20 JULY 1844

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LITTLE may be done for Ireland in Parliament, but to compensate for this much is talked about it Ireland was the predominating theme at the beginning of the session; and, to...

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Debates anb Vrotetaings iri Vatifament.

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THE STATE TRIALS IN IRELAND. The proceedings in the prosecution of Mr. O'Connell, &c. formed the main subject of debate in the House of Commons on Monday, and oc- cupied the...

A third skirmish haMken place between the French forces and

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the troops of Morocco. The affair in itself was of little conse- quence. Marshal BUGEAUD does not affect to believe that the Moors wanted to fight : " They wished to accompany...

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Ebe likobintes.

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Birmingham election ended on Saturday (as was stated in our latest edition last week) with Mr. Spooner at the bead of the poll, after a sharp contest. Mr. Spooner took the lead...


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THE Queen has been domesticated at Windsor Castle during the week ; taking daily rides in her pony phaeton with Prince Albert, and walking in the pleasure-grounds of the Castle...

Zbe Pletropolis.

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A Court of Common Council was held on Thursday. In a con- versation on the decorations of the Royal Exchange, Mr. Jones, the Chairman of the Exchange Committee, stated that the...

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gore* anb (Colonial.

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FRANCE.—There has been more fighting between the French and the Moors ; in which the latter were again the aggressors, and were again be tea off. It appears from the despatches...


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Earl De Grey departed from Ireland on Tuesday. The procession from Dublin to Kingstown appears to have been a very poor affair, the only expression of popular feeling having...

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The accounts received in town this morning from Windsor Castle=

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statethat her Majesty continues in excellent health, but that her ac- conchement is daily expected. Dr. Locock is in constant attendance at the Castle.—Standard. A Cabinet...

The King of Saxony visited York on Tuesday, and passed

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the night there. Next morning, he breakfasted with the Dean ; inspected the Cathedral and other objects of interest ; and departed for Leeds in the coarse of Wednesday...


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The Duke of Wellington reviewed various regiments of the House- hold Brigade on Saturday, in Hyde Park. After the review, his Grace gave a grand banquet at Apsley House to the...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. The House of Commons did double duty again yesterday, to get through public business. At the morning sitting, Mr. GLanirrotta moved some resolutions re* lating...

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According to accounts from Madrid to the 12th, vigorous measures

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bad been adopted to insure the continuance of tranquillity in that city ; the streets being patrolled every evening by large detachments of troops. The excuse for these...

Captain Warner's experiment was successfully performed, at six o'clock this

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evening, off the battery at Brighton, in the presence of a vast multitude, who thronged the cliffs, the shore, and the windows of the houses. The ship, of 300 toes burden, had...

The Belfast Chronicle received this morning announces a riot and

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loss of life at Ballymena, in the county of Antrim, on the 12th July, after a party of Orangemen who had assembled to celebrate the day had dispersed.

Advises from Posen, dated the 9th, announce that the order

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for the Poles to leave Prussia, which was suspended some months ago, is to be carried into effect. A new order enjoins all natives of Russian Poland who took part in the last...


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Circulation £21,246,000 Securities £22,471,000 Deposits 13,977,000 Bullion 15,767,000 X35.223,000 £38,238,003


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A SUDDEN hoarseness having attacked Moraxati and totally disabled him from singing on Thursday, Don Pasquale was substituted for Lee- crezia Borgia; and a numerous and...

The Country papers of this morning contain farther evidence of

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the stormy character of the weather during the week. An old woman was killed by the lightning on Monday, in Haslow Wood, near Mansfield ; another woman, her companion, was also...

Eliza Blandy, who had been occasionally engaged as charwoman in

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the stores department of Windsor Castle, was yesterday committed for trial, after examination at the Town-hall, Windsor, charged with having stolen a silver scroll, which formed...

The Paris papers of Thursday contain a telegraphic despatch, dated

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Tangier, lath July, announcing that a letter from the Pacha of Larache disavows, in the name of the Emperor of Morocco, the aggression of the 15th June ; and that he has ordered...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The prevent week has been one of more importance than the last, for the fluctuations which have occurred, and the events by which they have...


