9 JULY 1836

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The Committee of the French Peers, appointed to institute proceedings

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against ALIBEAU or ALIBAUD, the assassio, have made their report. It contains few particulars of interest. Ac- cording to the prisoner's own account, he had become an ardent...

The Revenue Accounts for the year and quarter ending July

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5th are very satisfactory. On the year, the increase of receipts as compared with those of 1834 - 5 is 2,045,456/.; on the quarter, 1,306,6481. The increase on the year from the...


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THE Tory Opposition in the House of Commons put forth their svhole strength on Monday against the Appropriation principle in the Irish Tithe Bill. The question was raised on the...

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Elebatryi ant1 taraceettingtin tintlinment. I. THE IRISH CHURCH.

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Lord MORPETII, On Monday, moved the House of Commons to go into Committee on the Church of Ireland Bill. On the question being put that the Speaker leave the chair, Sir GEORGE...

The Marquis of SLIGO opened the session of the Jamaica

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Assembly on the 24th of May, in a very temperateand conciliatory speech. He apologized for the breach of the privileges of the Assembly, which he unknowingly committed last...

There have been no military operations in the insurgent Spanish

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provinces, which require to be noticed this week ; but a good deal of attention has been drawn to the following proclama- tion which General EVANS is accused of having issued....

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int jfietraptaig.

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At a Common Hall held on Wednesday, Mr. John Johnson, paviour, was elected Sheriff of London, in the room of Mr. Tegg the publisher, who paid his fine rather than serve the...

el), (Tulin.

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THE King, attended by Sir Herbert Taylor, came to town on Wednes- day, and held his Levee at St. James's Palace. The company was unusually thin : except the Foreign Ambassadors...

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A meeting of noblemen and gentlemen connected with Ireland was

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held on Thursday, at the Thatched Muse Tavern, for the purpose of concerting measures with Government for the establishment of a general board or Committee, to whom all plans...

Sir Charles Wetherell applied on Thursday to the Vice-Chancellor, to

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dissolve the injunction obtained some weeks ago by Messrs. Squire and Williams, the bankers, to prevent the erection of the statue of George the Third in the open space at the...

Ir be Camden.

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The Reformers of Birmingham held a meeting at the Public Office in that town on Thursday week, and resolved to commence a subscrip- tion to support Mr. O'Connell against the...

A servant girl, cleaning the windows at a house in

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Pentonville, on Monday, fell from a height of thirty feet, into a stone area. She lies at the North London Hospital in a precarious state. A hail-storm, on Wednesday morning,...

His Majesty's royal steam cruiser Vulcan arrived at Poole on

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Mon- day week, from a cruise, took in coals, and sailed on the 21. The ex- periment of steam cruisers for the prevention of smuggling has suc- ceeded beyond expectation. It has...

On Saturday, the annu'al distribution of prizes to the students

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of the London University took place, in the theatre of the University. Among the distinguished persons present on the occasion, were the Duke of Somerset, Mr. Spridg Rice, Mr....

The Duke of Wellington was thrown from his horse on

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Friday last, opposite Chesterfield House. The Morning Post gives the following genteel account of the accident- " The Duke was rifling a spirited horse; and at the corner of...


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The Dublin Petition Committee was converted on Monday into a "National Association for Irish Corporate Reform and the Settle. ment of the Tithe Question." But, as Mr. O'Connell,...

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It is with much pleasure we call the attention of our readers to the formation of a General Reform Association for Scotland, embracing all classes of Reformers, similar to those...

We beg the attention of Ministers and their friends to

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the following extract from the paper of largest circulation in Kent,—the Kent _ Herald, published in archiepiscopal Canterbury. It gives vent to a feeling which is every day...

At College Street Police-office, Dublin, on Monday, a person was

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charged with disturbing the public peace by drawing a dagger in front of the Reverend Mr. M'Crea's chapel, on Sunday evening. It ap- peared that a crowd of persons attended at...

In our article last week on Mary Magdalene, it was

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incidentally said that besides the Virgin, there were four New Testament Marks —Mary the "sinner," Mary Magdalene, Mary the sister of Lazarus, and Mary the sister of Martha....

