20 OCTOBER 1860

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The illness of Lord Derby has caused some anxiety and

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some rather premature speculation on the probable consequences of his death. But he is not dead, and there is, happily, no cause for apprehending that he will die yet. Mr....


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NAPLES and Rome are still the ostensible pivots of the Italian question, but there is a shrewd suspicion that the real pivots are at Paris and Warsaw. Nobody can fathom the...

The opening of the Danube and Black Sea railway is

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far more likely to serve Turkey than the operations of the French troops in Syria. Of the two modes of helping the Sultan, we prefer that which develops the resources of the...

France has a small quarrel with Switzerland, arising out of

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the zeal of some French agents or sympathisers—and these gentry are at work on all the frontier states—at Sion. These differences are, we fear, the inevitable consequence of the...

'The Viennese are eagerly looking for the promised constitu- tion,

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and it is said they are to be gratified by some representa- tive institutions as liberal as those which were the fruit of the F rench revolution of 1830. Credat Judtous. While...

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PlIOGRFS8 OF VICTOR EMILLLNUEL. King Victor Emmanuel after his arrival at Ancona issued the follow- ing important document. 2b the People of Southern Italy. "At a solemn...

The news from China is so far satisfactory that it

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brings the Allied forces face to face with the Taku forts. They landed at Pehtang, twelve miles to the North, on the 1st of August, dis- persed the Tartar army on the left bank...

The most impressive scene in the tour of the Prince

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of Wales, the most touching incident both for Englishmen and Americans, is the visit of the Prince to Mount Vernon. The great grandson of George III. at the tomb of George...

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The Prince has paid his visit to Washington, arriving on the evening of the 3d. He passed through Harrisburg and .Altona ; at the latter place, Governor Parker made a...

ttljt, (End.

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QUEEN VICTORTli is once more safely at home. Her Majesty, the Prince Consort, and the Princess Alice landed at Gravesend on Wednesday, and went thence to Windsor Castle, where...


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At a Court of Aldermen, on Tuesday, the keepers of the various prisons presented their reports. Newgate contained 81 prisoners; ; Holloway, 320. In the debtors' prison at...

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Captain Walter has issued another address to the electors of Reading. As Mr. Ribton, the Conservative, has never made an appearance except in the columns of the Times, the...

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Two events in Dublin, on Friday week, but dissimilar in character, Indicate the transitional position of Ireland in its religious and edu- cational aspects. In the one, we have...

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iiirrign an tohnunl.

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iT all E P.—The most important item of news from Paris is the ap- proaching departure of the Papal Nuncio. The Moniteur of Tuesday puts it in this shape- " The Papal Nuncio...


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Lord Clyde has consented to become an honorary member of the 8th Company Artillery Volunteers in Edinburgh. On Wednesday , morning, one of the water-pipes which conveys the...

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Summonses have been issued by Lord Palmerston for a Cabinet Coun- cil today, at the Premier's official residence in Downing Street. Mr. Samuel Laing, Member for the Wick...

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We have two lively accounts of the recent political disturbances

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in Naples, because there was a desire to postpone the vote on annexation. These scenes occurred on the 13th- " Garibaldi came, this morning, to Naples; to resume possession of...

Some later , items of news have arrived from Italy and

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Vienna, but they are chiefly explanatery. The committee of the Piedmontese Senate, in its report on the An- nexation Bill, fully adopts the views of the Ministry, both as...


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SATURDAY AFTERNOON. under the protection of the eagles. They have taken Viterbo ; they are going to Orvieto. This important step is communicated in the following official...


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STOOK EiCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The demand for accommodations in the early part of the week was greatly increased in consequence of the very general belief that the Bank...

A telegram, dated Calcutta, September 24, says that Captain Green,

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o f of his h ' ealth, has been murdered by his servant. Another Wagheer rising, of an unimportant character, has taken place at liattiawar.

A letter from Vienna attributes--some curious expression to Francis Joseph

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; expressions from which .the Liberals derive hopes. " Count Rechberg having exposed to his Majesty the propositions of the majority and the minority of the Council of the...


