11 JUNE 1831

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The Polish Patriots have suffered a check, thougl strong hopes,

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neither a permanent nor a fatal one. troops had pushed forwatd after the retreating Russians,— pally for the purpose, by holding out encouragement and assist- ance to their...

The election of Prince LEOPOLD to be King of Belgium

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took place on the 4th. We gave, in the second edition of our last number, the result of the deliberations of the 1st ; from the majorities on which day, the event of the 4th...


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THE spirit of Reform has spread to Brazil ; or, to speak more strictl y, it has again become operative there, after a slumber of several years. Don PEDRO has been compelled to...

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THE... SHIPPING INTERESTS,---A numerous meeting of persons con. nected with

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shipping was held on Thursday, at the City of London Tavern. In the absence of Alderman Thompson (at Merthyr), Mr. George Palmer took the chair. The object of the persons who...

Scorcn PEERS.—The election took place on Friday last week. The

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following are the names of the Peers chosen, with the number of votes for each. Marquis of Queensberry, 63; Marquis of Tweeddale, 47; Earl of Morton, 45; Earl of Elgin, 43; Earl...

THE Rirso AND HIS COURT—On Saturday, their Majesties honoured the

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annual regatta of the Eton boys with their presence. Even without the animating addition of such illustrious spectators, the scene would have been splendid and exhilarating. We...

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a late hour on Thursday, showed cause for the defend- ants in this case. (In tile report that follows, which is substantially cor- rect, we merely collate the accounts given in...

CLARE COMMISSION.—This commission opened at Ennis on Thursday the 2nd.

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Mr. Judge Moore charged the Grand Jury. His Lordship said, that, "of the result he entertained no doubt ; for he could not question the co-operation of every man who feels not...

UNIVERSITY PRIVILEGES.—A case of considerable importance, as touch log upon

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the privileges of the Universities, was mooted on Wednesday, before the Lord Chancellor. In 102, Dr. Frankland, then master of the free school of Coventry, left COO/. to the...

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THE Loan ADVOCATE AGAIN. — ['he old proverb says, half an ounce

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of mother wit is worth a pound of clergy. Speech, said a diplomatiat,'Was given to man to conceal his thoughts ! Is it from deficiency of motisec wit, from too much clergy, or...

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MRS. S1DDONS.—This great actress expired on Wednesday, at her resi-

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dence in Upper Baker Street. She had been for some time past in a dangerous state, and on Saturday she was given over by her medical at- tendants. She rallied a little on...

Wmats Inors.--Eighteen of the men engaged in these disgrace- ful

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riots have been apprehended, and committed to Lancaster gaol for trial. McnnEa OF MR. TURNER.—The circumstances connected with the mysterious sm;rder of Mr. Turner or - Upe....

FATAL 13..Z.IOICINGS.— At Gooderich Court, the seat of Dr. Meyrick

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the learned author of the treatise on Ancient Armour, the workmen were regaled on his Majesty's birth-day with a distribution of cyder. The foreman of a Bristol ironmonger, who...

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STOCK EXCHANGE, SATURDAY Morssenso, HALF - PAST TEx. — Consols had oe Saturday recovered from the temporary depression which they suffered on Friday. They closed at 841;...

PULPIT SCURRILITY.—A sermon has been published in the Preacher, as

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delivered by a Rev. Mr. BI`Neile, on behalf of the Reformation So- ciety; in the course of which that gentleman uttered the following words : "I must not hold my tongue against...

THE REPLY OF THE PEOPLE TO THE ICING. — A correspondent suggests

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to us, that in many instances in the Tables published last week, we have given to the Anti-Reformers an advantage to which they are not entitled, by setting down to their...


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SPECTATOR OFFICE, SATURDAY, Two O'CLOCK. The Russian bulletin of the action on the 26th—a very long and boastful document—has arrived. From the facts disclosed in it, we should...

From a communication by the agent at Lloyd's at Falmouth,

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received this morning, it appears that the Volage, Captain Lord Colchester, arrived at Falmouth on Thursday, with the late Emperor of Brazil, the Empress, and suite. After...

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OXFORD. JuerE 9. — This day the fallowing degrees were conferred. Bachelors in Civil Law —Rev. 8.11. Perkins, Christ Church; S. V. Suttees, University. illasters of Arts— T. F....


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'The Company's Ship Winchelsea. for China, which put into Cork leaky, has reached the Downs on her return to Landon. The Marquis Camden, the last ship of the season, has arrived...

FROM THE 1.0NDON GAZETTES. Tuesday, June 7.

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PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. HAM and Co. Stoke Saint Mary, Somersetshire, hop-planters—CAVE and HAN- cocx, Bristol, pawnbrokers—HEAP and EDWARDS, Manchester, cotton-spinners•■•...


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BIRTHS. On the 6th inst. in John Street, Berkeley Square, the Lady of the Ron. GEORGE TALBOT, of a daughter. The wife of the Rev. G. R.. BENSIT, of Rode, Somersetshire, of a...


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WAR - OFFics, June 7. — lot Reg. of Life Guards : J. R.. B. Hale, Gent, to be Cor- net and Sub-Lieut. by purchase, vice Bayntun, promoted-6th Reg. of Dragoon Guards: Cornet E....


