22 JANUARY 1859

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The adventures of the rebel chiefs in India savour more

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than ever of romance. Lord Clyde has been very successful in his Oude campaign, and while Sir Hope Grant, his ablest lieutenant, has carried all before him in the Gonda country,...


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THE opinion formed last week by those having access to the best information, that the differences between France and Austria would not be permitted to eventuate in war, has this...

Our Foreign Secretary has just undertaken, at the instance of

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a firm in the city, to inquire of the United States Government whether it is in ignorance of the fact, that our coasting trade is entirely open to American vessels, although the...

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While any announcement of the Government Reform Bill ia still

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suspended,—while noble Lords and honourable Memberi While any announcement of the Government Reform Bill ia still suspended,—while noble Lords and honourable Memberi are...

We were perhaps guilty of an omission last week in

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not no- ticing the proposal of Lord. Downshire and other influential landlords, to assemble a meeting in Dublin on the 27th instant, as representing "the nobility, gentry, and...

The reply to the complaint of impending "agricultural dis- tress,"

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which we 'noticed lately, haii come from a high authority, —Mr. Jam Grey of Dilston ; a practical farmer, who has the letting of many farms great and small, and is...

The Bank of England has contracted to supply the Metro-

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politan Board of Works with the 3,000,000/. requisite for the Metropolitan Main Drainage. This commencement of a public debt for the whole metropolis is to be met by an...


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MR. BRIGHT AT BB.ADPORD. Mr. Bright kept his appointment with the Bradford reformers and duly appeared in St. George's Hall on Monday. That large chamber was "densely crowded"...

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C bt Cou rt .

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THE QUEEN has taken out-door exercise this week, driving and walking in Windsor Park, and visiting the Duchess of Kent at Frogmore. The Prince Consort has ridden out; and has...

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bt Rittrapulio.

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At a meeting of the Middlesex Magistrates on Thursday, a financial report was presented, which showed that while some reduction has been made in the charges for prisons, a large...


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AGRICULTURAL PROGRESS. The Hexham Farmers' Club held its annual meeting last week, and this gave the chairman, Mr. John Grey of Dilston, "one of the best practical farmers" in...

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Mr. Whiteside has retired from the representation of Enniskillen, and has accepted an invitation to stand for the University of Dublin. De: Gayer, the ultra-Tory candidate, has...


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MR. ELLICE AT CUPAR. Mr. Ellice junior, Member for St. Andrews District of Burghs, ad- dressed his constituents on Monday on things in general, and reform in particular. Many...

fortigu nut Colonial.

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Sulam—A slight change has taken place in the heated political atmosphere of Paris. It has become more pacific—and prices have risen. The medium chosen to convey peaceful...

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Two Cabinet Councils each attended by all the Cabinet Ministers, have been held this week. Mr. Disraeli, as leader of the House of Commons, has issued the usual circular to his...

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SATURDAY. The intelligence of the morning shows that the idea which we put forward last week, as a key to the solution of the Continental embarras, has been encouraged in...

The Court of Common Pleas has granted a rule calling

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upon the Earl of Shrewsbury to show cause why a verdict should not be entered for Mr. Hope Scott and others, in the matter of the Shrewsbury estates, instead of as now for Lord...

Professor William Thomson, the accomplished electrician, who took so distinguished

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a part in the arrangements connected with the laying of the Atlantic cable, was entertained at a public dinner in Glasgow on Thursday. In his speech the professor described the...

The Fulton arrived yesterday at Cowes with advices from New

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York to the 8th January. She brings several items of news. The death of General Quitman, one of the members for Mississippi, was announced in Congress on the 6th. In the Senate...

Two Peers died on Thursday : Charles Bury, Earl of

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Cliarleville, at his house in Ireland ; and John Rushout, Lord Northwick, at his seat in Glou- cestershire. Lord Charleville is succeeded by his son, Charles William Francis...

The Times of this morning publishes a table showing "the

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represen- tation of England and Wales equitably adjusted with reference to popu- lation and property assessment." It is supplied by a " correspondent " as "an amendment" upon...

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Some of the large dry goods merchants of the City

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have lately mooted the point of the prolonged credit which is now given to the retailer ; debating whether it would be advisable to endeavour to bring about an alteration in...


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Last evening, under the presidency of Professor Owen, a party of gentlemen, consisting of members of the Zoological Society and others interested in the progress of Natural...

fistful arts, ,a5lpflus, Cala, &r.

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Dr the quietest trade circles, as in the worlds of politics, commerce, and general enterprise, the rumour of impending war on the Continent, has not been without its...

There is no striking novelty to be remarked in the

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decorative depart- ments of the general upholsterer's business. The great houses report an improvement in the selection of furniture by their customers, markedly so in curtains...


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Swat EseidArrox, FRIDAT AsTakwoox. There has been a good deal of speculative business doing in the market. for English Securities this week, while public investments have been...

The recently introduced snfokeless grate .is a useful improvement. The

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coals are placed on an iron tray fixed to the front of the stove at the bottom of the fire, so as to burn the whole of the gases given off. Along the tray, by the action of a...

Mr. C. W. Harrison has patented the use of mercury

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or other fluid or semi-fluid body as one or more of the electrodes in the Electric light : a tube within the lamp ensures its remaining full or nearly so during con- sumption by...

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The Sacred Harmonic Society have revived Mendelssohn's St. Paul, after

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having for a long time laid it aside. Their neglect of this Oratorio, in comparison with its successor, Elijah, has not been altogether without reason; for it has been founded...

