7 MAY 1836

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THE Peers have postponed operations on the Irish Municipal Bill till Monday next; their head-workman not being prepared with the materials required to fill up the gap he *tends...

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Othatrii an preceding/II in Parliament. I. THE IRISH POLICE.

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On Monday, Lord DUNCANNON moved the Peers to go into Corn. mittee on the Irish Constabulary Bill. Lord RODEN vehemently denounced the bill, as the most unconsti- tutional and...

The news from France this week possesses more interest than

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any received from that quarter for a considerable time. The birth- day of the King, on Sunday last, called forth the usual compli- mentary harangues to his Majesty from the...

The expected change in the Portuguese Ministry has taken place.

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The expected change in the Portuguese Ministry has taken place. The Duke of TERCIERA is President of the Council and • Minister of War. SILVA CARVALHO Minister of Finance....

The troubled interest of affairs in Spain continues. MENnt- ZAHAt

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has had to undergo severe attacks upon his Ministry in the Chamber of Proceres ; but his address and the " vote of con- fidence" were finally carried by a majority of 35 to 22....

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Ely Cv.art.

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THE King and Queen an isasi it St. James's Palace on Wednesday at noon. At two o'clock the K iulg held a Levee ; which appears not to have been very numerously attended. Among...

In the Court of King's Bench, on Monday, the Ipswich

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bribers were brought up for judgment. Mr. Edward Bolton Finch was sen- tenced to four months' imprisonment ; Julitillurry Dasent, two months' impribonment and a fine of IOU ;...

frbc SiirtropaItd.

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The Court of Common COLIfleil assembled on Tuesday, to consider a report of the Committee on Coal and Corn respecting the Coal. trade; when, after a lengthened discussion, it...

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The Court of Faculties sat, for the first time for

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more than a cen- tury, on Wednesday, to decide upon the claim of the Prince of Capua for a licence to marry Miss Penelope Smyth, according to the rites of the Church of England....

The provincial papers contain some accounts of the damage done

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by the storm on Monday. Off Cowes, many boats and lighters were sunk, and several vessels driven ashore. A large portion of the cause- way, with part of the parade which joined...

Ebt Country.

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On Thursday, the members of OxfordConvocation decided, by a majority of 474 to 94, to exclude Dr. Hampden from voting for the appointment of Select Preachers for the University....


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The Dublin Weekly Register has the following excellent remarks on the claims of Mr. Robert Dillon Browne, the nominee of the Liberal Club of Mayo, to the representation of that...

The late stormy weather has done considerable damage in and

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near London. On Sunday, the Thames was like a rough sea; several barges and boats were upset, and some lives were lost. On Monday and Tuesday, in the lower parts of Lambeth, the...

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No fewer than thirty-one ParliamentaryCommittees were sitting on Wednesday. The

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Aberdeen Public Schools Bill, the second reading of which was sanctioned by a considerable majority of the House of Commons, has been Lurked by the Select Committee to which it...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. Accounts were received from Lisbon this morning, by a vessel which sailed on the 29th of April. The Queen had convoked the Cones for an extraordinary session,...


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In consequence of the general advance in the value of labour through- out the country, and the increased demand for goods, the operative ca rpet-weavers throughout Scotland...

The Times has behaved very ill to Lord LYNDHURST. Either

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there was something to be said in favour of his Lordship's voluntary attend- ance in the House of Lords to hear an appeal from his own "crack judgment," or such conduct is...

The Gazette of Tuesday gives the following as the note

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circulation of the Private and Joint Stock Banks of England and Wales, between the 27th of December 1835 and 26th of March 1836. Private Banks, 8,353,8941.; Joint Stock Banks,...


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The Rapid, of 162 tons, the second of time surveying vessels intended for the inspection of the coasts of' South Australia preparatory to the determination of the site of the...

In the House of Commons, last night, a new writ

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was moved for Kilkenny city, in the room of Mr. SULLIVAN, who has accepted the Chiltern Hundreds. We presume that this step was taken to make room for Mr. O'CoNNELL, in...


