9 JULY 1831

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The French elections commenced on Tuesday. We described them last

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week as already commenced ; , a proof, as a Brighton contemporary pleasantly remarks, of our early intelligence. The Republicans are straining every nerve, and so are the...

The following articles have been submitted by the Five Powers

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to the Belgian Congress, as the bases on which a definitive treaty may be founded. "Art. 1. The limits of Holland shall comprehend all the territories, fortresses, towns, and...

-TrrE ICING AND HIS Cos; isr.-The Queen has been affected

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during the greater part of the week by a cold, svhich prevented her from being present at Chapel on Sunday, and kept her from the ball on Thursday evening: she is, we are happy...

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THE MERCHANT TAILORS' COMPANY. — The members of this company had a

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sort of row yesterday, in consequence of an attempt of the present office-bearers to foist successors on them without their consent. It was dropped for the present. Let the...

PROSECUTION OF COBBETT. — The trial, for libel, of the far-famed author

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of the Political Register took place on Thursday, at the Guildhall, before Lord Tenterden and a Special Jury. _Cobbett had given in the Register of Saturday last a perfect "spy...

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ROBERT Taveon.-At the Surry Session, on Monday, this worthy ,

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was tried on a charge of having, on Good Friday last, in the Rotunda, Blackfriars Road, performed a most disgusting burlesque of the Lord's Supper. He was found guilty ; and...

NEWTOWNBARRY MASSACItE.-T110 JtITy in this case, consisting of sir Catholics and

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six Protestants, have separated without coming to any verdict. None of the Yeomen arc in custody : an application to the coroner to that effect was refused, until the verdict...

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Assassmerroa.—On Wednesday, a ruffian named Hall went to the Duke

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of York public-house, in Grimsby, and having contrived to pick a quarrel with a man who lodged there, stabbed him to the heart, with a knife which he Lad sharpened for the...

CHOLERA IN HYDE PAItK.—There was a rumour on Saturday, that

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a poor man, who was found in a dying state in Park Lane, on Friday, had died of cholera—because he had vomited a good deal. An inquest, which was held on Monday on the body, has...

THE Cortowavoas—It is reported that the 23rd September has been

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fixed for this ceremony, and that it will be attended with much less pa. rade than usual. THE Desse OF Waisanauroar AND THE Bir.r..—It is said that his Grace is much less...

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'The following is a summary of all the threatened amendments in the Committee on the Reform Bill.

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To have a Vote in Counties. 50/. tenants-at-will, who have been one year in possession—Mr. SIBTRORP. Da leaseholders on leases of five years—Mr. PORTMAN. Owners of freehold or...


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BRITISH INSTITUTION. 'THE succession of these annual exhibitions of paintings by the Old Masters, was last year interrupted by the dissilay of LAWRENCE'S portraits; and,...

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Arrived—Off Plymouth, July 7, Upton Castle, Duggan, from Ilorohay. At St. Helena, May 4, Rutland, from the Cape for London ; and Lady East, Denny, from Bengal. 6th, Eliza,...


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JULY 9.—The Rev. Arthur Matthews, B.D. one of the Senior Fellows of Brasennose College, and Prmlector in Divinity in the Cathedral Church of Hereford, has succeeded to the...


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The Rev. W. R. Drage, M.A. of Emmanuel College, Cambridge, has been appointed one of the Minor Canons of Rochester Cathedral. On the 28th ult. the Lord Bishop of Peterborough...


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WAR-Ossick, July 5-1st Regt. of Life Guards : Lieut. S. A. Bayntun, from half-pay Unattached, to be Lieut. vice Bethel Codrington, who exchanges-6th Regt. of Dragoon Guards :...


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BIRTHS. On the 3rd inst. the Lady of Mao:: us JonNs ore, Esq. of Newport, Isle of Wight, of a daughter. On the 3rd inst. in Wimpole Street, the Lady of WILLIAM Button, Esq....


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BANKRUPTCIES ENLARGED. BENNET!, JonN, Birmingham, corn-dealer, from July 1 to November 1. BURTON, THOMAS, Bramham, Yorkshire, shoe-maker, from July 12 to Aug. 2. BANKRUPTCY...

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1i - hilly, July 8.

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PARTNER s t PS DI s S OLVED. T. and It. OLD, Ratcliff Cross Dock, shipwrights—Nortrom and SKER RITT, NOttilL;liam, cabinet-makers—A NallioNe and HUDSON. Norwich, corn-merchants...

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YEARLY TENANTCIES. Ana nation, by Lord GREY, to a memorial 3f the Birmingham Union, transmitted through Mr. Arrwoon, has subsequently been pub lished. "DowningStreet, 30th...


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IN the House of Commons, on Monday, Mr. F. CLINTON said, "It was asserted by men of all parties, and denied by none, that the majority of those who in the present Parliament...


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WE feel much disposed to sympathize in the lamentation of Mr. HUME over the loss of his place. Like the worthy member for Middlesex, we ourselves have the bump of inhabitiveness...

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Saint George—and a dragon to boot ! Why Murray, man, where are thy wits ? Take breath, and thy forces recruit, Great dealer in palpable hits ! 0, fierce was the flash of...


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WE saw the Hypocrite, at this theatre, on Monday evening • and could not help remarking the contrast between the English and French dramatic taste, as exhibited in this comedy,...

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THE English Opera season commences about the time of the summer solstice, and Mr. ARNOLD finds supporters as warm as he could wish them. The Adelphi, however, is rather too...


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THE concluding lecture and vocal concert were given on Wednesday night; and the same diligence in the production of variety and excellence in musical composition with which the...


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THE annual concert, at which the prizes are distributed to the pupils of the Academy, was given at the Hanover Square Rooms on Thursday morning. The object of this institution,...


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Tins great musician, whose compositions formed so remarkable a feature in the late Oxford festival, gave two extemporaneous performances on the organ entirely, Thr the benefit...


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WE attended Master ASPULL'S concert on Wednesday, and were highly gratified by his performances; on which, however, want of space prevents our making any detailed remarks. His...

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THE book of the week, which is in itself a" library," is the edition of BOSWELL'S Annals of JOHNSON, brought out by the assi duous care, research, and taste, of the late...

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The Fourteenth Number of the Divines of the Church of

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England consists of the second volume of JEREMY TAYLOR'S Sermons. It is a book full of eloquence and wisdom—not the eloquence of rhetoric; nor the wisdom of the schools : the...

Mr. DIRDIN'S Fourth Volume of the Sunday Library contains the

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usual variety of sermons, chiefly from modern divines, preceded by a very clever engraving of Sir THOMAS LAWRENCE'S portrait of Dr. HUNTINGFORD, Bishop of Hereford.

Mr. NEGRIS has printed a charming little book of Modern

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Greek Proverbs, which has given us great amusement. They are well selected, well translated, and pleasantly commented upon. Mr. NEGRIS, we believe, is a modern Greek himself. He...

A little volume of Poems, by William Danby, Esq., strikes

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us as . containing strong evidence ofa deep poetical spirit. Several of the poems, though pitched in a somewhat lugubrious strain, are written with power, and adorned with a...

A pleasing and most inoffensive little volume of poems has

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been sent to us, entitled United Efforts, by a Brother and gister. The efforts may not be great, but the union is amiable, and the verses far from despicable.

The History of the House of Bourbon, in Dr. LARDNER'S

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Cabinet Library, is composed on a good plan, though we can detect the want of sufficient familiarity with the subject.

Numerous other works of importance solicit our attention: we are

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nevertheless obliged to defer their claims till next week, wheal wezan promise to several aconspiouousplaceamottailniuy.