21 NOVEMBER 1914, Page 15

We are glad to learn that the laudable persistence of

the Prince of Wales has been rewarded, and that he has been allowed to go to the front, where he is now an A.D.C. to Sir John French. We can well believe the statement that the Prince is at the present moment the happiest young man in the world. He has got his way, and it is the way of honour, but it would have been a bad example if he had been allowed to go a day before his military superiors reported him sufficiently trained to take his place at the front. The Times of Wednesday pub- lished an interesting record of the Prince's time at Oxford by the President of Magdalen, whom we are glad to have this opportunity of congratulating on receiving the honour of knighthood. Of the Prince of Wales's intellectual qualities the President of Magdalen says : " Bookish he will never be : not a " Beauclerk,' still less a ' British Solomon.' Kings, perhaps fortunately, seldom are this last. That is not to be desired, but the Prince of Wales will not want for power of ready and forcible presentation, either in speech or writing."