Dr. Butler, Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry, was consecrated by

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the Archbishop of Canterbury, on Sunday, at the private chapel at Lambeth Palace. The Bishops of Bristol and Chichester assisted at the ceremony. We hope that Dr. Butler will...

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WAR-OFFICE, July 5.—Memorandum.—The half-pay of the mulermentionerl officers has been cancel!, d from the 5th inst. inclusive, upon their receiving a commuted allow- ance air...

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PosTscRIPT SATURDAY. The French papers contain Carlist aecomits of proceedings in the North of Spain. It is said that, on his return from Madrid, Con- nor.. opened a...


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BIRT On the 5th inst., at the house of her mother, the lion. Lady Hope, in Park Street, Westminster, Lady VERNEY, of a daughter. On the 38th ult., at Laverock Bank, near...

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The Branken Moor. Nicholls, from Ceylon to London, has put into royal iii a very leaky state. and will be obliged to discharge Arrived—At Gravesend, July 4th. Allred, Tapley,...


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Abstract of the Net Produce of the Revenue of Great Britain, in the Years and Quarters ended 5th July 1835 and 5th July 1836; showing the Increase or Decrease on each head...

It will be seen by an announcement in our advertising

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columns, that the South Australian Commissioners are, in addition to their former arrangements, taking measures to forward to the new colony other six hundred persons of the...


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SToCK E ACHANOE, FRIDAY A/TEAROOM. The fluctuation of Consols can hardly have exceeded A per cent. The market bas not been so buoyant as it was last week, but the business has...

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TORY TACTICS. Tim change has come about by almost imperceptible llegreeg, but Confo*amity is at end. The false colours which the Tories hoisted while last in power, they have...

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THE rejection of the Irish Tithe Bill by the House of Peers is as certain as if it were already matter of history. The Tories are pursuing the same course with respect to the...


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IF we understand Lord MELBOURNE'S measure aright, either as it was originally produced or as it is about to issue from Commit - tee in time House of Peers, it does not seem that...

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to the lris,h Poor-Law Commissioners, there are five w illi on „f E ng li s h nere e% of waste and bog land in Ireland cer- tainly reclaimable. It is ,t leust equally certain...

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Mrs. Armytage; or Female Domination. By the Autho:ess or " Mothers and Dau g hters.' 103 vols. Ca/horn. Jerningham; or Ilia Inconsistent Mau. In 3 so s. Smith. Elder am, Co....

The Russian Government very lately discovered at Warsaw that some

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of the emigrated revolutionists, although the ordinary channels of communication with the kingdom had been cut off, did not relax in their endeavours to excite the people's...


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T1118 " last new novel " by Mrs. GORE is not equal to her pre- ceding one, The Handlluns. The same skill and ability are in- deed displayed, but the " material defeats the...

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THE most remarkable character in this novel is drawn from the poet SHELLEY: the object of the writer, however, is neither to promulgate the peculiar opinions entertained by...

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Tim author of this volume is, it appears, connected with the Morning Herald newspaper, as foreign correspondent; and hi s tour, we conjecture, was made with a view to...

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THIS is a very able and scholar-like production, the result of exten- sive learning, quick observation, sound sense, aid critical sagacity. The attraction of much of the matter...


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THIS is a valuable contribution to the literature of Architecture, and interesting also as a picturesque journey. The object of the author was, by a personal inspection of the...


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DR. Nurreee has obliged the indifferent Latinist with a very useful and sightly edition of Juvertse. On the left page is the text of the great original ; on the right is the...

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THE LAWRENCE GALLERY — DRAWINGS OF MICHAEL ANGELO. THE glorious pagea it ofart which the Lawrence Gallery has furnished is now closed by the drawings of the mighty master...

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Mr. SAMUEL BODDINGTON informs us that we were wrong in

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our conjecture that the beautiful designs in The Gossip's Week were by bun; though he subscribes to our opinion of their merits. As Mr. BODDINGTON can well afford to disclaim...