4 AUGUST 1838

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THE mighty outcry in Ireland against the LYNDHURST Corpora- tion Bill has not been without its effect on Ministers. To sup- port such a measure would have been an act of...

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The grandees of Madrid have been celebrating th birth-day of

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the little Queen with public dinners and speeches. At one of these, ESPARTERO was toasted as " the spoiled child of Victory." The said ESPARTERO, however, is in no great'hurry...

The latest accounts from Canada reach to the 9th of

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July. Lord Duenam had formed his Special Council ; consisting of Admiral Sir CHARLES PAGET, General Sir J AMES MACOONNELL, Colonel GREY, Colonel COUPER, and Mr. CHARLES BUI.LeR....

According to late accounts from Lisbon, a movement was threatened

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by a powerful party, who wish to destroy the constitu- tion and proclaim Donna MARIA " the absolute Queen." It is said that the refusal to pay taxes is general and successful....

The celebration in Paris of the " three glorious days

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of July," (the 28th, 29th, and 30th,) did not pass off without a tumult. The second day is consecrated to the memory of the heroes who fell in the struggle: funeral servicea are...

Debatesi anti 19racceDingl fit Varliaturnt.

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IRISH CORPORATIONS. The Irish Municipal Bill went through its last formal stage in the House of Lords on Monday ; without discussion, for there was nothing left to discuss, the...

A crew of vagabonds, chiefly foreign sailors, raised a dis-

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turbance at Stockholm on the 19th of July, in revenge for the arrest of two of their comrades. They threw stones at the mili- tary, broke windows, and were otherwise riotous ;...

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etbr S> ctrolioii�.

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Some members of the Middlesex Reform Club met on Wednesday evening, at the Salopian Coffeehouse • Mr. Ashton Yates in the chair. It was stated that subscriptions clad been...

CU Court.

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THE Queen held a Court and Privy Council on Monday, at Bucking- ham Palace. Some Orders in Council on Colonial matters were dis- cussed and approved of. Sir George Villiers was...

In the Bankruptcy Court, on Tuesday, the affairs of General

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Palmer, late Member for Bath, and described as in wine. merchant, were investigated. The debts proved amount to 10,0001. ; and there are no assets at present, but there is a...

nit Couittro.

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The emancipation of the Negroes in the West Indies was celebrated in 13iramiegimain on Wednesday time 1st of August. In the morning, the chilthen of the different schools, in...

At a meeting of the Court of Aldermen, on Tuesday,

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it was re- solved to present the freedom of the City, and a gold box worth fifty guineas, to Colonel Pasley, in acknowledgment of the Colonel's ser- vices in " blowing.up "the...

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Rutland must be a pleasant county to live in. At

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the Assizes last week, there was not a single prisoner for trial, and only ode cause at the Nisi Prim' bar. At the Derby Assizes, on Tuesday, the Marquis of Waterford, Sir...


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Mr. O'Connell has addressed two letters to the "hereditarylo* men " on the subject of the Irish measures respecting the Poor, e s. porations, and Tithes. He strongly protests...

In the Record Court, Cork county, Lord Bandon obtained verdicts

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for " ovetholding " against the tomtits, the intended ejectment of whom Lord Alulgrave alluded to in the House of Lords ; upon which occasion a quibble served the turn of the...

TheGloucester music meeting will this year be on a more

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magnificent scale than formerly. The seats for the morning concert in the Cathe- dral will be increased in number. Many regulations in the manage- ment and arrangement for the...

Lord Duncannon is to be Lord-Lieutenant of Kilkenny County; und

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his sou, Mr. John Ponuonby, of Carlow County. Lord Duncannon is to be Lord-Lieutenant of Kilkenny County; und his sou, Mr. John Ponuonby, of Carlow County. It is now stated...

The usual halt yearly meeting of the shareholders in the

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Liverpool and Manchester Railway Company was held on Wednesday last, in the Cotton Sales-room, Liverpool. A dividend for the half year of four and a half per cent, was declared...

