21 NOVEMBER 1914, Page 14

The action, we are told, lasted fourteen minutes, after which

the Goebel)? which was very much faster than the Russian Fleet, disappeared in the mist. The Breslau,' it appears, did not take part in the action, but kept in the offing. The only Russian vessel to suffer any damage was the flagship, and that was not severe. There seems to be good reason to hope that the 'Goeben' has been badly damaged. The Russian gunnery was obviously very good, and the whole incident proves what our naval experts have been telling us of late, that the Russian Navy has developed as rapidly and as satisfantorily as the Russian. Army. According to a naval contributor to the Daily Mail, the Goeben,' by concentrating her fire upon the Russian flagship, ought to have been able to blow her oat of the water, so superior is her armament.