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The Rev. C. Wadsworth, M.A. Canon of St. Paul's Cathedral, is appointed IS be Chaplain to Lord Palmerston. • The Rev. C.S. Twistleton, M.A. of Balliol College, Oxford, has been...

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PUBLIC FUNDS. Soho. Mon, Tues. Wednes. Thurs. 824 21 83+ 112 — — Stik 31 83121. 21 69k 901. 894 Al - 91 * 1991 9 16113-16 Id 13-16 3 prem 3 2 531 Sli 911 q91 * 2004200* 17...

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Mn. T—NY -N. I" Mean to vote for Bill as it is—hut must say it will have bad effect in some places—at Stamford, Bill will gradually diminish number of voters, and so place...


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THE KING'S SPEECH TO PARLIAMENT. BEFORE our next publication, the King's Speech will be "settled." We take this early opportunity, therefore, of laying before Minis- ters a...


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Ws redeem our promise, and present our readers with an 'ANA- TOMY OF TAXATION. Table I. contains the six branches of our Revenue, arranged under their respective heads of...

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THE rule applied for by the Duke has been made absolute. The case, so far as this preliminary step is concerned, is now adjudi- cated. The Court have declared their opinion,...

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IT was some time after the usual hour on Saturday morning, be- fore the rehearsal of Monday's concert commenced. Groups of performers were scattered up and down the orchestra,...


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AN actor has two lives—his public and his private life. When the first is done, the world rarely cares much about the other. After living for years in an atmosphere of brilliant...

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THE season of the Winter Theatres also draws to a close. Drury Lane began the campaign with the intention of doing high deeds • in music. We were presented with a large and...

Dow PEDRO AND HIS FAumv.—The ex-Emperor of Brazil was born

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12th October 1798. He was second son of his father, the late King of Portugal. It is indeed a curious fact, that for several generations no eldest-born of a ,Portuguese Monarch...

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Dr. BEATTIE'S Residence in the Courts of Germany is a

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righ royal tour. All is comiilacency, courtesy, and compliments : de- licate little sentimental stories, good-natured remarks on scenery, and a book of posts, are mixed up with...


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(Montagu's Ornithological Dic- ORNITHOLOGY. tIonary of British Birds. Edited } by James Bennie, A M., A.L.S. TRAVELS {Dr. Beattie's Journal of a Resi- dence at Courts in...

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The Eton Ancient and Modern Geography is a laborious and

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valuable compilation. Attention is, however, chiefly directed to the ancient condition of Europe, and the names of places men- tioned by classical writers. The fault of the work...

Dr. JEBB'S Pastoral Instructions consist of practical discourses on the

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character and principles of the Church of England ; and they form a plain and sensible publication, calculated to produce strong impressions of the importance and necessity of...


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EXHIBITION OF THE ROYAL ACADEMY. (coNctinamp.) hand ; which accounts for his having contributed only this small beautiful picture ; it is a piece of true painting, and worthy...

Miss STRICKLAND tells us, in her titlepage, that she is

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now become Mrs. MOODIE ; so we suppose that this is the last of her poetical productions. Marriage is a wonderful marrer of poetty. A lady in a fit of enthusiasm is stopped by...

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The Watering Places of Great Britain.-Parts I. and II. of

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a work under this title afford a favourable specimen by which to judge of the merit of the design. The plan combines the useful with the picturesque ; and it is proposed to give...


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THIS interesting little exhibition of Views, seen through the medium' of a magnifying-glass, has reopened with a change of subjects ; and comprises six striking scenes : the...

Among the Architectural Drawings, there are several designs of Mr:

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SOANE'S-one of them for a new State Paper Office, a square edifice without a column ; views of the new hall building for the Goldsmiths' Company, by Mr. HARDWICK (949); Interior...


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ADDRESSED TO VISCOUNT HOWICR, UNDER-SECRETARY OF STATE FOR THE COLONIES. Mv LORD--• 8th June 1831. "Fatten first; then teach ! The great question is-how may the poor creatures...

Mr. WILKIN has put forth a portrait of ALLAN CUNNINGHAM,

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of the size of life, drawn upon stone by himself, in a bold and decided style, in imitation of his elaborate crayon drawings of heads. As a likeness, the lower part of the face...

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MADAME MARA.—This lady is still living at Revel, in Russia.

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On the celebration of her 82nd birth-day lately, between seventy and eighty of the most distinguished individuals of the town and its neighbourhood collected to receive her on...


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June 9, 1831. His Royal Highness the Duke of Sussex, Pre sident, in the Chair. Mr. Beverley, Dr. Wilson, and Captain 3Ianby, were admitted Fellows of the Society. Edward...


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Wednesday, 8th June. RODERICK IMPEY 3InactusoN, Esq. Pre- sident, in the Chair. The following gentlemen were elected Fellows of this Society :—Henry Aglionby, Esq , Marmaduke...

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Theatres . . . col.I Dress. • B enefits . . . . . . 1 Miscellaneous . . 4 Charitable Institutions 1 SALRS ay AUCTION 5 Insurance Offices. . . 1 EsTaTaa, &e. To be Let Stearn...