have not been dealt in to any large extent this week, the variations never exceeding A per cent. The markets generally...


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I. The following is an Abstract of the gross Produce of the Revenue of the United Knagdom, in the undermentioned periods, ended June 30, 1860, compared with the corresponding...

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THERE is no reason in the world why three hundred gentlemen, professing Conservative principles, should not dine together at Willis's Rooms. This is the season for public...


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THE LORDS AND THE MONEY BILLS. Tun report presented to the House of Commons on the practice with regard to bills imposing or repealing taxes convicts the House of Commons...

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THE debate of Monday on the Indian Army Bill must have beteg in many respects satisfactory to both sides. The Ministry carried the second reading by a majority of 229 in a House...


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QUEEN VICTORIA has inaugurated what we trust will henceforth I be a national Sport. Athletic games are the proper counteraction of the sedentary life of three-fourths of the...

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• since the high range in this country was held

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to be the very safeguard of England. The notion has survived, even to a very recent date ; we are not sure that it is quite extirpated now, but in the meanwhile the doctrines of...


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16L • THOUGH the discussion in the Guildhall last week had no pre- cise beginning and no defined result; it was really of consider- able impo lice to the city. In no part of the...

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TWENTY-FIVE years ago a busy merchant in Cheapside had in his warehouse two young men, whom he had educated and brought up, both of whom had a taste for mechanics. In the course...

WELLINGTON'S Ficaremo BREEMES.—When the late Mrs. CarolineJay Loudon, the botanical

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writer, wrote to Apaley Rouse for permission to a , remarkable beech grove at Strathfieldsaye, forming the" Waterloo a' and presenting the finest specimens of the arbor fagus...

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SIR ROBERT PEEL. * THE memoir of the great reforming statesman which has been drawn up by an admiring relative, is less a biography than a dis- quisition. In fact it corresponds...

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MEMORIALS OF THOMAS HOOD. * Tin: children of Thomas Hood have

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wisely chosen to make him as much as possible his own biographer, the means at their disposal for that purpose being not inconsiderable in quantity, and very precious in kind....

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ANGLING AT HOKE AND ABROAD, * TITERE are hills beyond Pentland,

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and streams beyond Forth. The rivers of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Norway do not monopolize all the salmon fishing of the world. The author of one of the books before us...

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Mr. Henry Mayhew is engaged on a popular Life of Benjamin Frank- lin. Mr. John Hollingshead is about collecting the Poems of the late Mr. Robert Brough, to be published for the...


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The only book of - mark which the week has brought us (for MEMO- Rum or THOMAS HOOD was published on Friday last) is SEVEN YRAns' RESIDENCE IN THE GREAT DESERTS OF NORTH...

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There has been this weelE an occurrence of considerable interest to the musical public. Weber's Oberon has been produced at her Majesty's Theatre, in an Italian dress, and...


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.1. La _Cour et la Dot, a comedy, by M. Felicien Mallefille, which made seine sensation when originally produced in 1852, has been revived at the Theatre Francais. At the...

lint _arts.

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THE BELVEDERE PICTURES. The sale of the most valuable poi tion of this celebrated collection of Sir Culling Eardley's would seem to indicate some misgivings as to the future...

&IP SOtairts.

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Mr. Frank Talford's burlesque, Shylock, as it is now performed at the Olympic Theatre, is in very different condition from that in which it appeared, when originally produced at...

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BRITISH S par Cent Consols Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced New 3 per Cents Annuities 1880 FUNDS. Satyr& (Closing Mowday. Prima.) Thalia* rode... Shims . Friday....


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On the 26th of June, at 68, Upper Berkeley Street, the Wife of II. S. Parkes, Esq., C.B., H.M. Commissioner, Canton, of a daughter. On the 27th, at Warplesdon Lodge, near...