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Arrived—Off the Wight, May 6, Lady Nugent, Fossett, from China. At St. Helena, Feb. 17, Mary Ann. Anderson, from Ceylon ; and March 5, Eairlie, Agar, from Bengal. At the Cape,...


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Sir Hussey Vivian, the Master-General of the Ordnance, has ap- pointed Mr. Henry Watson, son of the late Fort Major Watson, to a situation in the Ordnance Department at Halifax,...

From a correspondence in the Post this morning, we perceive

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that Mr. Motto/or O'CONNELL has called upon Lord LONDONDERRY to explain a certain passage in his speech on the Constabulary Bill, which, as reported in the Times, contained an...

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LOOK FORWARD LORD MELBOURNE'S has been it most fortunate Ministry. Ap- pointed at a time when the masses had recently obtained a vast accession of power, and holding office on...


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ssreex Exclimens, FRIDAY FTERNooN. The Consol Market has been in a quiescent state during the whole week, and the fluctuations in it have been trifling. Money has become rather...

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THIS Irish Poor-law question is in a curious state. Ministers, who have to determine what shall be done, are pushed so hard in opposite directions, that they stand still. There...

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THE Bishop of LONDON labours under the delusion that multi- hides ale eXe uded by want of room from the Metropolitan churches. He has Lublished " Proposals for the creation of a...


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THE misgovernment of Malta is about to become the subject of discussion in the House of Commons. The Maltese have for years besieged the Colonial Office with complaints of...


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THE O'CoNsmt-phobia was strong on the Tory Peers on Mon- day night. Aceording to Lords WINCHILSEA, RODEN, and WICKLOW, the object of Government in remodelling the Irish Police...

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Tins queen of song has arrived among us again, to distance all her competitors, and to exhibit her unrivalled powers in whatever form, style, language, or character she may...


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WITH the following rich selection the fourth season of these concerts ended, on Monday night. Anthem, " I will sing of thy power," Glee," Come, gentle zephyr," Da.GlIZENZ....

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D. COMBE must be placed in the first rank of the popular ex- pounders of science. He may want the sprightly elegance with whieh some few writers have been able to animate dry or...

A letter from Berlin, of the :SOth of April, says

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that the Prussian Government has suddenly changed its opinions with respect to iron railroads ; and instead of granting permission to private persons to undertake such works,...


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A SUPF.R11 ballet of action, arranged by the veteran DESHATES, with music by Bocuss, having for its subject and title Ilen.ifowski, the hero of one of Kterzesus's dramas, was...


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Msnmcar sesesse. ei s ynsi s e of Digestion considered with Relation to the Principles of Dietetics. By Andrew Commits, tke. Simplun anti Mars/vat; Madachlan and S!eloart....

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THE contents of Mr. Hi LL's volumes on this important subject may be divided into two distinct heads,—one consisting of a valuable collection of specific facts connected with...

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THE proper title of this book would have been "Passages of My Life Manufactured for Sale ;" for it chiefly consists of scenes anti commonplace incidents that fell or might have...

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IRELAND, using in her hopes, has at last started a National Re- view, which is to be the political and religious organ of the Irish People : it appears under the avowed...


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THE second volume of this biographical series contains the lives of ELIOT and STRAFFORD: The plan of the writer is to handfe his subjects at large, so as to include in the...


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IN the course of the correspondence between Mr. NEALE and Captain MARRYAT, the latter declared that the author of Caven- dish had "expended his whole portfolio of ideas" upon...

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• THE ROYAL ACADEMY EXHIBITION, AT SOMERSET HOUSE. THE Exhibition this year is disappointing, to use the mildest term, to all who feel an interest in the progress of the...

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MR. HAYDON delivered his concluding lecture on painting, at the Mechanics Institution in Southampton Buildings, on Wednesday evening. Pictorial invention was his subject ; and...