18 AUGUST 1939, Page 32

A Really Quiet Car

The new Vauxhall has torsion-bar independent front springing, which gives it very smooth riding indeed, as well as excellent road-holding. For the type and price of car I do not know any more successful. The steering, which has an adjustable wheel, is finger-light and perfectly steady at all speeds. The foot-brake is exceptionally good, smooth and powerful, the side-brake only fit for parking. The familiar Vauxhall synchromeshed gear is unchanged, which is to say that it remains one of the best made. Second speed, on which I got about 43 miles an hour, is almost no!seless- in which it rivals the engine. This is practically inaudible, no distinguishable sound coming from the valve-gear or any- thing else. On sharp acceleration you can hear the exhaust, but that is all. I thought it remarkable.