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" As the session is now rapidly drawing to a

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close, it may be worth while to inquire what the Tories have gained during the nine months' sitting of Parliament by their opposition to the measures of Minis- ters? Do the...


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Since Tory Members of Parliament there must be, we always re- joice when one of the elite of the party is chosen in preference to those of baser mould : we therefore...

It is said that Mr. Speirs of Enka slie, will

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be the new Lord-Lieu- tenant of Rentrewshire ; Sir John - Maxwell having refused the ap- pointment. On Wednesday, the Dean and Faculty of Glasgow College elected 3Ir. Edina mid...

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The report that Sir George Villiers is to be the

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new Ambassador to Russia is contradicted. It is now said that the Marquis of Clan- ricarde will go to St. Petersburg. The Queen will be represented at the coronation of the...

The following paragraph, from the Montreal Herald of the 2d

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of July, shows the discontent of the Orange party with Lord Durham's proceeding.; but we place no reliance on its statements- " The excitement in Montreal and Quebec is such...

Mr. Henry Cooper has been appointed Judge of the Colony

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of South Australia, in the room of the late Sir John Jeffcott. The South Australia journals, received this week by way of Sydney, mention that the Swan River Colony was...

Marshal Soult, accompanied by the Marquis of Dalmatia, M. de

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Mornay, and a considerable portion of his suite, took his departure on Sunday for the Continent. His Excellency dined on Saturday with the Duke of Wellington, and embarked at...


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Arrived—At Gravesend, Ang.241, W. Nichol, M'Alpin, from New South Wales. At Liverpool, Jul) 930, Paragon, Colman, from Bengal. At New South Wales, Captain Cook, —; and Grecian,...

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SroCK ERNI %NOE, FRIT/ AV AFTERNOON. afforded for remark. Consols had recovered from 931 to 94, but have ag ain So little business has been doing here, that there is scarcely...


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SATURDAY. The Irish Tithe Bill passed through the Committee in the House o f Lords last night ; the only important amendment being the removal of the clauses for reopening...

Letters received in Paris from Estella mention, that the Carlists

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were in daily expectation of being attacked by ESPARTERO, and that prayers were constantly offered up in the churches for his defeat. Marshal SOULT arrived in Paris on...


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BIRTHS. On the 211 ult., in Park Street, Grosvenor Struve, the La ly Boa IRT Gnosvriscn. of son. On the 2it4 ult., at Brighton, Lady RIVsas, of a son. Ott the 31st ult., at...

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THE CIVIL LIST PENSIONS.* THE Report from the Select Committee on Pensions, with its two appendixes, was delivered on Saturday night. On Monday, Mr. SPRING Rica moved, in...

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Considering all things, these are the best class of the pensions,--the services more palpable; the deaths or deprivations more unquestion- ably owing to the reasons assigned ;...

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After a public movement of many years, and a systematic

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Par- liamentary struggle of seven, the Civil List Pensions will soon become a closed question. The immediate gain of 10,0001. a year seems disproportioned to the turmoil ; but...

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"WHERE there's a will, there's a way." There is manifestly a strong " will," in high places, to attack the ale.ent Lord Duen AM on all available opportunities : and the " way "...

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IT is desirable that Judges, in their charges to Juries and their observations in court, should confine themselves to the " matter in question." When they transgress this...


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IT is a reflection which will appear to different persons, according as their dispositions are for peace or contention, either a mitiga- tion or an aggravation of circumstances,...

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Mn. ocuactc's NEW ZEALAND.

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THE author of this work resided in New Zealand for six or seven years. His object appears to have been to better his fortunes; and his time to have been employed in barter,...


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TRAVEL% New Zealand : bring a Narrative of Travels and Adventures during a Resident* la that Country between the years MI and 18.7. By J. S. Polack. Esq. Int vols. Beatify....

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THIS is what the late Mr. Column' would have called a feelo- sophic book. Having travelled with approval in one country, Miss MARTINEAU would make her country-folk as clever as...

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THE NELSON AND WELLINGT )N MONUMENTS. THE project of the Monument to NELSON is now fairly hurti e l At the public meeting on Wednesday, at which the Duke of w a y LINGTON...