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Autuvse—At Liverpool, 18th July, Gardner, Cole, from Bengal. In the Clyde, Belhaven, Watt, from China. At the Mauritius, 6th April, Vixen, Hippentbill, from London; and 19th....


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Anatiesurv, July 10.—Corps of Royal Marines—Cul. Second Commandant J. Owen to be Col. Commandant and Deputy Adjt.-Gen. ; Col. Second Commandant J. Wright to be Colonel...

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The migration of foreign artists has commenced ; a sign

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of the ap- proaching close of the season. Mademoiselle DPJAZET and M. LEVAS- soil bowed their last adieus on Monday ; and, by way of finale to the French Plays, M. CARTICNY took...


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THE Abbey Church of Westminster stands like a landmark on the confines of squalor and comfort. Stately buildings, gay public places and statues, are before it ; dilapidation,...

The little theatre in the Haymarket knows no change of

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season ; merely shutting its doors once a year pro forma, as the gates of Temple-bar are closed only to be opened when the Sovereign knocks for admittance. The Prize Comedy is...


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SLAVE-TRADE-SUPPRESSION TREATIES. IF protocols and Parliamentary speeches, hard words and diplo- matic correspondence, could put down the slave-trade, it would have been...

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Mr. WAKLEY because Mr. WAKLEY has proved himself innocent of the horrible charge insinuated against him. Sir ROBERT PEEL talks of Mr. Wonzimuss's retrac- tation being " put upon...


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THIS is the appropriate title of a series of pictures produced solely by the action of light on sensitive paper, and multiplied to any number of impres- sions without the aid of...


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NOT worth a button" must cease to be a proverbial saying in Ireland ; for buttons are there worth persecuting and being perse- cuted for. The war for and against the Repeal...

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DrREREEECT, Diaries aid Correspondence of James Harris, first Earl of Malmesbury; containing an Amount of his Missions to the Courts of Madrid. Frederick the Great. Cathe. rine...

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THIS posthumous novel of poor Miss PICKERING is entitled to the consideration due to all unfinished works ; though it has small occasion for it beyond the retrenchment of some...

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Tins new publication possesses a more distinctive plan, and, what is of greater consequence, a more distinctive character, than many of the periodicals that are frequently...


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From July 12th to July ISM. BOOKS. High Life in New York. By JONATHAN SLICE, Esq., of Weathersfield, Connecticut. In two volumes. Walter Clayton. [The tide of this novel...

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The Day Hours di the Church. with the Gregorian Tones.

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Part L Containg, cog the Ordinary Offices through the Week. An arrangement of certain Psalms, Collects, Hymns, he., to be re- peated throughout the week by devout church-people,...

Twelve Original Melodies for the Pianoforte ; composed, and dedicated

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to S. B. Wesley, Mus. Doc., by Mrs. HENRY DALE. Books I. and IL. This is an effort for which a fair lady only can stand excused. Die imitation of the celebrated Lieder of...


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RESULT OF THE FRESCO COMPETITION. THE Royal Commission has adjudicated on the specimens of Fresco in Westminster Hall ; and the decision is in favour of native artists. The new...

"Mary dear l" Ballad, written and composed by HENRY C.

The Spectator

LUNN. This composition is recommended by a flowing vocal melody, is which the simplicity of the ballad style is well preserved.


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QUARTET PERFORMANCE, HANOVER SQUARE ROOMS. A. NEW and very extraordinary quartet-party, in the persons of &vont, SAINTON, HILL, and ROUSSELOT, assembled on Monday, apparently...

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Tuesday, July 16. PARTNER.HIPS DISSOLVED. Van Sandal' and Cumming, King Street, Cheapsitte, attoruies-S. and T. F. Here- ford, ironmongers—Jones mid Arthur, Castle Street....


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BIRTHS. On the 12th July. in Grosvenor Square, the Countess of HOME, of a daughter. On the 12th, at Embed House. near Falkirk. the Lady of Major CHALMER. of Lem. Ott the 12th,...

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BRITISH .1 per Cent. Consols ........ Ditto for Account 3 per Ceuta. Reduced 31 per Ceuts Reduced New 31 per Cents Long Annuities Bank Mock, 7 per cent. India Stock, 104...