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FROM TEE LONDON GAZETTE., OCTOBER 16. Bankrupts.—Aismun Sibvpirrna, New Dorset Place (not Dorset Street, as before advertised, Clapham Road, photographic artist*EOLEET LAMBLEY,...

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VICTOR EMMANUEL AND COUNT CAVOUR. TEE new position of the Italian question has been signalized by two notable events—the vote of the Turin Parliament, and the march of Victor...

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THAT portion of the calendar which is represented by the twelve months between October 1859, and October 1860, has offered for the investigation, and, probably, instruction of...


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TODAY the Emperor Alexander II. is to meet the Emperor Fran- cis Joseph and the Prince Regent of Prussia. They are to greet each other in the palaces of the capital of Poland,...

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HAIM hitting has determined many a battle by sea RS well as land. Heavy blows and plenty of them are sure to tell ; and if hard- writing can carry the day in favour of...


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aced by Colonel Geld is bearing a plentiful harvest in the unfortunate set tlemeut . of Taranaki and its adjacent lands. All our worst anticipations are confirmed by the...


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WE are glad to record that Mr. Neale, the Vicar of Horsey, upon whose prosecution of the two persons who sang a hymn in his churchyard we animadverted last week, has withdrawn...

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FAITTIFITL FOU EVER. ° Ir we rightly understand the eternal fidelity which Mr. Coventry Patmore undertakes to celebrate in this poem, we should define it as a loyal devotion to...

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THE WELLINGTON PAPERS. * TILE supplementary papers contained in this, the

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sixth volume of a very valuable series, relate to four distinct subjects ; and extend from 1806 to 1810. The first subject is the expedition to Den- mark in 1807, when Sir...

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FAIRHOLT'S COSTUME IN ENGLAND. * TIME and the author's industry have

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made this book as good as new. The fourteen years which have elapsed since its first edition was printed have raised for it a new generation of readers, and its old admirers...


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is a simple thing in its lowest grade, that of canal navigation ; it is considerably more complex in rivers; and its difficulties increase in a rapidly accumulating ratio until...

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Mr. Murray is preparing for immediate publication, "The Diary and Correspondence of Charles Abbott, Lord Colchester, " in three volumes, edited by his son ; and "The Debates on...


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The Earl of Carnarvon's Recollections of the Druscs of the Lebanon, and Notes on their Religion is one of the latest appearances of the week. It is a small volume, but we...

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ti4f 40effIllS.

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On Monday, Drury Lane opened with an entertainment composed of small pieces, in which Mrs. Stirling, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mathews, Mrs'. Frank Matthews, and Mr. Roxby played the...


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A new drama, written by MM. D'Ennery and Dugue, and entitled L'Eseamoteur, has been brought out at the Galt& The plot is built upon an almost honest fraud perpetrated by the...

Several interesting discoveries of unknown works by great composers have

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been made lately. One of them is an unfinished opera of Mozart called L' Om del Cairo (the Goose of Cairo) of which some account is given in last week's Gazette Musicale. It...

The Paris Italian Opera opened on the 2d instant with

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La Sonnambula. Mademoiselle Marie Battu, Signor Gardoni, and Signor Angelini, were the principal performers. Thalberg is in Paris, and is expected in London. We hope that this...

lint arts.

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The colossal statue of St. Charles Borromeo, which stands on a hill near Arena, overlooking the Lago Maggiore, has lately been ascended, like Mont Blanc and other places...


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We mentioned last week the production of Macfarren's new opera, Robin Hood, at Her Majesty's theatre. Its first performance took place on Tuesday, the 2d of this month ; and...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Seturd. Monday. Townley. lredesaa. There. Priddy. S per Cent Consols 921 all 923 , 921 92 1.21 Ditto for Account 93 921 921 92 92 93 per...


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On the 16th of August, at Government House, Hongkong, the Honourable Lady Robinson, of a daughter. On the 6th of October, at Haarlem, the Wife of J. G. C. L. Newnham, Esq.,...