8 APRIL 1854

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In accordance with a principle which we have not now adopted for the first time, we have this week to report that the progress of our arms is not signalized by any achievement;...

Nothing became Parliament, this week, like its departure from its

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own Palace to carry the address upon the war to the Queen ; both Houses going up in a body. Not, indeed, that all the Mem- bers took the trouble to attend, or that there was any...

Notwithstanding the hopeful allusions in the debate on the war,

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last week, some promising signs in the Prussian Chambers, and the perpetual alternation of better with the gloomier portents, the position of Prussia grows even more doubtful,...

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEEK. 1100138 or Loans. Monday, April 3. Queen's Answer to the Address—Church- Building Acts Amendment; Lord Harrowby's Bill read a second time, and...

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At a meeting of the Court of Common Council, on Thursday, it was unanimously resolved, on the motion of Mr. Anderton, that " a dutiful and loyal address should be presented to...

'jr Court.

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THE QUEEN held a Court at Buckingham Palace on Monday, to receive addresses from both Houses of Parliament in answer to her Majesty's message of war with Russia. Seated on the...

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The election for North Durham, in the room of Lord Seaham, now marl Vane, took place on Saturday. Lord Adolphus Vane was returned without opposition. The Bishop of Rochester...

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One by one the lights that shone above the smoke and tumult of our lest great way flicker And die out. There are but few of them left among us now; and one of the latest of that...


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Mr. John Bali has addressed a letter to his constituents of CaeloW County, expressing great alarm at the reactionary feeling WW1 has arisen in England and Scotland against the...

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fortigu nal( tulonini.

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FRANCE.—The first convoy of ships of the line, frigate; and corvettes, twenty-five in number, has sailed from the ports of France, with 20,078 men and 365 horses on board, bound...

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The Baltic fleet returned to its anchorage in lijoge Bay on Thursday ; when Admiral Napier issued the following address to the fleet, by signal- " Lads ! War is declared. We are...


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An order in Council appeared in the Gazette of Tuesday announcing that her Majesty approves of the scheme proposed by the Ecclesiastical Commissioners reducing the number of the...

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The Board of Trade reports of Railway accidents in 1853,

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speciaityinqiiirect into by the Board's civin officers, have been .printed as a Parliamentary paper. The number of accidents which occurred in the Three Kingdoms was 103; and of...

Harrison, alias Feistal, the man engaged in the conspiracy against

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"the Belgian girl," was convicted, yesterday, at the Central Criminal Court, and sentenced to two years' imprisonment with hard labour. Desaux, who had been indicted with him,...


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SATURDAY. The second reading of the Oxford University Bill, in the House of Commons last night, passed without practical opposition ; though pre- faced by the expression of...

In commenting last week, in "Notes - and Queries," on the

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accident on the Norfolk line, we misconceived the relative position of the officers con- cerned. We learn that Mr. Ashcroft is superintendent of the permanent way and works for...


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DURING TER SPEER INDIRti APRIL 8. Mune of Commons. - LEGISLATIVE DEPARTMENT. Tide.- whom introduced. Stage arrived at. Registration of Births, Sic'. (ent- ient]) • • • Latt...

A telegraphic despatch from the Vienna correspondent of the Morning

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Chronicle, dated today, say that "the Fronde* Blatt announces, under date of Bucharest, 4th April, that a great battle was being fought- at Ras. soya (about midway between...

The Gazette of last night contains an Order in Council,

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to the effect that Russian merchant-vessels, which shall be in any ports in the Colonies or India at the time of the publication of the order, shall be allowed thirty days from...

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Drury Lane is to open on Easter Monday with a

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strong operatic com- pany, consisting of the performers who have bad so successful a season at Edinburgh, with the addition, it is said, of Clara Novelle, Louisa Pyne, and Sims...

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The Royal Italian Opera opened on Saturday, for the ante-Easter season ; a season unusually short this year, having been only of a week's duration, including four performances....

