14 MARCH 1840

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PARLIAMENT has been rather languid—exhausted by idleness. The Lords, who sink under the weight of their accumulated labours io August, seem indisposed to despatch the little...

The Tory candidate succeeded in Perthshire by the overwhelm- ing

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majority of 458, obtained upon the first day's poll; when the retirement of the Whig prevented the majority front beim -, in- creased, perhaps to (300 on the second day. It vill...

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The reports of the Russian march upon Chiva bad been

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con- tradicted, but were still believed in Cabul. Afghanistan was tranquil. Lord KEANE had been treated with extraordinary respect by the successor of RUNJEET SINGH in Lahore,...

In France, the disposition of the Chamber of Deputies regasdi n ,

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the new Ministry will soon be ascertained. On Wednesday, g REMUSAT, Minister of the Interior, moved for a grant. of one million of francs for secret service-money ; being half a...

An overland mail from India reached London yesterday. It brings

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accounts from China to the 15th of December, and from Bombay to the 31st of January. From China we learn, that on the 26th November, Commis- sioner LIN issued a proclamation,...

Several vessels from New York have arrived during the week.

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The latest dates are to the 15th February. The contents of the newspapers and letters brought by these ships are generally unin- teresting. The British inhabitants of Lower...

DebattstnbVroteetrinns in palianient.

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THE ARMY ESTIMATES. On Monday, the motion for going into Committee of Supply having been put from the chair, Mr. RUNE asked whether Members knew the real state of the finances...

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tribe fit cteop oils.

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The dinner to Mr. 13yug in 1)rury Lane Theatre was a splendid spectacle, in its way. On Wednesday evening, a multitude, including more than 150 Members of Parliament, assembled...

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THE Queen gave a state dinner on Monday to Queen Adelaide ; who was received in the grand hall of Buckingham Palace by Prince Albert, and conducted to the state-room by his...

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The Dublin Total Abstinence Society, which has been in existence only since November last, already numbers 0,000 members ; they are to march in public procession on St....

The accounts from the manufacturing districts are very unsatisfac- tory.

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The Matte/ cr _tat/I./fin ,ays---4• Goods (.:1' all descriptions are extremely flat, considering the present season is one in which the ut- most activity ought to prevail." This...

The Middlesex Magistrates have disallowed the fees charged to the

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county by Mr. Wakley for inquests held by his clerk, Mr. Bell. It appears that the Coroner has no right to appoint a deputy. Mr. Bell had frequently acted for Mr. Stirling, the...

gbc Vrobinres.

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General Trevor, finding he had no chance of success in Lewes, noti- fied his resignation to Lord Cantelupe's Committee on Saturday morn- ing, and on Monday the Tory Lord was...

The principal solicitors of the Metropolis met on Monday, at

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the Freemason's Tavern, and adopted a petition to the House of Commons, declaring the alarm of the petitioners at the proceedings of the House in the case of Stockdale and...

The trial of three well - known Chartists, Carrier, Potts, and Roberts,

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for unlawfully assembling in June and July l!'z 39, and using language calculated to excite large bodies of men to c,munit breaches of the peace, commenced at Salisbury on...

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Between four and five thousand persons assembled in front of the hustings at Perth on Thursday last, to nominate candidates for the re- presentation of their great county. Mr....

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The Commission of the General Assembly of the Church of

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Scotland net on the 4th instant, in the Tolhooth Church, Edinburgh. On Mr. Dunlop's !notion, it was resolved, after a sharp discussion, by a majority of 108 to Ii, to summon the...

Sir George Sinclair, "M.P., has been elected Lord Rector of

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the Mari- sehal College, Aberdeen, for one year. The Honourable W. Gordon, M. P., Sir W. Seton, Bart., Mr. H. Lumsden, of Piteaple, and Mr. '1'. Blaikie, Provost of Aberdeen,...

The annual meeting of the Literary Fund Society for the

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election of officers and other business took place on Wednesday at the Society's Chambers in Lincoln's Inn Fields ; the Marquis of Northampton, one of the Vice-Presidents, in...


