16 FEBRUARY 1850

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ALREADY the Session appears to have given token that it will be more fertile in disputation than in acts. "Busy" as it is to be, it is getting rank in the growth of wordy weeds...

In France we can only note the continuance of those

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indications which betray the fear of civil war and the resolve to prepare for In France we can only note the continuance of those indications which betray the fear of civil war...

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Ring Frederick William has taken the oath to the new

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Prussian Constitution, with a characteristic speech, full of bonhomie, abso- lutist doctrine, and religionism. He wins your liking by a kind of straightforward homely language,...

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEER. Hones or Loans. Monday, Feb. 11. Greece : further Questions by Lord Stanley, and Lord Lansdowne's Explanations—Ecclesiastical Commission Bill,...

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A Court of Aldermen was held on Thursday, for the despatch of busi- ness. The City Remembrancer announced that notice has been given in the House of Commons of a "bill for the...

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Tax Royal Family returned from Windsor to Buckingham Palace on Tuesday afternoon ; taking the Great Western Railway at Windsor itself, by the new branch to Slough. The Queen...

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The Manchester correspondent of the Times reports that the decision of the Court of Exchequer in the Factory case has thrown the operatives of that district into a state of the...

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Fameem—The French Government is said to have resolved on remodel- ling the military organization of the country. The departments are at present grouped under seventeen military...

IRELAND, Archbishop Murray has published a letter in the Dublin

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Evening Post to correct an erroneous representation of his opinions regarding the Queen's Colleges. The Tablet attributed to hint the opinion that "no Catholic student could,...

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We regret to hear that the Chancellor of the Exchequer is indisposed, and will be unable for some days to attend to public business in the House of Commons.—Times, Tuesday....

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SATURDAY. The Commons went into Committee of the whole House, yesterday evening, on the " Distressed Unions Advances and Repayment of Advan- ces (Ireland) " ; and Lord Jens...

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The returns of the Board of Trade issued yesterday show

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a total in- crease of exports compared with those of 1848, to the amount of 9,901,7171. All the great staple manufactures shared the movement, except machinery, which fell off...

On Thursday, rumours were rife in Paris of disturbances in

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the South, and of military demonstrations. Yesterday, the Patrie states circum- stantially that the rumours were "founded on some movements that had taken place at Narbonne...

Last night's Gazette announces that Mr. Robert Stephenson has been

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appointed one of her Majesty's Commissioners for promoting the Industry Exposition; and Lieutenant-Colonel William Reid, of the Royal En- gtneers, has been appointed to Mr....

The managers of the London Hospital for Diseases of the

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Chest, one of a class of institutions peculiarly appropriate and beneficial in the climate of this island, propose to give a festival at the London Tavern early in March, to aid...

A Fzw Izeromers or THE SESSION.

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The first "count out" took place on Tuesday. The occasion was the debate on the second reading of the bill for improving the practice of the Court of Chancery in Ireland; and...


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Monday, Feb. 18. Australian Colonies Government Bill: second reading. .... Amendment : That the second reading be postponed till further papers are obtained—Mr. Scott. .......

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A piece has seldom been produced with a better title to the a " satisfactory " than the new drama of Retribution, written by Bennett, and produced at Sadler's Wells. His work...

At Drury Lane, there has been a performance of Julius

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Caner; on the whole respectable, while the Brutus of Mr. Vandenhoff is many degrees above the mark of mediocrity.

At the Olympic, there has been a very efficient performance

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of The Merchant of Venice; with Mr. G. V. Brooke, Miss F. Vining, Mr. Comp- ton, and Mr. Conway, as the principal characters. The merits of the first three of these arc well...

Mr. Mitchell has been happy in his last novelty, le

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Rai d' Pieta, which was produced at the St. James's on Monday. piece is by Adolphe Adam, one of the most favourite contributors to the repertoire of the Opera Comique, and well...


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STOCK EXCHANGE,. FRIDAY AFTF.RDOON. The English Stock market continued without any animation till yesterday morning, when a decline of nearly 1 per cent occurred ; the price of...

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Some of the newspapers have put out an unofficial but

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uncommonly pre-. .tentious announcement of the approaching season at Her Majesty's Theatre. Divested of the puffing, George-Robinsish style in which this document is couched by...


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Panoramas have been exhibited before of the icy regions in the extreme North. More than thirty years ago, if we remember rightly, Spitsbergen was displayed to the London...


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Mr. Hullah's great music-hall, which we formerly described in some detail, was opened to the public on Monday evening, with a performance of sacred and miscellaneous music. The...

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"LOCAL SELF-GOVERNMENT "—BY THE COLONIAL OFFICE. LORD him RUSSELL'S exposition of Colonial policy has been well received by the public. It comes up to the general opinion and...

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Ev sYsonv used to be agreed that the Court of Chancery in Ire- land required a sweeping reform. It stands condemned even by those who have grown up in the midst of and been...


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Exrnsams meet : Mr. Roebuck is so hearty a detester of cant that his pertinacious denunciation of it becomes a cant of his own ; he is so strong a contemner of bare authority,...

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THE question of Mr. Charles Phillips's conduct at the trial of Courvoisier is revived once more, by two legal publications of the quarterly order. The Law Magazine condemns Mr....


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LEcastanox by misadventure may be said to be the mode in which several of our laws are shaped. The result of the piece of legisla- tion called the Factory. Act is of that kind....


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ONE of our most distinguished fellow citizens is, we understand, to be speedily advanced to the honours and dignity of the Peerage, by the title of Baron Overstone. The road by...

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THE VILLAGE NOTARY, A HIINGA.RIAN ROMANCE. * IN Hungary there are or were three great political parties,—the Ministerial, Austrian, or " Conservative the Moderate Reform party,...

Among the Parliamentary papers issued during the last session, was

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one allowing the number of advertisements on which duty was raid in each year from 1833 to the end of 1840. This is the last return. In England the num- ber of advertisements in...

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CARDINAL PACCA'S MEMOIRS. * Env save Romanists will agree with Alison,

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who ascribes the downfall of Napoleon to the imprisonment of the Pope and the spoliation of his dominions ; partly, it would seem, as a sequence of the Papal excommunication,...

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A mAiquer. of portrait-painting would be a hipfhly useful work in a country where the craft is so extensively practised as it is in Enq- land; but Mr. Burnet has not yet...


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Boors. Norway in 1848 and 1849; containing Rambles among the Fields and: Fjords of the Central and Western districts; and including Remarks on its Political, Military,...

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WAR-OFFICE, Feb. I5.-4th Regt. of Drag. Guards.—R. J. Henry, Gent to be Cor- net, by purchase, vice Webb, promoted ; G. C. H. P. Brigstocke, Gent. to be Cornet. by purchase,...

On the 4th February, at Berlin, the Lady of Henry

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Francis Howard, Esq., Secretary to her Majesty's Legation, of a daughter. On the 12th, in Chesham Street, the Lady Margaret Littleton, of a son. On the 12th, at Brighton, the...

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Friday. 941 971 2081 54 88 (Last Official Quotation Austrian 5 p. Ct. FOREIGN during the — FUNDS. Week ending Friday Evening.) Massachusetts (Sterling)...5 p. Ct. 101 Belgian...

COMMERCIAL GAZETTE. Tuesday, February 12. PARTNERSVITS DissoLvED.-White and Boscowitz, leather-sellers-King

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and Co. White Hill, Durham, paper-makers-Hichens and Co. St. Menem, Jersey, timber- merchants-Norman and Eden, 'Uxbridge, wine-merchants-Moore and Farrell, Evesham,...