A revival of Henry VIII, in four acts, is the

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last event of the pis- Paschal season at tha Haymarket, Queen Kotharine is well known as one of those parts in which Miss Cushman puts forth all her strong reality. Not even M....


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STOCK EXCHANOE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The favourable reaction in Government Securities which commenced last Friday has made further progress this week ; arising chiefly from an in-...

The two Philharmonic Societies have had concerts this week ;

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both of them very good, and very successful ; and very like each other, mere- over, in some principal points. The most remarkable resemblance was the absence of novelty ; a...

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THE OPPOSITION. HER Majesty's Opposition is amongst the registered institutions of the country, and it has allotted to it more than one function of considerable importance to...

The distinguished musical society known on the Continent as the

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"Kolner Manner Gesang Verein," whose concerts in London last year at the Hanover Square Rooms proved so interesting, have been again en- gaged by Mr. Mitchell, and will commence...


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Abstract of the Net Produce of the Revenue of Great Britain, in the Years and Quarters ended 5th April 1853 and 1854, showing the Increase or Decrease thereof. YEARS ENDED...

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NOTHING can be sounder in national finance than to meet the ex- penses of the year by supplies raised within the year. That is, so long as it be done without a sacrifice greater...

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A. irmw anxiety begins to haunt those who are most solicitous for the position of the Ministry, and therefore solicitous about the Reform Bill. There is no question that the...


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THE public should look after the manner in which the Raffway interest is becoming consolidated, and is brought to bear upon Go- vernment and Parliament Broadly stated, the...

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ANOTHER—we might almost say the last—of the celebrities of Edinburgh has been gathered to his fathers. John Wilson is a name that has been spoken of with much exaggeration both...


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WHAT could have induced the leadets of the Derby Opposition to appear before the Queen, on Monday, in the Windsor uniform ? They have "a right to do it," by courtesy, it seems,...

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DR. DAVY'S WEST INDIES, THE materials for this work were collected by Dr. Davy during a residence of several years in the West Indies as Inspector-General of Hospitals. The...

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THE district of Wensleydale is situate in the North-western part of Yorkshire. It is watered by the river Um or Yore, which finally becomes the Ouse and then the Humber, and...


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THE leading fiction of this collection of tales was composed under circumstances of painful struggle. Nearly two years ago, Miss Mitford was thrown from a pony-chaise on a...

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Boom. Modern German Music: Recollections and Criticisms. By Henry F. Chorley. In two volumes. Exploration of the Valley of the Amazon. By Lieutenant Wm. Lewis Herndon, United...

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Ten 'Weeks Week of 1944=53. of 1854.

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Eymotle Diseases 2,120 .... 245 Dropsy, Cancer , and other diseases of uncertain or variable seat 531 71 Tubercular Diseases 1,994 , 237 Diseases of the Brain, Spinal Marrow,...


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WAR-OFFICE, April 4.-26th Foot-Major-Geo. P. Bainbrigge, C.B. to be Col vice Lieut.-Gen. Lord Seaton, G.C.B. removed to the 2d Life Guards. ' WAR-OFFICE, April 7.-5th Regt. of...


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ADMIRALTY, April 1.-The following promotions have this day taken place, copse- quent on the removal of the name of Rear-Admiral of the Blue Sir John Franklin from the list-Capt....


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Tuesday, April 4. Paagssitsuirs Dissotven.- Sharman and Bird, Goodmanchester, drapers-Shar - man and Son, Huntingdon, drapers-Jones and Pughe, Liverpool, joiners-L. and H....


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On the 26th March, the Hon. Mrs. Edward Wingfield, of a son. On the 26th, in New Street, the Lady Mary Hoare, of a son. On the 29th, at Drumboe, Lady Hayes, of a daughter. On...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices ) &turd...Monday. Tuesday. Widnes. 3 per Cent Consols sal 86 861 87 Ditto for Account 9 per Cents Reduced I/ per Cents Long Annuities Sank...