Mr. J. B. Buckstone, who has not played in London

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since Christmas, will reappear at the Haymarket tonight, as Marplot in the Busybody. A new drama, entitled the Borgia Bing, is announced for production at the Adelphi Theatre on...

A new association, called "The Musical Society of London," which

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has been organized in the course of the last year, is about to commence its proceedings. It is not limited to members of the musical profession, but extends to amateurs, who,...


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The aggregate receipts of the places of public amusement during the year 1858 exceed those of every year preceding, since 1854 inclusive, with the sole exception of 1856, which,...

The good people of Paris are now beginning, ten years

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after Men- delssohn's death, to discover that he was a great man. A few months ago, the performance of one - half of Elijah was accomplished by one of the musical societies, and...

We should not be surprisedif Mr. Webster's plan of employing

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female box-keepers were generally followed. His ouvreuses, in their neat caps and dark green gowns, make a very pretty show, while their civility is unexceptionable and their...


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Little is done in the way of Musical publications at this time of the year. The London publishing season is when the town is full—when a multitude of Operas, Concerts, and...


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The revival of the English version of Tartufe at the Adelphi Theatre is an event of some interest, not only because it introduces to the public Miss Henrietta Sims, a young...

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PRELIMINARIES OF THE REFORM DEBATES. Mn. Buxom has given us the first essay towards the solution of the Reform Bill question for the ensuing session, and the publi- cation of...

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No one can help noticing a peculiarity of the present juncture : it will be a magnificent season for the operator in the money mar- ket. The corn markets of the world have shown...


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THE new year opened with a discussion on the efficiency of our national defences, especially of our Navy. It has been smartly continued, and is still in progress in harmony with...

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PERHAPS to those who do not think that dining is the great business of life, the prominence which has been given to this *guestion in the columns of the leading journal may be...

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HOUSES FALL. Tux terrible catastrophe at the Victoria Theatre, followed so quickly by that at the Polytechnic, has provoked the inquiry— What are the causes of such frightful...

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THE COVERED WARRANTS. 10th January 1859. Snt—Having been a subscriber to.your journal from the commencement of its existence, I am naturally anxious that you should have an...


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Loan CAKPBRLL has announced for an early day next session practical measures designed to correct certain existing inconveniences. One of these is intended to amend the law of...

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10111 January 1859. Six—In one of the leading articles of the Naval and Military Gazette of the llth of last month I o bs erved the following : viz. "The extent to which...

to armtr.

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FROM THE LONDON oszErna, JANUARY 11. WAR Oreicz, Pall Mall, Jan. 11.—Caroalry--34 Regt. of Drag. Guards—Cornet A. C. Van Cortlandt, to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Berkely,...

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On the 11th of January, the Hon. Mrs. J. Townshend Boscawen, of a son. On the 13th, at Beddington Park, Lady Pigott, of a son. On the 13th, in Upper Merrion Street, the lion....

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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, JANUARY 18. Bankrupts.-Cussuzs BDO1, Newington Causeway, silk-mercer-WnhAm Ro- st:MS, King's Lynn, grocer-Witham DAVITS senior, Baldock, Hertfordshire,...


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BRITISH FUNDS. (Cluing Prices-) daunt. Monday. bowie* Indrsos Thar.. Friday. 3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Bedewed New 3 per Cents Long Annuities Annuities...

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London Printed by JOSZP/1. CIATTON, of 263, Strand, in the

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County of Middlesex, Priuter, at the office of Josarn Cm.o, - rex, 17, Bouverie Street, in the Precinct of Whitefriars, In the City of London and published by . the aforesaid...

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c $pttator ( $npfltment.

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JANUARY 22, 1859.


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No. II. Comunaaoserxox or Boug.—Universality of it — Reasons for the Univer- sality—Wordsworth's Advice to his Sons—The Reel of Tullochgoratm, and the Reverend Mr....

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THE CORNWALLIS CORRESPONDENCE.* PERIM% the traditional impression of the public as to the Mar- quis Cornwallis is that of a man whose kindliness of nature en- abled him to...

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found both with the matter and manner of Walpole's Letters, but their unrivalled value and utility can be tested by a simple question. What would the world not give for such a...

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ALTneueu neither so broad or so varied as some of her previous novels Miss Geraldine E. Jewsbury's .Right t or Wrong s a wel- come novels , from the mass of fictions without...

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The principal unnoticed book of the week is Mr. Colley Grattan's "Civilized America," the result of a long residence in the United States in an official capacity, and much...

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Everybody knows how some commentators have tried to make out that Shakspere was in youth an attorney's clerk; the inferential proof being the use of certain words in a legal...

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Horace Vernet's picture of the "Capture of the Malakoff," painted

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for the town of Antrim, the native place of General M‘Mahon the divisional officer in command when that brilliant exploit was performed, is quite up to public expectation. A...

The Paris critics commend the restoration of the five Spanish

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pictures added to the gallery of the Louvre from the collection of Marshal Soult. The two Murillos, "Nativity of the Virgin" and "Miracle of St. Diego," costing 230,000 francs,...

iiut Arts.

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The facile and skilful architectural genius of Mr. Gilbert Scott has been for nearly three years past enriching ' by renovation and addition, the buildings at Exeter College,...

To an audience of about one hundred, students apparently, as

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the ma- jority were very young men, Mr. F. P. Cockerell delivered his lecture on the "Painting of the Ancients," at the lecture-room in the Brompton Museum, on Wednesday last....


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The death of Mrs. Wordsworth, the poet's widow, has snapped the last link that connected the present generation with the "Lake poets," Southey, Coleridge, and Wordsworth, whose...