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Last night's Gazette announces that the Queen has invested Prince Albert with the insignia of a Knight Grand Cross of the Bath. It is also announced to be her Majesty's pleasure...

On Friday, the India mail from London passed through Paris.

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There were thirty-six boxes, containing, besides despatches, 30,000 letters! The Queen of Portugal dissolved the Conies on the 25th ultimo, during the debate on the Slave-trade...

Quarterly Average of the Weekly Liabilities and Assets of the

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Bank of England, front December 10,1839, to March :I, 1840, both inclusive— ASSETS. Circulation £16,678,000 Securities £23,223,000 Delimits 7,896,000 Bullion 4,271,000...

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Means will no doubt be taken to place our trade

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for the future on a sure basis ; and should the Chinese authorities resist, it is believed by parties who have been long resident in China, that the conflict with our trtops...


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Intelligence of the safe arrival of the Tory—the beautiful ship which carried out Colonel Wakefield and his exploring staff to New Zealand, five months prior to the emigration...

From a report of Commissioners appointed to inquire into the

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condi- tion of the banks in the State of New York, it appears that the " re- sources " of these institutions were estimated on the 1st of January 1840 at 79,318,629 dollars, and...


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The Sunda, Greif:, from London to China, was wrecked on Hainan Island the 12th October—six assengers and eleven oh' the crew drowned. The Frances Chariot e, Metcalf, from...


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Their Lordships had some conversation respecting the commutation of the punishment of death to transportation in the case of Lynam, an Irishman recently convicted of murder. The...


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STOCK ENCKANOK, FRTDAV APTERNODN. The motion of the Chancellor of the Exchequer for a Committee upon the subject of banking has given rii.e to all sorts of reports as to the...

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POLITICAL .NON-INTRUSION. " Never thrust your nose where it bus no need to be. lest you get it pulled." Paternal Advice tu a Know Ensign. 44 WE must maintain the Ottoman...

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WE seldom read accounts of criminal trials without disgust. No doubt it is often curious to note the elaborate process by which conviction is brought home to the guilty, and...


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Astoso the peculiarities of the late, or present, unhealthy season, appears to be the extension of what the English practitioners deno- minate "continued fever," and the French...

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WITH the commencement of the Italian Opera and the Philharmonic Concerts the musical season may be said to begin ; and this year they were nearly coincident, the first...

The late dramatic writer, M. Michael Beer, brother of the

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author of Robert le Diable, has directed by his will, that the money for which one of his houses at Berlin might be sold, should be invested in the public funds of Prussia, and...


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THE closing of Drury Lane on Saturday last, the opening of the Hay market next Monday, the temporary departure of ELLEN TREE from Covent Garden to fulfil her country...

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ANDRYANE, it may be remembered by the readers of the Spec- t a tor,* was an enthusiastic Frenchman, who about 1823 engaged in an attempt to excite insurrection against the...


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MFROIRS , Memoirs of a Prisoner of State in the Fortress of Spielberg. By Alexander Andry. sae, 60w-captive aCount Confalomeri. With an Appendix, by Maroneelli, the companion of...

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MR. Goss's: is a naturalist, who pissed some years in Lower Canada as a settler, and varied the occupations of a farmer with the less laborious pursuits of an observer of nature...


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THE author of' this fiction has seen something of Irish life, and pretty closely observed Irish character, especially amongst the " squireens," or "role ould Irish jontlemen :"...

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Booxs. Memoirs of a Prisoner of State ha the Fortress of Spielberg. By ALEX- ANDER A.NDRYANE, tallow-captive of Count Confalomeri ; with an Appendix by MARONCELLI, the...

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THE grand picture of the Coronation, painted for the Queen by Mr. GEORGE HAWES. in his capacity of " Her Majesty's Historical and Portrait Painter," and on which the artist has...


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LAST FREAK OF THE ROYAL ACADEMY. WnEx people read in the daily papers the formal announcement that on such a day the Academicians elected Mr. GEORGE JONES, MA., to be Keeper of...

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BENARES, the Holy City of the Hindoos, now occupies the place of Rome, the Holy City of the Catholics, in the large circle of BIJRFORD's Panorama. The sacred waters of the...